Things You Should Consider Before Starting Starfield

Starfield is an action RPG; Bethesda Game Studios developed this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Fans of Shooting games and the Open World are provided with this masterpiece like no other in the past. It has moved up in space-themed games since it is up for grabs. The updates in modern games usually appear to download after a while, but this game is ever-evolving with the latest patches and updates to make the playing experience smoother. It is an adventurous journey in space systems with advanced options for multiple tasks and difficulties.

It is a single-player video game, like a space mission to different galaxies and planets to utilize their properties, construct bases and spacecraft, and traffic stuff. This game has countless abilities and, for novices, offers an exceptional and first-class experience in star world.

What is an Open Space RPG?

RPG stands for Role-playing games. In the video gaming industry, it is a game where you are playing the role of an imaginary character who can be a significant protagonist and fulfill the duties given to him. The virtual scenarios are provided with multiple options for each. For example, you can be a doctor and save the patients suffering in the game or an astronaut with an alien antagonist to fight against.

Intelligent ways to utilize starter assets in Starfield

It is always good to know and search for new games to play. One can find the genre of games that suits a player’s taste, or sometimes, a person sees someone’s gameplay and gets instantly interested in playing it. Some people read about different games to find their fun choice, and others randomly download the game and start playing it. 

Starfield is not a type of game anyone can play. Starfield is one of the best-reviewed games of this year, so we are here to tell you a few things beforehand. You must remember these tips because they also came from gamers who played this game and wished they had known these earlier for better gameplay.

Character Customization

This game is more intense than it looks like. There are so many options for making your character of choice with dozens of skins, hairstyles, and avatars for experiments with stores all around to buy the different accessories for your characters for a small credit of 500 pocket change. We want you to be less concerned about how your character looks and how you do in your gameplay. Don’t get caught in the limelight of makeovers, and play your best before you are broke. Hence, don’t spend money on doing something stupid when you have a galaxy to conquer.


After making your character, the second thing that comes up is the background. How important it is for your gameplay depends upon what kind of role you are playing. For example, Suppose you choose to be a bounty hunter. Choose a relevant background, but keep it in mind as a beginner. In that case, you must select the background that provides security to your loot because you will leave your expensive loot behind to explore the rest of the planet.


Choosing any skill set will not be helpful since specific skills exist for particular roles and locations. If you chose the social skills (where you can buy stuff for lower prices and sell them for higher prices), it won’t save you from that weird Alien. If you choose to have combat or gymnastics skills, you won’t be able to do other things. Although you can also buy skill sets, I prefer you to choose security skills the most. Keep your loot safe before the robbery. Dropping a point on the skills also unlocks many abilities. Try picking boost pack training (boosting you ), theft ( pickpocketing), and persuasions.


Do the primary mission first. Before diving into the unknown universe without knowing what is going on and how things work, try to focus on the primary mission and do your best. You will learn much more in main and relative missions than just going stray without knowing much about the dangers. You can also google the best traits or skills to save yourself some time and become pleasing to go.

Save Game

Save your game every day regularly. Although the games are on autosaves, who knows, your character dies, and you have to play the game repeatedly to reach the level you have worked for so long. Save it regularly, and not make stupid decisions that kill you quickly.


As explained above, do not use your credit excessively on looks because when the frostbite hits you or scorching temperatures on hotter planets will start burning your skin, you will need money to buy the meds. So keep as much change as possible for unknown dangers because this game is not as easy as it looks.

Final Words

In a brief statement, keep the credit for valuable things, choose your backgrounds smartly, Lock your outpost before exploring for resources, and level up every time to get more and more skills, and finally, you can ace this game like a pro. Share these tips and tricks with fellow Starfield companions and tell them to stay away from those beautiful-looking Aliens because they are fatal to play around with.

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