Starfield Schrodinger III Unveiled: A Comprehensive Exploration Guide

In Starfield, as you embark on a thrilling cosmic odyssey, Schrodinger III beckons as a jewel within the Schrodinger System. Home to diverse Starfield fauna and boasting a temperate climate, this planet offers a perfect setting for rapid XP farming. Amidst the plethora of options for interstellar exploration, as you craft your Starfield Spaceship, our guide navigates you to Schrodinger III’s coordinates, unveiling the secrets of this celestial realm and providing insights on maximizing your experience. Join us as we delve into the wonders of Starfield Schrödinger III, unlocking the potential for a stellar journey like no other.

Starfield Schrodinger III: Complete Walkthrough

Starfield Schrodinger III
Starfield Schrodinger III

Schrodinger III in Starfield is a rocky celestial orb that boasts an optimal temperature for the flourishing of diverse creatures, making it a haven for Starfield Faunas. As you traverse this planetary terrain, you’ll encounter a rich tapestry of nature, including 8 distinct Floras, 9 Fauna species, and the prospect of harvesting 6 valuable resources. Delving deeper into exploration reveals 2 unique traits waiting to be discovered.

Where To Find Schrodinger III In Starfield?

Starfield Schrodinger III
Starfield Schrodinger III: Location

Schrodinger III in Starfield the  universe is the third planet within the Schrodinger system, located near Cheyenne, Alpha Marae right below the Kryx. For those with a powerful Grav Drive, finding Schrodinger is not a difficult task at all. Schrodinger III has 1.07 gravity strength, thus attaching a Grav Drive to your Spaceship will help your ship to jump faster and also get more stability in low gravity areas.

In case you don’t have a Grav Drive, you first need to get your hands on it. After that, all you need to do is jump onto the planet. Here, you can also get to the top of your ship by using jump boost where you can easily kill nearby Faunas.

What Are The Resources You Can Find In Starfield Schrodinger III?

Starfield Schrodinger III
Starfield Schrodinger III: Fauna

As mentioned above, Schrodinger III, Schrodinger III in Starfield Systems isn’t just a habitat to a lot of Starfield Faunas. The planet offers a lot of different resources that you can collect. Here’s a list of all the resources you can get within Starfield Schrodinger III:

  • Iron
  • Water
  • Nickel
  • Cobalt
  • Chlorine
  • Argon

What Character Traits Can You Adopt Within Starfield Schrodinger III?

Ecological Consortium
Starfield Planet Trait: Ecological Consortium

In Starfield, you can acquire up to three character traits, and your whole playthrough will be customized according to those three traits. Apart from the traits you get during the character creation, you can also unlock many by exploring the vast Starfield universe. Here is the list of Starfield traits you can get while exploring Schrodinger III:

  • Ecological Consortium: To get this you need to scan Hive structures within Ecological Consortium.
  • Global Glacial Recession: To get this, you need to find and scan any 2 Glacial Remnants to get this.

To scan places, you first need to find the unknown location within your vicinity. For that, as you land on Schrodinger III, press LB if you’re on Xbox or F if you’re playing on PC. This will open up the scanner, and a small grey diamond will appear over the places that are unknown and yet to be explored.

You now need to head towards these locations and scan these places once you reach them. This way you will unlock Schrodinger III’s planet traits. In case you get no unknown locations as you open up the Scanner, you need to move ahead and you”‘ll then certainly find some.

Starfield Schrodinger III: Tips And Tricks

Starfield Schodinger III: Spaceship atop
Starfield Schrodinger III: Spaceship Top

Exploring Schrodinger III in Starfield is perhaps one of the most efficient ways you can farm a lot of XP. There are a lot of Starfield Fauna you can find as you explore this planet, and as you are killing them you can farm a lot of XP, leveling up your character pretty fast.

To do so, as you find Schrodinger III you first need to find yourself a grassy surface. Landing your ship over this grassy surface, you then need to jump atop your ship. Bringing with you a long-range sniper will be a great help here.

Starfield Schodinger III: Sniper Scope
Starfield Schrodinger III: Sniper Scope

From the top of the ship, as you open up the scope, you”‘ll be able to see huge Starfield Fauna. There are plenty of them you can find here, but try to find those that are huge, like Dinosaurs. Hitting these huge creatures will help you farm XP more efficiently.

Using your Sniper, as you one shop these huge creatures roaming around on the surface of Starfield Schrodinger III, you will be able to farm 400-700 XP with each kill which is a great opportunity. Thus, Schrodinger III is undoubtedly a great place for those who are at lower levels or those who are trying so hard to earn Skill points.


In the cosmic expanse of Starfield, Schrodinger III shines as a radiant jewel within the Schrodinger System. This rocky haven, boasting a temperate climate, beckons intrepid explorers to discover diverse Starfield fauna and bountiful resources. From unique florae to colossal fauna, Schrödinger III offers a fertile ground for curiosity and efficient XP farming.

Schrödinger III isn’t just a planet; it’s a gateway to rapid progression, making it an indispensable destination for an unparalleled adventure in the cosmic wonders of Starfield. Also, as you enjoy this Interstellar adventure, don’t miss out on Starfield upgrades, they will make your experience even better.

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