Remnant 2 Cube Boss – Labyrinth Sentinel

In this blog, Remnant 2 Cube Boss: we provided almost every piece of information about the Cubic Boss (Labyrinth Sentinel). We also covered the possible ways to defeat it and win rewards.

Remnant 2 is a diverse shooting game developed by Gunfire Games. It is a complex shooting game inspired by Soulslike video games. It was released in July 2023, and it succeeded in catching the eyes of many gamers and shooting game fans, with over 1 million copies sold out in just the first week of its release.

This is also a role-playing game but dark and fancy, with weapons and classes of players to hunt down enemies called Roots. Remnant (From the Ashes) was a big hit and required a sequel, so it was the best chance for Gearbox Publishers not to hold their hands, so they released Remnant 2 for Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Gameplay of Remnant 2

The players are given class in this game, and there are over four classes of players in the game. Archetype Class, Gunslinger Class, Challenger Class, and Handler Class. They will have two guns and a melee weapon to fight against foes. Then there comes the foes.

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Bosses are the decisive enemies of the protagonists, and they are controlled by computers in the game. The players had to fight against these foes to accomplish a specific Quest or mission for which they would be given rewards. In these boss fights or Boss Battles, there will be many other opponents as well. Boss Fight will only happen at the climax of every mission.

Remnant 2 Cube Boss

Bosses are the main opponents to the players, and whether you come along to the end of the mission fight with pawns of boss or you suddenly lost in the whereabouts of boss’s territory, it is a must to come across the boss in a boss fight. You cannot skip this if you want to level up your game.

In Remnant 2 Bosses are not Humans, and they can be anything: monsters and vicious creatures. They can be a humongous mutated bee or a giant devilish hound with multiple eyes. There are various types of bosses in Remnant 2. Let us explain about the Cubic Boss in this game.

Labyrinth Sentinel Boss Fight Trick | Remnant 2 - YouTube
Remnant 2 Cube Boss (Source – Youtube)

Labyrinth Sentinel in Remnant 2


Who would have thought a cube of concrete could be a Boss Villain? Labyrinth Sentinel is a Boss in Remnant 2 and is a deadly giant cube with four circles-like lines on each side of its cubic body.

The center of each circle is a sharp white light energy coming out. It seems like four cubes of cement are joined together, with purplish energy coming out of them in circles.


You will find this Boss in The Labyrinth, and it is not as difficult to defeat as it looks, but it is mandatory Elite Boss in the game. You have to finish him to step up to a new level. Let us tell you about its attacks.

Crushing Move

Mostly, the cube levitates in the air, but it can come down and roll around to crush the player.

It will roll around in One tile at a time.

Black Energy Balls

It is able to shoot Black Energy Balls toward the main character playing against him. One Ball that hits the player can kill him.


The Labyrinth Sentinel has the ability to make a hologram of itself and send it to kill the player.

Counter Attacks

  1. When the Labyrinth Sentinel throws round Black Energy Balls towards you, you can shoot that Energy Ball with your Gun. One hit of a good gun can destroy the Energy ball.
  2. When the cube moves on the ground to crush, you know to move aside with the respective pattern. If the side of the cube with no white light lands on you, know that you have already destroyed the center of that side, and it will not hurt you.
  3. The hologram of Labyrinth Sentinel covers a large area to attack and moves very slowly, so as soon as you encounter the hologram, just run as far as you can from it.
  4. To defeat the boss, all you have to do is blow the white light in the center. That means shoot the Glowing points until the light is dim. You have to blow all the lights, and you will be successful.


You will get the following rewards after defeating Labyrinth Sentinel:

  • X6 Lumenite Crystal
  • Scrap
  • x1 Conflux Prism
  • x1 Tome of Knowledge.


The cubic boss Labyrinth Sentinel can be a headache if you randomly just attack him without knowing the tips and tricks that we told you previously to deal with that boss. If you keep in mind these strategies, then defeating Labyrinth Sentinel will be a piece of cake.


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