Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle Guide: Discover different locations of Plinth Puzzle to earn Crossbow and Blood-Tinged Ring

remnant 2 plinth puzzle
Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle

In Remnant 2, Plinth Puzzle is a captivating challenge in locations like The Lament and Imperial Gardens. Marked by symbols on a mysterious plinth surrounded by glowing gravestones, players must decipher the correct sequence to unlock hidden areas and progress in the game.

The puzzle offers a rewarding blend of exploration and problem-solving, making it an essential and intriguing feature in the Remnant 2 gaming experience. This guide will help you to Activate Plinth in Remnant 2.

What Is Plinth Puzzle In Remnant 2

plinth puzzle
Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle

In Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle is an exciting challenge that has a target featuring four concentring rings, each with distinct symbols. You need to look for stones with specific symbols and match them with the corresponding symbols on the target/dial. You need to locate the symbols in the correct sequence to Activate Plinth.

Where To Find Plinth Puzzle In Remnant 2

the lament
Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle: The Lament

In Remnant 2, Plinth Puzzle is located in two locations:

  • The Lament
  • Imperial Gardens

    imperial gardens
    Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle: Imperial Gardens

You need to look carefully in these areas to explore the Plinth Puzzle behind any specific door or chamber to put symbols in sequence and activate the Plinth.

Why It Is Important To Activate Plinth In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle: Rewards

In Remnant 2, Activate Plinth is crucial because:

  •  It serves as the gatekeeper, which requires players to solve it to access the specific location named The Inner Sanctum of The Lament.
  • You will not only get valuable items by solving Plinth Puzzle but it also leads to Remnant 2’s story progression.

How To Activate Plinth In Remnant 2

You need to find four symbols and match them with the Plinth to activate the Plinth Puzzle in Remnant 2. Here’s a complete guide on how to solve this puzzle step-wise:

The Lament Plinth Puzzle:

find a book
Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle: Find a book.
  • Find a diary in a collapsed part of the crypt.
  • Open the book and note the specific pattern on the first page.
  • Locate four dead bodies in the crypt with burial blankets matching the pattern in the journal.

    bodies with symbol
    Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle: Bodies with symbol
  • Above each body, find a blue symbol and remember them.
  • Return to the Plinth Puzzle.
  • Arrange the symbols on the rings of the Plinth in the same order as above the dead bodies.

    allign symbol on dial
    Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle: Arrange symbols on the Ring
  • Align the symbols correctly to solve the Plinth Puzzle and proceed with your journey in Remnant 2.

Imperial Garden Plinth Puzzle:

stones with symbols
Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle: Locate Stones with Symbols
  • Explore the labyrinth-like area in Imperial Gardens.
  • Locate the central building with a plinth adorned with symbols.
  • locate four stone tablets with blue symbols around a dial. Use explosives to uncover hidden tablets.
  • Discover the solution by exploring the maze and finding four panels with distinct symbols.
  • Arrange the characters in the specific order found in the maze.
  • Unlock a hidden passage and a ladder leading to a room below the plinth.

    Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle: Secret Room Below Plinth
  • Once you activate the Plinth Puzzle, you can now move ahead in Remnant 2 to earn your reward.

Reward In Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle

Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle: Crossbow

After successfully activating the Plinth Puzzle, you will be rewarded with:

  • Crossbow

You will get Crossbow when you complete the Plinth Puzzle in The Lament area.

  • Blood-Tinged Ring

    blood-tinged ring
    Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle: Blood-Tinged Ring

The Blood-Tinged Ring located in Imperial Gardens provides a practical benefit by enhancing the player’s invulnerability window while dodging enemies.


In Remnant 2, the Plinth Puzzle can be conquered as a rewarding challenge that needs careful observation and exploration.  Whether deciphering symbols from a journal in a crypt or aligning characters in a labyrinthine maze, solving the puzzle unveils hidden passages, unlocks secrets, and propels players deeper into the intricate world of Remnant 2.


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