Remnant 2 Locked Chest Code: How To Open Ford’s Secret Chest

You’ll probably come upon a locked chest in Ward 13 while exploring the fascinating realm of Remnant 2 that is impatiently awaiting a secret code. Many players are curious about this mystery. But do not worry; we have discovered the answers and are here to assist you in locating the elusive Remnant 2 locked chest code.

Ford Locked Chest In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Locked Chest Code
Ford Remnant 2 Locked Chest Code  ( Source – TheGamer )

The world of Remnant 2 is huge and interesting, full of secrets and undiscovered riches. A little portion of the adventure that awaits you in this randomly created environment is Ford’s chest and the code to open it. Watch out for additional hidden information as you go, including the Butcher’s Quarter Secret, which is at the conclusion of challenging riddles.

You’ll need to know where to get the key, or in this instance, the code, before starting the adventure to discover the Remnant 2 locked chest code. Your dependable flashlight turns out to be the solution. The following is how to get it:

  • Inspect Your Flashlight: Look at the bottom of your flashlight to get the Remnant 2 chest code. Your key to opening Ford’s chest will be this apparently meaningless item.

 Ford’s Locked Chest Code

Remnant Locked Chest Code
Ford’s Locked Chest Code

In Remnant 2, the code to unlock Ford’s locked chest is 0415. You’ll be a step closer to finding the hidden gems after you locate them on your flashlight. How to maximize this code is as follows:

  • Flashlight Inspection: Take time to examine the flashlight that Ford kindly provides you at the start of your campaign. It’s there, just waiting for someone to find the code. The greatest thing is that because your flashlight is always by your side, you can crack the code and open Ford’s chest anytime you choose.

How To Find Ford’s Locked Chest

Remnant Locked Chest Code
How To Find Ford’s Locked Chest

You may now find Ford’s chest and take your prize after having the Remnant 2 locked chest code in your possession. To locate this hidden treasure, follow these directions:

  • The Ford Office: Go to Ford’s workplace, which is on the second level of the biggest structure in Ward 13. The chest is clearly identifiable on your map because of a unique purple dot.
  • Finishing the tutorial: Remember that until you finish the tutorial, you won’t be able to interact with the chest. You may open the chest right away if you skipped or previously finished this phase.

Rewards To Unlock The Ford’s Locked Chest

Remnant Locked Chest Code
Rewards To Unlock The Ford’s Locked Chest: Cargo Control Key

Your tenacity and patience will be rewarded after you’ve discovered Ford’s chest and input the code. What’s within this enigmatic chest, exactly? The exciting information is as follows:

  • Cargo Control Key: You may get the Cargo Control Key by opening Ford’s chest. As you go across the realm of Remnant 2, this key will play an important role in your quest.
  • The MP60-R Submachine Gun: With the use of the Cargo Control key, you may enter a room at the docks and find the MP60-R submachine gun. Due to its rapid firing rate, this powerful weapon is a vital component of any campaign. Keep in mind, however, that it shines in close-quarters combat.

MP60-R Submachine Gun Overview

Remnant Locked Chest Code
MP60-R Submachine Gun Overview

In Remnant 2, the MP60-R submachine gun is a formidable force in close-quarters combat due to its remarkable stats. Here are some of its main characteristics:

Damage: 9

  • The MP60-R delivers a constant and dependable blow, even if it may not cause bone-shattering harm. It is ideal for dealing with weaker opponents quickly.

Rounds Per Second: 14.2

  • The submachine gun’s distinguishing characteristic is its high rate of fire. With a rate of 14.2 rounds per second, it can quickly unleash a sizable quantity of firepower, giving you the advantage in tense fights.

Magazine: 42

  • The MP60-R’s capacious 42-round magazine reduces the need for frequent reloads. This allows you to continue uninterruptedly in the thick of the action for longer.

A Close-Combat Expert

Short- to medium-range combat is where the MP60-R submachine gun shines. It’s the perfect weapon for those early-game situations when you need to eliminate foes rapidly and effectively. It’s crucial to keep in mind, however, that as your distance from your target grows, so does its efficacy.

The MP60-R submachine gun is your go-to weapon in close-quarters combat situations in every dimension of Remnant 2. With its quick rate of fire, respectable damage output, and large magazine capacity, it guarantees your ability to eliminate adversaries quickly and efficiently. Just keep in mind that it has limits, and for best results, stay in shorter ranges.


The Remnant 2 locked chest code may first seem to be a difficult task, but with the appropriate assistance, it transforms into a thrilling adventure. You will get the priceless Cargo Control Key and the MP60-R submachine gun, both of which will be crucial to your quest, after you have located Ford’s chest and input the code.

Keep your wits about you as you explore Remnant 2’s universe further. You may master this fascinating and constantly changing world and its traits by learning the myriad mysteries that are just waiting to be discovered. So, equip your acquired weapons, and Archetypes to continue exploring the randomly created surroundings, and be prepared to confront whatever challenges lie ahead in Remnant 2.

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