Remnant 2 Council Chamber: Find out all the puzzles and the secret room

Remnant 2 Council Chamber
Remnant 2 Council Chamber

The Remnant 2 Council Chamber is a dungeon where you will come across the Fae Council. There are a lot of ways to interact with this council and you may choose the best way after hearing all the options. Apart from this, you will also find the secrets of the Council Chamber like the secret room. There are a lot of mysteries and battles to fight with weapons and you will discover lots of new items as well.

The secret room can be found by visiting the location of the Council Chamber so read the article to find out all about the chamber and the secrets that it resides.

Remnant 2 Council Chamber

The Remnant 2 Council Chamber is located in Losomn and when you visit the Council Chamber in the dungeon, you will come across the Fae Council. You are required to accuse any of the council members of supporting and helping out the imposter in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Council Chamber
the map for reaching the council chamber

Here, players have two options and each option will hand them over with separate rewards. Both these options are mentioned below so read out the rewards by choosing each option and then make your own decision.

Accusing the Correct Member by Providing Evidence

If you decide to accuse the right member, then you need to bring some evidence to make him pay. To find the evidence, you must search for the black mirror on the council chamber map. When you use the black mirror, you will automatically be transported to the Council Tribunal.

Remnant 2 Council Chamber
Reaching the Council tribunal

If you explore the map, you will find a similar room just like the one in which you found the Fae Council. Here, you will be required to solve a puzzle to progress forward in the mission. Here are the steps through which you can easily solve the puzzle:

  • There is a glass in front of you and you must travel on the glass to reach the council member’s seats. The bottom of the seats have some keys attached to them.
  • Just take the keys and keep them with you to use them later on.
  • After collecting, you must glance all the way through the glass floor at the other seats that are placed nearby.
  • These seats will have keys already attached with them so just replace the keys with them to match each seat with their own set of keys.

Right when you replace the final key, a large door behind all the seats will open and you must use it to reach the petrified One True King.

To get to the rear of its skull, players should scale the sides of its body and climb all the way making your way as you go. The Assassin’s Dagger can then be removed by players from the One True King. This item functions as proof and shows the sigil of the accused council member’s symbol. This symbol can be seen only when you scrutinize the Dagger and glance at its hilt’s end.

After you have the dagger, you can go all the way back to the Fae Council. Upon reaching, you must accuse the right member and for the proof, you can hand over the dagger along with the sigil as a proof. This will make the quest complete and you will be awarded with Ornate Blade melee weapon.

Remnant 2 Council Chamber
Fighting battles with opponents

Accusing the Wrong Council Member

There is another way to solve the quest but this way, you will get a different reward. When you accuse any wrong member and blame him, a fight will break out. The council will get furious which will lead to a battle with the council members. If you win the fight, you will solve the puzzle and the reward that you will receive is Fae Protector Signet.

This ring is beneficial and offers some features that can help you in battles. These features include:

  • An increase in max Health by an amount of 10 which can help when you are fighting tougher opponents.
  • Reduces the Encumbrance by exactly 5 to help you out in tough times.

Remnant 2 Council Chamber Secret

Some of the secrets will be revealed in the council chamber which can be a new adventure for players. These secrets are mentioned below in detail so just read below to know everything about it.

Secret Room

You may have noted that the Remnant 2 council chamber rooms are always big and they consist of lots of paintings. You see the painting which is on the right side wall of the room and you can locate it as it is a little popped out from the wall. When you spot it, you should destroy the painting which will lead to a secret way to the Executioner. This is a boss that can be defeated with ease as he has the same patterns and after a few tries, you can note down his moves.

Just by counter-attacks, you can win the battle against the Executioner. Upon winning the battle, you will be rewarded with items such as:

  • Steadfast Mutator: It stops any kind of melee attacks from being interrupted and gives a mere 10% damage reduction which can be helpful in between battles.
  • You can also take the Ornate Flail melee weapon along with the Sapphire Dreamstone ring as you travel out of his lair.
Remnant 2 Council Chamber
Entering through the secret door

Fae Statues & Plain Ribbon

Another secret that the Remnant 2 council chamber room holds is when you will find a plain ribbon within the council chamber room. This ribbon should be placed on a statue where two Faes are looking at each other and holding hands. Players should roam the place and you can easily find the statue. When you replace the ribbon of the statue, you should leave the dungeon and come back again. When you return, the game will award you with:

  • A Golden Ribbon
  • An amulet that, when a mod is applied, boosts mod damage and provides haste.

Torch Flame Puzzle

This flame puzzle is interesting and can be easily done by following the instructions. This puzzle consists of 10 torches in total which are divided into 2 groups. The color of the torch’s flame will be different and the goal of the puzzle is to convert all torches with the same color. The two colors are blue and white, you can either make all torches of blue color or convert all of them to a white color.

The solution of this puzzle in Remnant 2 Council Chamber is to shoot a torch and the color of that particular torch will change as well as all the other remaining torches will change the color along with them. Now you must remember that converting the torches to either of the two colors bears separate rewards.

If you convert all the torches white, you will be awarded with a White Pawn Stamp ring. This ring decreases the Mod power by exactly 10%. If you turn all the torches blue, you will be awarded with the Black Pawn Stamp ring. This ring decreases the Cooldown rate of Skills by exactly 10%.


The Remnant 2 Council Chamber is located in Losomn which is basically a dungeon that contains a large room. This room has lots of puzzles and secrets involved and solving them will lead to special rewards. In this pursuit, you will come across One True King which will lead you to obtain Ornate Blade melee weapon.

The secret room in the council chamber can be located when you break down a painting and travel down the secret pathway. This will lead you to fight a boss named Executioner. Defeating the boss is a huge advantage for you as you will get your hands on Steadfast Mutator. Apart from this puzzle, you can solve two other ones which will also grant you rewards that are much more worthy.

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