Remnant 2 Relics Guide: How to Get, Use, and Upgrade Relics

remnant 2 relics
Remnant 2 Relics

In Remnant 2, Relics play a crucial role in enhancing survival by offering healing and various benefits. These items are diverse, providing unique advantages for players during battles and encounters. Surviving in the challenging world of Remnant 2 demands the effective use of Relics, especially the go-to Dragon Heart for immediate healing.

Remnant 2 introduces a variety of Relics, expanding beyond the original, each with unique effects. Some are challenging to obtain, adding complexity to the gameplay. This guide aids players in understanding Relic’s use and locations, enhancing their gaming experience.

What Are Relics In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 All Relics
Remnant 2 Relics

Remnant 2 Relics are reusable consumables with potent combat effects. Typically slotted into the first quick slot (activated with the “1” key on PC). Relics serve as the main consumables for healing and gaining bonuses.

Initially equipped with three charges, players can increase the charge capacity through upgrades. These Relics play a crucial role in sustaining and empowering characters throughout the game. Furthermore, each Relic has 3 slots for Fragments, providing additional stat bonuses.

How To Change Relics In Remnant 2

Relic Fragment
Remnant 2 Relic Fragment

In Remnant 2, the game provides notifications when you acquire a new Relic, typically identified by the inclusion of the word “Heart” in their names. Clearing major quests in various biomes often rewards players with new Relics. For instance, completing the Ner’ud questline grants you the Siphon Heart Relic, offering a tangible boon as a result of your progression in the game.

Upon obtaining a new Remnant 2 Relics, navigating to your character profile screen allows you to click on your current relic, revealing a menu of all available relics. You can then choose the desired relic for equipping. It’s important to note that the transfer of Relic Fragments, which offer stat bonuses, must be done manually even after switching relics. This ensures that your character benefits from the associated enhancements with the chosen relic.

How To Upgrade Relics In Remnant 2

upgrade relics
Remnant 2 Upgrade Relics

Find Simulacrum To Upgrade Remnant 2 Relics

In Remnant 2, upgrading your Relics involves obtaining the rare Simulacrum, found in each biome. An early opportunity to acquire one arises by purchasing it from Cass, a friend in Ward 13, for 1,500 Scrap.

To upgrade Remnant 2 Relics, visit Wallace in Ward 13, the character who provided your first archetype. Wallace offers Relic upgrades for 1 Simulacrum, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and 1,000 Scrap. This strategic investment enhances your Relics’ capabilities, contributing to your overall effectiveness in the game.

Increase Relic Effectiveness To Upgrade Remnant 2 Relics

In Remnant 2, players can enhance Relic effectiveness through Relic Fragment Slots, where adding fragments provides additional bonuses such as cooldown reduction or increased potency.

These fragments, scattered throughout the game world, can be swapped for better ones as players progress. Facing tougher challenges, players may opt to purchase Relic Fragments from merchants when needed, ensuring they stay well-equipped for the evolving difficulties in the game.

Increase Relic Capacity To Upgrade Remnant 2 Relics

In Remnant 2, upgrading Relics becomes possible after unlocking the Ward 13 hub area, achieved by defeating the first boss, Root Mantis. Once in Ward 13, players can locate Wallace, who facilitates relic upgrades. To increase Relic capacity, players can exchange the following items with Wallace:

  • 1000x Scrap
  • 1x Simulacrum
  • 10x Lumenite Crystals

By providing these materials, Wallace enhances the character’s Relic Capacity. This upgrade allows players to carry more Relics, providing increased flexibility and survivability in encounters with multiple enemies.

All Relics In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 features almost two dozen distinct Relics, each with unique effects and scattered throughout various locations in the game. Exploring these diverse areas is essential to uncovering and acquiring these Relics, each of which can offer different advantages to players in their quest through the challenging world of Remnant 2.

The Dragon Heart

dragon heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Dragon Heart
  • Location: found while exploring The Old Ward in the opening of Remnant 2.
  • Use: This Relic is a critical item that serves as a healing tool in the game. When used, it rapidly restores 70 health over a short duration (0.5 seconds).

The Constrained Heart

constrained heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Constrained Heart
  • Location: To acquire the “Bulwark Heart” in Remnant 2, players can purchase it from Cass in Ward 13 for 1,250 Scrap. 
  • Use: When activated, this Relic regenerates 20 Health per second for 5 seconds and grants 2 Stacks of Bulwark while the heal is active.

The Blooming Heart

blooming heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Blooming Heart
  • Location: Discover the “Lifeshard” in Remnant 2 either in The Expanding Glade or behind an illusory wall in the Imperial Garden in Yaesha.
  • Use: heals the user for 35% of the caster’s Max Health over 5 seconds. Additionally, it spawns 3 Healing Orbs, each granting 35% of the caster’s Max Health over 5 seconds, with a duration of 20 seconds. Note that recasting removes previous Orbs.

The Crystal Heart

crystal heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Crystal Heart
  • Location: It is found within the N’Erud Realm, and it’s also a reward from the Loose Fuse Event.
  • Use: It regenerates 100% of Max Health over 10 seconds. However, during this period, Movement Speed is reduced by 50%, and incoming damage is reduced by 25%. The effect lasts for 10 seconds.

The Lifeless Heart

lifeless heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Lifeless Heart
  • Location: To obtain the “Ravager’s Heart” in Remnant 2, consume 3 Fruit of Death found in The Forbidden Grove in Yaesha while wearing the Ravager’s Mask and approaching the statue at the area’s beginning.
  • Use: When activated, the Relic heals for 30 Health over 0.5 seconds, and it doubles the player’s Relic capacity.

The Decayed Heart

decayed heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Decayed Heart
  • Location: Discover the “Barbed Heart” in Remnant 2 within the Corrupted Harbor, Root Earth realm, located past the first open area through brambles at the end of the corridor.
  • Use: When activated, this Relic induces the next 3 instances of enemy damage taken to trigger 40 Health regeneration over 3 seconds. The effect lasts for 30 seconds.

The Void Heart

void heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Void Heart
  • Location: It is located in Alepsis-Taura in the N’Erud realm. Acquire it after completing the Seeker’s Keys quest, defeating Sha’Hala, and speaking with the Custodian. Notably, using the Override Pin instead will block access to the area needed for this Relic.
  • Use: When activated, the Custodian’s Heart reduces incoming damage by 50% for 4 seconds. At the end of the buff, it heals 100% of missing Health over 0.75 seconds.

The Enlarged Heart

enlarged heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Enlarged Heart
  • Location: To obtain the “Ruin” in Remnant 2, players can purchase it from Cass in Ward 13 for 1,250 Scrap, although it appears randomly in her store. This Relic offers an innate double-use speed.
  • Use: When activated, it rapidly heals for 140 over 0.5 seconds. However, it comes with the trade-off of halving the player’s Relic capacity.

The Reprocessed Heart

Remnant 2 Relics: Reprocessed Heart
  • Location: Found within the Labyrinth realm by solving the Portal Inertia event.
  • Use: This Relic converts 5 Health to 40 Mod Power per second for both weapons over 25 seconds, with the player immune to death during the process.

The Tranquil Heart

tranquil heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Tranquil Heart
  • Location: Craft the “Healer’s Heart” in Remnant 2 by providing Nimue in the Losomn realm with the Tormented Heart.
  • Use: It passively grants 2 Health Regeneration per second. Upon activation, it doubles all Health Regeneration for 15 seconds.

The Resonating Heart

resonating heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Resonating Heart
  • Location: It is found within the Ashen Wasteland, Root Earth realm.
  • Use: When activated, this Relic regenerates 50% of Max Health over 5 seconds. Upon the end of the heal, any overhealed health is doubled and awarded over the next 20 seconds.

The Quilted Heart

quilted heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Quilted Heart
  • Location: You will get it as a reward in Brocwhithe Quarter, Losomn realm, given for returning two Dran children to the Orcale of the Dran Orphanage and listening to all the side dialogue. This succinct guide provides information on both the location and the unique mechanics of the Orphan’s Heart Relic.
  • Use: Unlike standard healing, this Relic, when activated, negates Stamina Drain and causes Evades to heal for 15 Health over 0.25 seconds. The effect lasts for 20 seconds.

The Ripened Heart

Ripened Heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Ripened Heart
  • Location: Grow the Ripened Heart in Remnant 2 by planting the Thaen Seed at Ward 13. The growth cycle spans three days: Mature Thaen, Elder Thaen, and Celestial Thaen. Repeat this cycle three times for the final Ripened Heart.
  • Use: It provides a dual-phase healing effect when activated. On use, it heals for an immediate 35 Health over a quick 0.5-second duration, followed by an additional 70 Health spread out over 5 seconds.

This Relic is tailored to offer both rapid and sustained healing, making it a versatile choice for players needing a health boost in various combat situations.

The Runed Heart

Runed Heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Runed Heart
  • Location: To find the Runed Heart in Remnant 2, spawn at the Entangled Gauntlet in The Labyrinth. Move forward, defeat enemies, and pass the large statues. Spot stairs on the left, go around them, and proceed left to discover it.
  • Use: It enhances survival capabilities with its on-use effects. When activated, it boosts Health Regeneration by 5 and generates 500 Mod Power over a span of 10 seconds.

This Relic is designed to provide sustained health recovery and expedited Mod Power generation, offering a strategic advantage in extended engagements.

The Salvaged Heart

salvaged heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Salvaged Heart
  • Location: In Remnant 2 Relics You can craft it at the Dryzyr Replicator, located beneath the Custodian’s tower. Upon entering, look to the left wall for a hole in the floor to drop down. Crafting this Relic requires 10 Lumenite Crystals, 15 Relic Dust, and 1500 Scrap.
  • Use: It comes with a 50% innate Use Speed bonus. When activated, it rapidly heals for 30 Health over a brief duration of 0.25 seconds and restores a substantial 300% of the current Grey Health.

This Relic is tailored for quick recovery and efficient restoration of the player’s health pool, making it a valuable asset in the midst of intense battles.

The Siphon Heart

siphon heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Siphon Heart
  • Location:  You can acquire the Siphon Heart in Remnant 2 by trading the Shining Essence Echo with The Custodian on N’Erud. This Echo is obtained from Tal’Ratha after defeating the normal version of that boss.
  • Use: The Lifesteal Heart Relic in Remnant 2 Relics is activated to provide a temporary but impactful effect. Upon use, it grants the player 10% of their base damage dealt as Lifesteal for a duration of 10 seconds.

This Relic proves valuable in sustaining the player’s health during combat encounters, offering a strategic advantage for surviving challenging situations.

The Tormented Heart

Remnant 2 Relics: Tormented Heart
  • Location: In Remnant 2 Relics you need to venture into the basement of the Morrow Parish Sanatorium in Losumn to get Tormented Heart. There, you’ll find the Nightweaver Web, a critical location for the exchange. By sacrificing the Tormented Heart at the Nightweaver Web, players can obtain the coveted Tormented Heart.
  • Use: It provides a 20% innate Use Speed bonus. When activated, it delivers a potent impact by dealing 240 Explosive damage to enemies within a 10-meter radius. Additionally, it includes a Lifesteal mechanic, allowing the user to recover 25% of the damage dealt.

This Relic is a powerful tool for both offensive capabilities and sustaining the player’s health during encounters.

The Pulsing Heart

pulsing heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Pulsing Heart
  • Location: The  Pulsin Heart in Remnant 2 can be found in a secret room at the end of the Endaira’s End dungeonReach the last room of Endaira’s End dungeon.  Look for a pressure plate in the last room.

Stepping on this pressure plate will reveal a hidden door. Navigate through the small maze that is revealed, and proceed to the end.  At the end of the maze, you’ll find an illusory wall that conceals the secret room housing the “Pulsin Heart. It’s mentioned that this can only be completed if you have another player with you in Remnant 2 Relics.

  • Use: The Pulsin Heart in Remnant 2 serves as a valuable support Relic, activated to unleash healing pulses every 3 seconds. Allies within a 7-meter range experience a rapid and consistent health boost of 20 points per pulse, each lasting for 0.5 seconds. This effect persists for a duration of 15 seconds, making it an excellent choice for cooperative play, providing crucial healing support to teammates during challenging encounters in Remnant 2 Relics.

The Unsullied Heart

unsullied heart
Remnant 2 Relics: Unsullied heart
  • Location: You can get The Unsullied Heart by killing both Faelin and Faerie and equipping the rings they drop. Head to the large statue at the start of the Palace. You can choose to go to either the Beatific Palace or the Malefic Palace. The statue will then grant you the Unsullied Heart in Remnant 2 Relics.
  • Use: When used, the Unsullied Heart heals for 100% of the current health over 0.5 seconds.


In conclusion, Remnant 2 introduces a diverse array of Relics, each with unique effects and acquisition methods. Whether obtained through quests, events, or crafting, these Relics play a crucial role in enhancing survivability and providing strategic advantages in challenging encounters. From immediate healing to unconventional benefits, players can customize their playstyle with these powerful and varied tools found throughout the game world.

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