Best Handguns in Remnant 2 – Top 10 Handguns

Remnant 2 is a Shooting Video game with a third-person perspective. This RPG is Developed by Gunfire Games and released by Gearbox Publishing company for Xbox Series X/S, Windows, and PS 5.

Top 10 Handguns in Remnant 2

If we talk about just handguns in Remnant 2, we would see a variety of good options, and if you know the actual strength of the handguns, choosing them will become even easier. One handgun is a must to carry for the player in the game for mid to close-range combat; One long gun and one melee weapon as well.

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Let us discuss the top handguns to make things clearer for you.

Rupture Canon

It is one of the most extravagant handguns to hold. This handgun fires “Shotgun Spread,” which shoots energy balls and penetrates the body of opponents. Its ideal range is a bit more than an ordinary handgun.


MP60-R is an automatic handgun and can be found at the start of the game. It is a weapon for the summoner Archetype class. It gives the benefits of unloading the whole magazine in a go with the lowest recoil to tear the enemies apart.

Bolt Driver

This elegant short gun is a semi-machine gun in its functionality. It can be found in Yaesha, and this weapon bursts the crystals on opponents. It Doesn’t use any kind of bullets but a pan of crystals.

Silverback Model 500

Silverback Model 500 is a small pistol available for the initial use of the Challenger Archetype Class. It can be purchased from Brabus in Ward 13. This handgun has a comparatively high damage rate and is a very good small Canon pistol to explore the unknown with. It doesn’t come with any weaponry mod, so you are free to equip it with any deadly weaponry mod like Blood Draw.

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Double Barrel

The double barrel is available for the beginners of the Alchemist Archetype class. It can be obtained by finishing the following quests.

  • Head Doctor
  • Iron Safe
  • Morrow Parish

This gun goes very well with the long gun. It helps players play with double barrel shots in close combat. It can be a really good, dependable shotgun on the battlefield. With the weaponry mod of Time Lapse, Dio can stop the time as well.

Cube Gun

Cube gun is used at a higher level, and mods like Nightmare. This gun proved to be your companion for the difficult time. It has a Labyrinth Sentinel’s defense system in it, which is a boss class defense system. It has an infinite ammo option and also comes with an in-built weaponry mod called Cube Shield.


Rune Pistol

Rune Pistol is a skull-like handgun with a decent amount of damage to foes. It is one of the best builds for Medic builds. It is a semi-automatic gun for close combat encounters and can also handle mid-range engagements. The magazine size of this handgun is enough for the decent use of this handgun. The weaponry mod of Soul Brand equipment makes this gun sleeker and more precise.


it is an elegant bluish-bright Crossbow shotgun. It has remarkable accuracy when it comes to hitting enemies. It has a weaponry mod of Eulogy, and that mod helps in recalling the bolts. It is not only a friendly weapon but also heals almost two percent of your HP. If you happen to upgrade this masterpiece, you will need no secondary weapon but this pistol.


This short gun is used for AOE damage. This gun can be crafted in the Labyrinth with the Cipher Rod. This gun has an ultimate fire bolt system rather than bullets and has the ability to hit a bunch of foes with lightning bots and take down enemies. It has better magazine capacity as well, making it one of the top-rated secondary guns.

Star Shot

Star Shot is a lethal short-range weapon equipped with Bigbang as its primary and only weapon mod. The Bigbang allows the shotgun to send a beam of explosion to the opponent and blasts when it comes intact to the opponent, Leaving nothing but pieces. It has a quick system of reloading. It has the ability to take down a bunch in one shot, even from a little distance as well.


To ace the game, all you have to do is choose the best secondary weapon from the list above. When it comes to long guns, we have already provided you with information about every long gun in one of the blogs on this website.

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