Starfield Walkthrough: Complete Guides

In This blog, we explained the Starfield walkthrough for the main story without spoiling the main events in Starfield’s journey and game mechanics.

Starfield is finally released for gamers to play by Bethesda Game Studios. It is one of the most fantastic role-playing games of 2023. It is generally a Space-themed game that carries Adventure, Space Exploration, Action, and mission completion. This game is about your journey to planets to find useful resources and fly spaceships from one place to another.

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This game has about  871 menus and countless features. We rarely have few games with this level of complexity yet perfection in RPGs. From Character Customization to spaceship Customization, everything is separately provided for players to have fun with. The functionality and quality of this game are up to par. It is not just a Space mission; it’s a vibe.

Starfield Opening

It’s where you start your intergalactic voyage. It starts with the basic learning of game stats and mechanics in the main quest.

The prologue includes the main player mining. Heller and Supervisor Lin are also working as a minor with the player, and they suddenly come across a powerful artifact that injures the player.

The story begins at the hospital. You are then introduced to the basic features of games. You can customize your character, Choose backgrounds accordingly, and define basic skill sets and traits for your character from these versatile features.


You will be given your own robot called Vasco by a person named Barret. There, you also meet scientists or Factions and Crimson Fleet, a group of Organized Pirates. You will meet them before your mission, and you will also visit a moon called Kreet.

Main Story

There is not one fraction of a main story, but the game has broken the story down into missions, and not less than 19 main missions have the main story underneath them. For this, you need to play the main missions without being distracted by the limelight of side missions and quests for the rare chests.

Starfield Walkthrough
Starfield Walkthrough

It takes about 17 to 18 hours to stick to the main story, and you can get it completed after the main missions or at the end of the game as well. The story revolves around the player who has to find the rare artifacts with companions in a group called Constellation.

The year was said to be 2130, with Humans who conquered many planets. They conquered the largest Moon of Saturn called Titan and made it into a city for humans, and then they never stopped.

At that time, unfortunately, the Earth was in its post-apocalyptic form, with only a few landmarks still standing, depicting a sad future for Earth. It becomes a ball of sand with its residents all over the galaxies making the latest discoveries.

Starfield Walkthrough: Mechanics and Features

Before it gets a bit more emotional, let us take the game seriously before an Alien bites you to death. The mechanics of this game are intense, but it gives the player the freedom to do whatever he wants.

As we told you previously, you have the choice to build your character however you want. You can be a bounty hunter, pirate, or whatever you want. Then comes the backgrounds with many options as well. The skill sets are to choose wisely, and most beginners go with security skills.

In this game, you will be given a Spaceship/Starship that can also be customized, but that is not what it is all about. You will be sent to planets and the moon where you are supposed to make an outpost ( A temporary safe place ) to put all your looted items and machinery. You will be going out and finding resources, collecting them, and adding them to your inventory or outpost.

When you are done with your planet, you can update your spaceship to a bigger and larger one for more staff and crew members. The spaceship also provides a scanner to scan which planet has more resources or better ones. You can land on better planets, but everything comes with a price. You will have more challenges, and for that, you must be prepared.

While you choose your traits for starting a game, you must keep in mind that the more missions you accomplish, the more powers you will be able to unlock.

Not only powers, but the game also has secret Chests to find. These Secret treasures have all that you want, like rare artifacts,  Spaceship machines, arms and ammunition, and rare resources. They will help you with your engineering issues, space journey, defense, and security. With the passage of time, the defense should be made stronger against enemies, and security must be made tighter against robbers and pickpockets.

The Main Missions of Starfield

Following are the major missions of Starfield.

  1. One Small Step
  2. The Old Neighborhood
  3. The Empty Nest
  4. Back to Vectera
  5. Into the Unknown
  6. All That Money Can Buy
  7. Starborn
  8. Further into the Unknown
  9. Short Sighted
  10. No Sudden Moves
  11. High Price to Pay
  12. Unity
  13. In Their Footsteps
  14. Unearthed
  15. Final Glimpses
  16. Missed Beyond Measure
  17. Entangled
  18. Revelation
  19. One Giant Leap

All these missions are supposed to give you exposure to various planets and level up your game in the space world.


Starfield walkthrough can never be completed if we start writing about each and everything to sun up; we say to just imagine 1000 planets to explore with more than 1000 moons to visit.

There are many reasons to play this game. Starfield Shipbuilding experience is just out of this world, with options for m every crucial part of building your own custom-made ship. From cockpits to Engines, From Cargo Holds to Reactors, you will be given the best choices to build the strongest spaceship.

Digi-picks for opening the chest locks are also a fun feature to open a chest with rare options. Small puzzles to solve to get loot are necessary to make the game more challenging and adventurous at the same time.

Credits like money also play a great role in the game; who said money can’t buy anything? From Shipbuilding to making a better outpost, you will need to sell the items in space shops and buy the things you need.

Starfield is one of a kind experience, and we wanted you to live it yourself. We tried not to spoil anything that you must only know while playing this masterpiece.


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