The Quest of Eternal Empress in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is a Souls-like game developed by Gunfire Games Studio and published by Gearbox Publishing company in 2023.

The game revolves around the adventures and quests for the players who have to fight foes with three types of weapons, which are long guns for long-range encounters, Melee weapons for close range, and handguns for close to mid-range engagements.

The game usually showcases the weapons and rare items as it is a shooting video game. The camera for Remnant 2 gives a third-person view, which is easy to use in a shooting RPG. There are many Archetypes in games, and the player is free to choose any Archetype.

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Eternal Empress

The Eternal Empress can be seen at the Red Throne, which is a place in Yaesha. She is a Non-playable Character in the game and a ruler of the Pan. The player has to fight two of her Pan members before encountering her.

She has an assistant with her who has a detailed conversation about the responsibilities she is to give all her Pan members and the players as well.

She wanted a Thaen Seed and made a quest for all the listeners to offer her Thaen Seed. It totally depends upon the player how he reacts and what he does about it, but the actions of players will be responsible for different endings and rewards.

Eternal Empress in Remnant 2
Eternal Empress in Remnant 2 (Source – TheNatureHero)

The Eternal Empress doesn’t talk herself to the humanoids and the player and claims to be immortal. The assistant, who has almost similar clothes and jewelry, talks to everyone about a quest.

The quest her assistant gave to ox-like humanoids and the player is called The Abomination.

The Abomination

In this quest, the Empress gave orders to find and kill the corrupted pan warrior. The players have to go to the Widow’s Court Dungeon to find and kill the corrupt warrior.

While the player is on the adventurous journey, he will also find an Ornate Lockbox, which contains Thaen Seed. Thaen seed is not only a very special and rare item, but it is also the one that the Eternal Empress wanted.

The Eternal Empress

Defeating the Abomination boss

Killing the Abomination boss is not necessary for this quest, but if you are willing to take a risk, then know that the Abomination boss is not a powerful boss. You can find it in N’Erud.

The boss is made up of armor and explosive beneath it, so the player has to make sure he hits or shoot the armor down and then blow the explosives from its body for damage.

There will be a purple core of its body that can only be seen when the armor and explosives are removed. This is a weak point of the boss, and shooting that weak point time and again can decrease his health, and eventually, you will kill it.

Meanwhile, when the player attacks, he has to do a lot of defense as well since he also throws the explosives on the ground and corners of the ground. Use your best weapons for defeating this boss.

Rewards for Defeating the Abomination Boss

  • Mutated Growth
  • Lumenite Crystals
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap
Remnant 2 Fight

Rewards from Eternal Empress

It depends upon the player whether he opened the box and gave Thaen Seed to the Eternal Empress or gave the Whole Ornate Lockbox to the Eternal Empress. The Empress will give rewards according to your actions.

If the player offers the Ornate Lockbox to Eternal Empress without opening it, he will be getting the Red Doe Sigil, which is a powerful craft in Remnant 2. Red Doe Sigil helps heal the relics and makes them more effective.

If the player opens the Ornate lockbox with the Ornate key and presents the Eternal Empress with Thaen Seed instead, he will be given Burden of the Rebel, which helps the player in his combat by increasing weapon damage and also enhancing stamina.

In case he offers nothing to the Empress, he will still be getting a reward of the Seal of the Empress, which increases the critical hit damage by a few percent.


If you plant the Thaen Seed in a patch of soil, which will be in the base of the player in Ward 13, you will get the Elder Thaen Fruit or Celestial Thaen Fruit, which will give benefits of active and passive abilities to a player in Remnant 2.


Defeating the boss might be optional, but it separately provides the rewards to the player. Eternal Empress actually wants the Thaen seed in this game, and it’s all up to the player if he keeps it to plant it in Ward 13 or give her for special rewards.

This guide will help the player look for specific items from the Eternal Empress in Remnant 2.

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