Crafting a Starship from Scratch: A Guide to Shipbuilding in Starfield

Starfield is the future of RPG games and a breakthrough in the gaming industry. It was recently launched and became the apple of everyone’s eye in a short time.

There have been a lot of secrets unveiled on our website about gaining powers, opening locks to secret chests, and many more for how you can easily level up your game.

Starfield has multiple features with 1,000 planets to explore. Players are given customizable options from looks to artifacts.

A few things to notice about spaceships in the  Starfield are: Firstly, you are provided with your ship, so you do not have to create one without being able to understand the logic of the game behind this intergalactic journey.

Before building a ship on your own, there are many options to upgrade the spaceship from looted crafts. You can steal A spaceship or buy the upgrades as well. When it comes to making a ship for yourself, We will provide a detailed description for this specific purpose.

Most places on already explored planets and moons have a pre-built Spaceport where you can get a Ship Service Technician. You can also talk to shop owners about shipbuilding or repairing.

There’s an option of “Upgrade Ship” for you to upgrade your ship to a better version, and the option of “Ship Builder” adds things to your ship and rearranges them as well on your command.

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Can we make a Starship from Scratch?

You can not build a starship from scratch because you are already given a ship in the beginning, but if you really want to make a ship from scratch, you will have to sell every part of the ship you are given until you are left with nothing on hand but a little money to make your very own custom Starship.

In an unknown journey of Space, you need an amazing spaceship that can control multiple systems. The shipbuilding system itself is very hard to control, but for this specific purpose, we are here to dive into the space world requirements for ships and help you build a ship on your own.

What You Need to Make a Starship/Spaceship?

First thing first, you will need a lot of cash on your hands to buy the machines to build your ship. You should have at least 100,000 Credits to make a perfectly working starship for your space exploration.

Crafting a Starship from Scratch (Source – XboxWire)

After a handful of cash in your pocket, you will need a total of 11 to 12 things of your own choice to buy or collect for making a starship. In this blog, we will not tell you what kind of parts you must have because it is your custom ship, so you must choose on your own.

We will just tell you which parts you must have.

  1. Cockpit
  2. Habitat
  3. Landing Gear
  4. Landing Bay
  5. Docker
  6. Cargo Hold
  7. Fuel Tank
  8. Grav Drive
  9. Reactor
  10. Shield Generator
  11. Engines 
  12. Weapons


Start with collecting a good cockpit. The Cockpit will have a seat for the pilot and other seats for companions. Although you can choose from various designs, we would warn you to choose a spacious cockpit for your space loot and provide a good balance. Among the best cockpits in the whole game, you can use

  • 1 Ares.
  • Armstrong 20R Cockpit.
  • Viking CP-210 Cockpit.

First Habitat

First, Habitat is a space or room like Hab, which is connected to the back of the Cockpit. This Hab has a place for your crew members and has Research Stations.

It must not be too heavy. You can unlock better Research Stations and other workstations for your Hab after unlocking them and placing them in your Hab.

Landing Gear

Landing gears allow ships to land safely on various surfaces of space bodies. Your starship would not work properly if the right landing gear is not installed.

Among the best landing gears are

NG-20 Landing gear with the best value added to Mass, Hull, and lander thrust. Hope 54 Landing gear is also one of the best choices among many.

Landing Bay

Landing Bay helps the Spaceship crew to exit and enter safe and sound. It is installed at the bottom of the ship, and you don’t have much to worry about the model; just choose your favorite design.

Second Hab

At a certain point, you may run out of Space, and for that reason, Second Hab can be installed on the top of the starship for more crew members and star cargo.


It is an accessory of a starship to connect Space stations to the ship and one spaceship to another. Docker will help you to move from one place to another. While making your spaceship, you will notice that you will be given many options for dockers as well. The functions of all dockers are the same. You can choose a classy one, for example.

  • NG-2 Docker – Top
  • 100DP Slim Docker -Top
  • 110DP Docker – Top

Cargo Hold

The cargo hold is a station or an attachment that can hold a certain amount of cargo for the intergalactic journey. Before choosing a Cargo Hold, know that Different Cargo Holders can hold different masses, and it also depends on what kind of parts you have already installed. You should be wise and choose accordingly. You also can select multiple Cargo Holds for a single starship.

Fuel Tank

A Fuel Tank is a tank used for your fuel and other resources to run the ship and Grav jumps. They also depict the distance the starship can move or jump during grav jumps. They got refilled automatically after Grav Jump. By replacing your Fuel Tanks at Spaceports, you can have a new one as well. 500T He3 Tank is the best fuel tank to buy.

Grav Drive

Grav Drive, or you can say Graviton Loop Array, is one of the modules in the starship that lets the ship jump from one place to another faster than light. There are limited Hits and Spins it can acquire.


It is one of the crucial things when it comes to assembling a starship. It gives the power. It tells the strength of your ship and how much power you can divide in each part of your starship for it to run smoothly. One of the best Reactors includes the following.

  • Tokmak X-300 Reactor
  • Ion Beam H-1020 Reactor
  • Spheromak DC202 Reactor
  • DC303 Fast Ignition Reactor

Shield Generator

The defense of a better ship is always stronger and better. You must be careful about the Sheild Generator as it provides a shield against space debris and enemy attack. The shield you chose for your starship must have longer health and high quality.


Engines are vital components of a starship as they help you in handling your ship’s movements and Speed as well. You should choose heavy-duty Engines for your starship, like

  • White Dwarf 2010
  • Amun-3 engine

you can use multiple Engines but don’t forget to add the titan of all engines, the Poseidon DT230 Engine


Weapons are very important If you want your starship to stay safe from enemies. You didn’t spend more than 1000 Credits on a starship for someone to rob you of. There are many weapons; for example, you will need some of

Energy Weapons, Ballistic Weapons, and EM.

Conclusion :

The weapons must be distributed to the crew. Drive that starship safe for your intergalactic journey on your customized starship, and take better screenshots of your ship going to different planets and exploring new and rare things to ace the game.

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