How To Play Multiplayer In Genshin Impact (A Comprehensive Guide to Multiplayer)

How To Play Multiplayer In Genshin Impact

Playing games with pals always kicks things up a notch, and in the Genshin Impact universe, this rule definitely holds true. Though there’s a bit of groundwork to cover initially, once you’ve got that sorted, teaming up with your buddies adds a whole new layer of excitement and progress.

However, unlike various other games, the Co-Op Mode (Multiplayer mode) is not available from the get-go in Genshin Impact. Therefore, most players are curious about how to play multiplayer in Genshin Impact.

Unlocking Multiplayer mode in Genshin Impact might seem like a bit of a process, but fret not! This guide is here to make it a breeze, walk you through the steps of unlocking the Multiplayer mode, and explain how to play Multiplayer in Genshin Impact.

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How to Unlock Co-Op Mode In Genshin Impact

Co-op Mode Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact Co-op Mode

In Genshin Impact, before you dive into cooperative play, you’ll need to complete a series of missions and main quests. It might take a little time to unlock this feature, but trust us, the co-op fun is well worth the wait!

In order to unlock the Co-Op mode in Genshin Impact, you will have to process to the Adventure Rank 16. Once you reach Rank 16, you are all set for the Co-Op Mode and the Multiplayer in Genshin Impact. Here’s how to get Adventure Rank 16 in quick succession.

1. Progress Through The Main Archon Quests

In the prologue of the game, you will arrive at the city of Monstadt. There, you will have to visit its counts as a crucial step in the main questline. Once you’re over with that, proceed to clean 3x Wind Temples around the city.

Since the main Archon questline rewards you with a decent amount of XP, it is recommended to prioritize it to gain maximum XP and unlock the Co-op Mode quickly.

2. Visit the Adventurer’s Guild

Once you’re done with the main Archon questline, your next stop in Monstadt should be the Adventurer’s Guild. When you unlock the Adventurer Handbook, you will start getting better XP.

In the Adventurer Handbook, the Experience tab will provide you the opportunity to obtain plenty of XP. Therefore, it should be your go-to. Additionally, activating the waypoints, finding chests, and cooking will yield more XP.

3. Explore The Overworld

In Genshin Impact, the overworld will provide you plenty of options to loot more XP. Therefore, it is recommended to spend as much time as you can in the overworld.

Moreover, if you have explored the whole area, Chests, Dungeons, and Statues of the Seven will expand your map and provide you with more opportunities to amass a decent account of XP.

4. Daily Missions at Rank 12.

Once you are at Adventure Rank 12, the daily grind will become easy as you will have unlocked the Daily Missions at that point. The daily missions are straightforward tasks that refresh daily and offer decent Adventure Rank XP.

So after Adventure Rank 12, simply completing the daily missions would make things simpler and progression easier.

5. Unlock The Co-op Mode

You can team up with others once you reach Adventure Rank 16. Once you’re at the required ranks, the Co-op Mode option will automatically become available. As you progress to Rank 16, you’ll gradually become proficient in Genshin Impact.

So, it’s likely that the developers implement a delay for unlocking Multiplayer to ensure players have some experience, as nobody enjoys having inexperienced teammates.

How To Play Multiplayer In Genshin Impact

When you’re at Adventure Rank 16, you can add friends and play the multiplayer mode. However, your friends must also be at least Rank 16 for you to add them. If they haven’t reached this rank, you won’t be able to add them, which means you won’t be able to join their world and play multiplayer in Genshin Impact.

How To Add Friends In Genshin Impact

You can add friends in Genshin Impact by following these simple steps.

  1. Access the pause menu and choose “Friends”.
  2. Navigate to the second tab within the Friends menu.
  3. Enter the nine-digit UID number provided by your friend.
  4. Send the friend request.
  5. Once accepted, you can begin entering their world.
Genshin Impact Add Friends
How To Add Friends In Genshin Impact

Once your request is accepted, you can proceed to play the Multiplayer mode by heading over to the menu and choosing Co-Op Mode. Next up, look up the friend you want to play with and select the Request to Join option.

When they accept your request, you will be able to join their world and enjoy the multiplayer mode in Genshin Impact.

How to Host Multiplayer Sessions

In Genshin Impact, you also have the ability to host multiplayer sessions, and it’s a straightforward process. Just follow these steps to set up multiplayer sessions.

  1. Go to the menu and click on Co-Op Mode.
  2. Next, select My Multiplayer, located at the bottom-right corner.
  3. Choose between Allow Direct Join or Join After Approval.
  4. Now, simply wait for a friend to join your world.

If you prefer to play alone, you have the option to decline join requests. Since direct join requests allow friends to join at any time, you might want to disable this feature when you need to concentrate on main quests.

Multiplayer Mode Limitations In Genshin Impact

When engaging in Co-Op Mode in Genshin Impact, it’s crucial to be aware of certain limitations. The primary restriction is that Archon Quests and Story Quests cannot be played while in Co-Op Mode.

If you’re currently involved in one of these quests or one that alters the game world, you’ll be required to play solo. Once such quests are completed, there’s a brief waiting period before you can re-enter Co-Op Mode.

A quick method to speed up this process is by logging out and logging back in, allowing you to resume playing with friends. Additionally, even if you’re in Single Player mode and need to engage with an activity that necessitates accessing the Co-Op Mode screen, you’ll have to reactivate it.

In Co-Op Mode with a single friend, you have the ability to switch between two party characters. In a group of three, the host has two characters at their disposal for switching, while the other two players each have one.

How To Play Multiplayer In Genshin Impact
Co-op Mode Party Setup Limitations

However, in a full party, each participant is limited to controlling one character. Furthermore, outside of combat, you can freely adjust your deployed characters through the Party Setup menu. This grants you the flexibility to adapt to new missions seamlessly.

Moreover, the number of players in your party directly impacts the quantity and difficulty of enemies you’ll face due to scaling. Therefore, be prepared for more challenging battles when in a larger group.

It is also worth mentioning that Genshin Impact supports cross-play as well. This means that players can join you in co-op mode from all platforms, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, and iOS.

Genshin Impact Multiplayer Not Working

It’s normal to face challenges when trying to play with friends in Genshin Impact. We’ll help with the usual issues, but keep in mind there might be more solutions out there. Here are some of the common problems you might run into:

1. Insufficient Adventure Rank

If one player hasn’t achieved Adventure Rank 16, co-op play isn’t an option. There are no exceptions to this prerequisite, so both players need to focus on ranking up. Until both reach Adventure Rank 16, multiplayer functionality remains inaccessible.

2. Connection Issues

At times, poor internet connections can hinder players from engaging in Co-Op Mode. A strong and stable connection is crucial for a seamless multiplayer experience. If you’re aware that someone has a subpar internet connection, it’s likely that hosting won’t go smoothly.

3. Bugs and Glitches

Additionally, issues may arise that are beyond your control, and the game may present challenges for you in the form of Bugs and Glitches. Should you encounter any such issue, reaching out to the developers for assistance is recommended.

While it may take some time, your efforts may also benefit others facing the same problem. It’s worth the wait, as assistance from the developers will clear out any possible bugs and glitches.

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