Unlocking Remnant 2 The Labyrinth Red Door: A Comprehensive Guide To Opening The Red Portal

In Remnant 2, as you progress through your journey, you will eventually come across the elusive Remnant 2, The Labyrinth Red Door. However, within the Labyrinth lie a multitude of enigmas and concealed treasures.

In order to make the most out of your visit to the Labyrinth, you’ll want to collect all loot available, including the Remnant 2 Relics, Secret Chest, and much more. However, these items demand the player’s unwavering attention to detail while exploring every nook and cranny.

Although exploring the Secrets of Labyrinth in Remnant 2 has quite a lot of perspectives, this particular guide will walk you through the process of unlocking Remnant 2: The Labyrinth Red Door.

Remnant 2 The Labyrinth Red Door Secrets

Remnant 2 The Labyrinth Red Door
The Labyrinth Red Door

The Labyrinth Red Door stands as a pivotal gateway in Remnant 2, shrouded in mystery and intrigue. This Red door also holds the Crimson Portal required to access the enigmatic realm of Backrooms.

In order to successfully locate the Labyrinth Red Door in Remnant 2, you will be required to focus on crafting a specialized build. Read on to learn all about the prerequisites for unlocking the Secrets of Labyrinth Red Door.

Labyrinth Red Door Requirements

When it comes to unlocking the Labyrinth Red Door, you will want to acquire the Corrupted status effect. In order to obtain the Corrupted status, you will want to arm yourself with particular weapons, rings, amulets, armors, and specific Archetype abilities.

First off, you will want to equip the Realmwalker armor. You can purchase the armor from the Whispers or by initiating your character as an Explorer. In terms of weapons, you will need to equip the long gun Ford’s Scattergun.

You can find the Ford’s Scattergun starting off as the Explorer Archetype or alternatively by exploring the Red Throne with the Seal of the Empress. Furthermore, when it comes to the staff, you will need Labyrinth Staff found inside the Labyrinth.

Finally, you need the Cubegun you receive after defeating the Labyrinth Guardian. Additionally, you will also need a specific relic called Void Heart. You can obtain it by not giving the Custodian the Shard at the end of the N’Erud quest in Remnant 2.

For the rings, you will need the following: Black Cat Band, Anastasija’s Inspiration, Amber Moonstone, and Zania’s Malice, one for all four slots. The Black Cat Band can be purchased from Reggie by simply speaking with him.

Whereas you will find the Anastasija’s Inspiration and Zania’s Malice rings on Root Earth. The Zania’s Malice ring spawns in Ashen Wasteland. However, Anastasija’s Inspiration can additionally be purchased from Whispers.

Finally, the Amber Moonstone has the chance to appear on Yaesha. The last thing you need for this part is Remnant 2 Leto’s Amulet, which seems on Reggie’s vendor if you flop 100 times with heavy armor.

How To Access The Red Door

The Labyrinth Remnant 2
Remnant 2 The Labyrinth Source – GAMEPUR

To proceed, make sure you’ve unlocked the Explorer and Invader Archetypes. You’ll obtain the Explorer Archetype upon completing the campaign with a character. However, acquiring the Invader Archetype is a bit more challenging.

It entails a visit to Losomn, unlocking the Dreamcatcher, and using it on Root Earth towards the end of the game. Once you’ve secured both Archetypes, simply follow these steps.

  • Equip the Explorer’s level 10 ability,
  • Equip Fortune Hunter
  • Equip The Invader’s level five ability, Worm Hole.

Now, with these abilities in place, you’ll be able to trigger the Corrupted status effect within the Labyrinth, allowing you to access the coveted red door in Remnant 2.

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How To Get To the Backrooms in Remnant 2

Once you’re geared up, head to the Labyrinth in Remnant 2 and hit up the portal door on the left side of the central area. Keep an eye on it because it will be moving around. Wait for it to swing over to a drop-to-your-doom location, then count to three and take the leap. Following your jump, a walkway will appear, leading you into this Sly Hideout.

You will find two formidable bosses inside the Sly Hideout. Simply take them down and turn towards the right side into the back zone. There, you will lend the legendary Remnant 2 The Labyrinth Red Door.

If your character’s equipped with all the recommended gear, The Labyrinth Red Door should swing wide open, giving you the green light to hit up The Backrooms.

Now, go on a mini-treasure hunt; there will be three items waiting for you. The game-changing Strange Box, your ticket to unlocking Remnant 2’s ultimate class, the Archon, and a couple of dazzling rings are included. If you’re having trouble finding them, use the Explorer’s Fortune Hunter ability to help you out.

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