Fate Samurai Remnant – A Brief Walkthrough

Fate Samurai Remnant

Fate Samurai Remnant is an action and adventure Game. It is a role-playing game developed by Omega Force, and later on, it was published by Koei Tecmo. It is an Open-world video game released on September 28, 2023, for Nintendo Switch, Playstation4, PlayStation 5, and Windows. It is a new game in the gaming world, and everybody is already talking about it.

Plot of Fate Samurai Remnant

The story takes place in 1651 and the Japanese era of Keian. It wasn’t so long after the battles had calmed in the period of Sengoku and Edo was quiet and usually peaceful that the circus of blood-soaked battles and conspiracy started taking place between many masters and their Servents, which are mystical creatures and spirits.

The hero is a young boy named Miyamoto Lori. he belongs to Asakusa and is struck between these masters and servants’ war scenes, and now he has to protect the wish-granting Vessel called “Waxing Moon Vessel.”

Lori uses two swords called Katanas used by Japanese Samurais in Edo times. He has two katanas to fight his foes. There are several combinations of attacks to effectively kill the servants and their masters.

Gameplay of Fate Samurai Remnant

As explained above, the main hero has two swords to fight as other players are also given stronger powers in the Edo era. In Fate /Samurai Remnant, there are 12 total playable characters. They all belong to various masters and servants.

The playable servants in the game are summoned by Masters in this Japanese Dragons and Dungeons-type story. In this historical Amime-looking game, the servants and masters make a bond between themselves and connect. This Master Servent connection helps in fighting a stronger battle against enemies.

With Miyamoto Lori, Saber is also a main character.Characters are colorful with Japanese cultural attire, extravagant hairstyles, and headwear.Seven Masters decide to do the Waxing Moon ritual, and they are the ones who start this war in Edo in the name of Waxing Moon.

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Mechanics of Fate Samurai Remnant

Players can make their character stronger by fighting and winning. They will get EXP, which is Earning Experience Points in the game. With Increased EXP, the players will have an upgrade in their attacks and HP as well.

Players can also polish their weapons in their homes to get more EXP.There is a feature of Skill Tree as well, which gives Skill upgrades. You can get these skill upgrades with Skill points.

Skills upgrade includes various battle skills and defense skills. There are spells in the Skill tree as well, and you can also get them. These Spells in the game are called  Magecrafts.

When a large group of enemies attacks the players from all directions, the options of Hack and Slash are also provided; in this way, you can defeat the large group of foes and go to a safe place.

Fate/Samurai Remnant is a complete game with all the basic gameplay mechanics.Yes, we can upgrade Lori’s swords in the workshop by leveling up our game and by learning new tricks for Lori, who is an adopted son of Miyamoto Musashi and also a student.

Walkthrough Part 1] Fate/Samurai Remnant (PS5) 4K HDR - YouTube
Fate Samurai Remnant (Source – Youtube)

Playable Characters in Fate Samurai Remnant

Miyamoto Lori

As explained above, he is the main protagonist in this game, but you will get a chance to play with others as well for less time, and AI will control Lori during that time.


Saber is the second main lead and Servant of the Saber Class. With one sword, Saber happens to save Lori and join him on his journey.


Master Zheng Chenggong has a loyal Servant named Archer, and he is always there to prove his unique ability to use Bow and arrow in the game.


She is a Fancy-looking Servant of the Lancer Class in the game. She fights with two spears and black flames against the foes.


He is a  powerful Servant of the Assassins Class. He has long arms and feet that can be used as strong whips, and he also can summon snakes in his fight against the enemies.


She is a Servant of Berserker Class. She is an unmatched Swordswoman in this game. She has a lot of similarities with Miyamoto Lori in her ability to fight with swords.

Rouge Saber

He is a Rouge Servant in the Saber Class. He has a large sword and strong armor. He rides a horse in the game as well.

Rogue Archer

He is a Rouge servant of an Archer Class with a bow and blue flames in this Bow. He wears a white gown and is so humble and sharp.

Rouge Lancer

Rouge lancer is a Rouge Servant of the Lancer Class. He fights with the crimson spear, which is longer than his height. He is a classic on the battlefield.

Rouge Caster

She is a Rouge Servant of the Caster Class. She is basically a witch with wings and knows a lot of tricks to use against enemies.

Rouge Assassin

He is a Rouge Severed of the Assassin Class. He has a sharp view and excellent battle skills against the villains in this game.

Rouge Berserker

He is a giant Rouge Servant of a Berserker Class with a muscular body type and long hair. He can take down the enemy with his fist power.

Non-Playable Characters in Fate Samurai Remnant (In Lori’s team)

Rouge Rider

She is a special exception in the game and is a Rouge Servant of a Rider Class. She is not playable but is very good at fighting for good against bad and riding on people on the battlefield for transportation.


Is this game a sequel to Remnant 2?

No, Fate/Samurai Remnant is a totally different type of game with different Game Studios and Gameplay.

How many playable Characters are in this game?

Mainly there are two main characters, Miyamoto Lori and Saber, but you will get to play with a total of 13 characters in this game.

Who is the main protagonist in this game?

Miyamoto Lori is the young boy made the lead character in this game. He is 4.) Can we upgrade Lori’s Sword in the game?

Can we upgrade Lori’s Sword in the game?

Yes, we can upgrade Lori’s swords in the workshop by leveling up our game and learning new tricks for Lori.

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