Discovering The Remnant 2 Hidden Classes: An In-Depth Guide

Hidden classes

When gaming, the thrill lies in the intricate, varied, and unpredictable aspects that make the experience exciting. Remnant 2 hidden classes adds a layer of complexity and uniqueness, providing players with a diverse range of playstyles and abilities that enhance their adventure. This comprehensive guide will accompany you on a quest to unlock these mysterious classes, enabling you to reach new levels of combat mastery.

Unearthing Remnant 2 Hidden Classes

In comparison to your regular RPG class, archetypes operate somewhat differently. While you choose one at the beginning of the game, consider this more of a “free class” than your class for the game’s duration. You can equip a secondary type as you advance, which has all the same advantages minus the “Prime Perk,” which is only available to your primary class, and even switch your original type for a better one.

Only four Remnant 2 hidden classes are available when you first start the game. But in our Remnant 2 guide, we’ll show you where to discover each class in the game and give you some background information.


Embarking on a journey into Remnant 2 hidden classes starts with uncovering the Alchemist class. Your first task is to search for the elusive Alchemist’s Cookbook within the enigmatic world of Yaesha. It remains hidden in the treacherous Mire, a dangerous swampy domain swarming with formidable enemies.

Once you acquire this ancient book, return to Ward 13 and converse with Mudtooth. This interaction will grant you access to the Alchemist class, which specializes in ranged combat and excels at utilizing potent potions, elixirs, and even explosive devices to deal damage and weaken adversaries. With their skill in crafting devastating ammunition, Alchemists can efficiently eliminate hordes of enemies with precision and strategy.

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The Engineer is the next class we will look for in our search. To unlock this class, you must find the Engineer’s Blueprint in the dangerous Foundry of Rhom. Everywhere you turn, there are threats to be found, from crafty opponents to sneaky traps.

Remnant 2 hidden classes
Engineer (Source – VideoGames)

When you have the illusive blueprint, head back to Ward 13 and speak with Wallace. He will provide you access to the Engineer specialty, a supporting one known for using turrets and traps, and the knack for commanding the battlefield. Engineers are adept at fixing their teammates’ equipment and giving vital bonuses that can change the course of a battle.


Our quest continues as we reach the Explorer class, a secret treasure in the mysterious world of N’erud that can only be accessed by completing the Seeker’s Keys campaign. These challenging assignments will test your abilities and talents.

After winning, Wallace’s shop in Ward 13 will give you the Explorer’s Compass, a key to gaining access to the class. The Explorer class excels in all types of warfare, making it a genuine jack-of-all-trades. Explorers help locate hidden treasures due to their unique abilities, which include the keen ability to discover hidden passageways and secrets.


As we set out to unlock the Invader class, prepare for a challenging task. On the planet of Root Earth, you must face the formidable Dream Caller boss as part of your quest. This formidable foe will require all of your skills and abilities to defeat. When you triumph, go to Reggie’s store in Ward 13 to get the Dream Catcher weapon, your key to unlocking the Invader class. Invaders are experts at sneaking up on targets and eliminating them quickly and effectively. They are skilled at ambushing unprepared enemies since they can teleport nearby and turn invisible.


Our ultimate goal is the Summoner class, which can only be attained by defeating the demanding Labyrinth Sentinel boss in the Labyrinth universe. You’ll need to use all of your talents and abilities to overcome this formidable monster. 

After winning, you can join the Summoner class at Reggie’s store in Ward 13, thanks to the Cube Gun weapon. With the ability to control a variety of summoned creatures, each with unique skills, summoners are masters of assistance. These creatures will fight with you and aid you greatly in combat.

Once a hidden class has been revealed, you can equip it by going to the World Stone in Ward 13. You are encouraged to experiment and find the secret type that best suits your interests because each offers a unique collection of skills and playstyles.


The Archon is a support class that focuses on using mods to enhance the capabilities of their teammates. Archons can also use mighty mods to deal damage and control the battlefield.

To unlock the Archon class, you must complete the Archon’s Quest in the world of Rhom. The Archon’s Quest is a challenging series of missions testing your skills and abilities. Once you have completed the quest, you will receive the Archon’s Seal, which you can use to unlock the Archon class at Mudtooth’s shop in Ward 13.

Archons are essential for any team that wants to take on the toughest challenges in Remnant 2 hidden classes. Their mods can significantly boost their teammates’ damage, defense, and mobility. Archons can also use their mods to damage enemies or control the battlefield with powerful debuffs.


Remnant 2 hidden class, Gunslinger class, can be unlocked by completing the Seeker’s Keys campaign in the N’erud universe. This campaign consists of a number of difficult objectives that will put your skills and abilities to the test. After completing the campaign, you will be given the Explorer’s Compass, which you can use at Mudtooth’s store in Ward 13 to unlock the Gunslinger class.

Remnant 2 hidden classes
Gunslinger (Source – GodisaGeek)

The Gunslinger is a ranged class that focuses on using weapons to do significant damage. They can swiftly avoid opposing attacks and are also incredibly mobile. Gunslingers are an important part of any team because they can quickly eliminate opponents from a distance and give their comrades cover fire.

Pro Tips for Unlocking Remnant 2 Hidden Classes

Get Ready for Battle: Most hidden classes call for taking on formidable adversaries or negotiating dangerous terrain. Make sure you are prepared and equipped for a brutal confrontation.

Make Use of Cover: Enemies frequently congregate in areas where you can collect the resources required to reveal hidden classes. To protect yourself from hostile fire, take shelter.

Practice Patience: Finding secret lessons can be difficult, but it’s also enriching. The secret is perseverance; if you don’t give up, success will come to you eventually.

Discovering Hidden Classes in Remnant: Elevating Your Gaming Experience

Dive into the realm of Remnant and set out on the quest to reveal these hidden classes with complexity, variation, and unpredictability at your fingertips. They guarantee to improve your game experience and give you fun, fresh ideas for dealing with upcoming difficulties.

Unveiling the Secrets of Remnant: From the Ashes’ Hidden Classes

Players are forced into a post-apocalyptic world in Remnant: From the Ashes, a riveting action role-playing game created by Gunfire Games and released by Perfect World Entertainment. They must travel across numerous areas as survivors, fending off fearsome foes and finding the origin of a cryptic signal. But what distinguishes this game are its hidden classes, a pair of covert specializations that provide the player access to new and potent skills.

In A Nutshell

Remnant 2 Hidden classes are the key to unlocking a universe of varied playstyles and skills in the world of Remnant and Remnant: From the Ashes. In this tutorial, you have been guided through the challenging process of discovering these enigmatic classes, from Alchemists and Engineers to Explorers, Invaders, and Summoners. Your gaming experience is improved by the distinct advantages that each class brings to the table. So explore these post-apocalyptic settings, learn the secret classes, and heighten your gaming experience. Unpredictability has the potential to be thrilling.

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