Starfield Vs Star Citizen [A Detailed Comparison]

Starfield vs Star Citizens
Starfield vs Star Citizens: A Detailed Comparison

Starfield Vs Star Citizen is undoubtedly one of the most trending debates among sci-fi game lovers because of their similar names and genre. With decades of development invested in their creation, the anticipation surrounding these titles is nothing short of astronomical. Starfield has already entered the gaming cosmos with regular updates, allowing many of us to explore its celestial wonders. In contrast, Star Citizen remains a celestial enigma, residing in the realm of Alpha development.

In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey to dissect both mega-games, guiding you through the intricacies of the Starfield Vs Star Citizen debate and assisting you in choosing the celestial adventure that resonates most with your gaming soul.

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Starfield Vs Star Citizen [Comparison]

Starfield and Star Citizen, are both reality-based RPGs that are set in Space, offering players one of the best interstellar adventures. However, apart from “Star” in their names, Space is featured as the major game World, is there any point in making a Starfield Vs Star Citizen comparison? Here’s a complete breakthrough of both the games, making a clear boundary between both the concepts:

Note: The left side of each attached image provides insights into Starfield, while the right side showcases visuals from Star Citizen.

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Starfield Vs Star Citizen Ships
Starfield Vs Star Citizen: Ships

One of the most crucial parts of both Starfield and Star Citizen is crafting a Spaceship. Starfield introduces a unique approach to spaceship design with its Lego-like custom shipbuilder. This tool empowers players to create a vast array of ships, providing a powerful and intuitive means to build vessels with a considerable degree of variety. The exterior perspective showcases an impressive range of designs, evoking a sense of creativity akin to constructing with building blocks.

In contrast, Star Citizen takes a meticulous approach to ship design, with each vessel being custom-designed from the ground up. This results in a breathtaking assortment of spaceships, each with its distinct look and purpose. Thus, Star Citizen stands out for its visually striking and diverse fleet, with meticulously designed ships that offer large-scale functionality and impressive variety.

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Starfield vs Star Citizens
Starfield vs Star Citizens: Missions

Starfield stands out for the depth and nuance of its missions, which are considered a highlight of the game. There are tons of voice acting and dialogue that contribute to the narrative depth, creating a rich and immersive storytelling experience.

Star Citizen offers missions with interesting elements, including betrayals and base assaults, but tends to be simpler in comparison. The multiplayer nature of the game imposes limitations on the depth of individual mission narratives.


Starfield vs Star Citizens
Starfield vs Star Citizens: Planets

Starfield and Star Citizen, both games offer tons of planets, landing zones, and places to do business. Starfield has around a thousand different planets while Star Citizen only has about four planets so far and several moons.

The planets in Star Citizen are physicalized objects in the multiplayer space and are fully simulated meaning players can seamlessly walk around them and see landmarks and even combat from orbit. Starfield’s planets on the other hand are just game levels that use a combination of custom-built assets and procedural generation Tech to populate areas if you run for a while on any map you’ll eventually hit an invisible wall.

In terms of technological achievement, Star Citizen emerges as the clear frontrunner when it comes to planetary exploration. Its planets boast features such as circumnavigation, realistic atmospheric layer rotation, seamless landings without loading screens, and the ability to be traversed on foot or by vehicles.

Base Building

Starfield vs Star Citizens
Starfield vs Star Citizens: Base Building

Starfield takes the lead in the base-building category with its implemented feature, linking it to a resource-gathering system, trading, and crafting. Players can actively participate in shaping the planetary landscape.
Star Citizen though acknowledges the importance of player base building and has showcased early tools, but as of the current moment, it falls short in this regard. The planned feature is anticipated but hasn’t been fully realized.

Spaceship Combat

Starfield vs Star Citizens
Starfield vs Star Citizens: Spaceship Combats

The next concern in our Starfield vs Star Citizen debate is the Spaceship combats. In Starfield, space combat is a frequent occurrence, seamlessly woven into missions and objectives as players traverse the galaxy. However, the combat experience leans towards simplicity and arcade-like mechanics, often determining victory based on the size of the ships involved.

On the other hand, Star Citizen elevates spaceship combat to a new level, offering both AI and PvP encounters, including multi-crew experiences with other players. Mastering the nuances of space combat and flight in Star Citizen is more challenging, but it rewards players with greater depth, teamwork, and joy, especially at higher skill levels.

Also, in Star Citizen smaller ships can outmaneuver larger ones based on player skill and combat mastery. Atmospheric flight in Star Citizen adds an extra layer of complexity, allowing battles to unfold over planets or forests, a feature not replicated in Starfield.

Gun Play

Starfield vs Star Citizens
Starfield vs Star Citizens: Gun play

In terms of Gunplay, Starfield takes the lead with fewer weapons but compensates with a rich variety through modifiability, allowing players to personalize their arsenal. Star Citizen, in contrast, boasts numerous weapons with meticulous detail but lacks the diverse modifications found in Starfield.


Starfield vs Star Citizens
Starfield vs Star Citizens: Loot

In the realm of looting, Starfield emerges as the clear winner, integrating looting and crafting seamlessly into the core gaming experience. Looting in Starfield is not just a feature but an essential aspect of gameplay, contributing to a rich and immersive experience. While both games offer looting mechanics, Star Citizen, despite providing a variety of loot, falls short due to a cumbersome back-end system. The system’s jankiness introduces lag and renders many lootable items practically purposeless.

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Starfield vs Star Citizens
Starfield vs Star Citizens: Armor

As far as armor and clothing are concerned, both Starfield and Star Citizen offer an extensive array of customization options. Star Citizen distinguishes itself with additional details like mag indexing and external holstering, contributing to a visually appealing aesthetic. However, Starfield takes the lead in terms of functionality and purpose, as its armor sets come with detailed stats and resistances that significantly impact gameplay.

The added layer of purpose in Starfield’s gear, affecting player stats and resistances, sets it apart. Notably, Starfield introduces jump packs, a feature that adds both functionality and excitement to the gameplay. While Star Citizen may shine in aesthetics, Starfield secures the win by offering more than just a visual flair – its gear serves a practical purpose, enriching the overall gaming experience with diverse equipment that has meaningful impacts on gameplay.


In the cosmic clash of Starfield vs Star Citizen, each emerges as a stellar contender, but the verdict hinges on individual preferences. Starfield captures hearts with its immersive narrative, purposeful looting, and varied gear functionality, while Star Citizen dazzles with cutting-edge technology, intricate ship designs, and realistic gunplay. Whether your cosmic journey leans towards the rich RPG experience of Starfield or the technological marvel of Star Citizen, both games propel us into the boundless expanse of space, offering unique adventures for every spacefaring enthusiast.




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