One True King Sigil Remnant 2 – How to Obtain Rare Item

Remnant 2 is finally here after its hit sequel, Remnant from the Ashes. This time, Gunfire Games developed this game’s newer patch amazingly. Those who didn’t play Remnant from the Ashes should know its release in  2023 by Gearbox Publishing company.

It is a shooting game, has soulslike effects, and is Dark and fancy with worlds having dangerous and mysterious dungeons, Towers, Temples, and Buildings. The game is simple to understand as the player is divided into classes, and with every level up, the player will be higher in his ranks and classes.

There are only three kinds of main weapons in this game: melee weapons, handguns, and long guns. There are enemies, Roots and bosses to fight against, Puzzles and mysteries to unlock. I guess that’s more than enough of a detailed introduction to the game.

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One True King Sigil in Remnant 2

One True King Sigil is a neckpiece or an amulet. This artifact is made at Nimue, and it is made with the energy of One True King.

Following are some aspects of One True King Sigil:


One true King Sigil is one of the Special Items in the Remnant 2. It consists of a centerpiece and wings-like metal projections coming out of it. The centerpiece is intact to projections by metal strings with specific patterns. It It is bluish in the center, surrounded by orange and yellow fire-like colors.


It increases the weapon’s mod damage by 20 percent, which means the weapons with weaponry mod, when active, are given 20 percent more damage to the enemies in combat.

It also increases the effect of Faelin’s Sigil and Faerin’s Sigil up to 50 percent if one Sigil is used, which means a greater percentage of effect occurs if more than one Sigil is equipped.

Faerin Sigil and Faelin Sigils are the rings that are used in the process of crafting the One True King Sigil. These rings are to be found many times, which means many Faerin sigils and Faelins Sigils are to be collected to make it stronger and in order to use their full power.

One True King Remnant 2
One True King Sigil Remnant 2 (Source – Prima Games)

One True King Sigil Location

One True King Sigil can be made at Nimue, and the player must already have at least one Faelin’s Sigil Ring and one Faerin’s Sigil Ring. As the locations for players are computer generated, we can tell you two locations where you can find Nimue.

Beatific Place and Morrow Parish Sanatorum: both of these places can be found near Losomn, and the player can go to Nimue Retreat, where you can craft your One True King Sigil.

One True King Sigil Activation

After crafting the One True King Sigil amulet with 2 Rings, we have already explained enough. All you have to do is wear or equip that amulet and stand in front of the statue that has a sword as well in the place called Betific Palace.

When the Golden lever switches to Day/night, that’s when the statue will give the Unsullied Heart Relic. Here, your work is done, and this will activate the amulet to use it for strength. Unsullied Heart Relic actually heals the player 100%.

How to obtain Faelin’s Sigil

Faelin Sigil Ring can be found at the Beatific Gallery in the Losomn. If you are able to kill the Faerin and go to Faelin and tell him that you have killed the Faerin, then the Faelin will give you Faelin’s Sigil Ring as a reward.

This ring alone can be equipped and gives 10% extra power to the melee weapons mod.

How to obtain Faerin’s Sigil Ring

It can be found in the Malefic Gallery in Losomn. If you are able to kill the Faelin and come to Faerin to tell him that you have killed Faelin, then he will grant you the Ring of Faelin’s Sigil.

This ring is also said to increase the damage of the weapon mod up to 10% if the hit to the enemies is a weak spot hit or it is Critical damage to foes.


Faerin and Faelin are two Imposters kings, and none of them is One True King. These two are enemies of each other, but if we observe closely, we will know that they both are two parts of one person as you must have noticed that both of them look pretty the same but have opposite colors. One is in a warm tone, and the Other is in a colder tone.

We would suggest you kill the Faelin First and get the Faerin’s Sigil ring because of its original mod power that it provides to the player. Since Faelin Sigil rings provide more melee damage, they are not as powerful. Whomever you kill first, you have to kill both of the imposters to get rings and make One True King Sigil amulet for ultimate powers.

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