How To Defeat Ravager Remnant 2

How To Defeat Ravager Boss In Remnant 2
Remnant 2: Ravager Boss Fight

Remnant 2 introduces formidable bosses like the Ravager, among the game’s most potent adversaries. These bosses serve as strong enemies, distinguished by enhanced health, increased damage, and unique abilities, defeating which you can obtain valuable crafting items essential for enhancing weapons and gears. In this guide, we will discuss in detail how to conquer the formidable Ravager Remnant 2 boss and reap the rewards it offers.

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Who Is Ravager In Remnant 2

Ravager Boss
Ravager Boss

Ravager in Remnant 2 is a towering bipedal creature adorned with a long tail and claws like a sharp razor marking a highlight in Yaesha’s questline. This powerful boss unleashes a variety of attacks, from up-close melee strikes to ranged and area-of-effect assaults.

Defeating the Corrupted Ravager demands a skillful combination of ranged precision and close-quarters combat. Additionally, savvy players can utilize the environment strategically to gain the upper hand in this challenging encounter.

Once you defeat Ravager you can obtain valuable items including crafting items and potential upgrades for weapons and gear. Ensure you loot the area thoroughly for these rewards.

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Where To Find Ravager In Remnant 2

Ravager's Lair
Ravager’s Lair

In Ravager Remnant 2, you can find this strong boss in Ravager’s lair located in the Yaesha region.  To reach the Ravager, you may need to progress through the Yaesha region and follow the main storyline or questline that leads you to the Forbidden Grove.

The Water Harp Puzzle also known as the music box in the Forbidden Grove is a key element to access the Ravager’s Lair. Solve the puzzle, and it will unlock the path to confront the formidable Corrupted Ravager in its lair.

Solving The Water Harp Puzzle

Solving Water Harp Puzzle
Ravager Remnant 2: Solving Water Harp Puzzle

As you reach the entrance of Forbidden Grove, find a mysterious diary with symbols hinting at the Harp Puzzle solution. Match the symbols on a nearby rotating device by aligning cylinders. Gaps in the diary guide leave rows empty. Crack the code for Remnant 2 progress.

  1. Unlock the Puzzle: Progress in the main storyline until directed to the Forbidden Grove during the Ravager storyline. Note: The puzzle activates at this point.
  2. Locate the Water Harp: Find the water harp in the Forbidden Grove, featuring a large spool connected to a mechanical harp.
  3. Power Up the Harp: Progress through the Ravager storyline until you reach the water wheel, which powers up the harp.
  4. Understand the Musical Notation: Examine the first page of the nearby diary for musical notation, and guiding pin placement.
  5. Inspect Harp Symbols: Observe the symbols on the harp corresponding to the musical notation.
  6. Pin Placement Order (First Song): Raise pins in the following order: Row 1: 5 Row 2: 0 Row 3: 4 Row 4: 3 Row 5: 4 Row 6: 1 Row 7: 0
  7. Complete the Puzzle: Successfully entering the correct pin patterns completes the Water Harp Puzzle.
  8. Proceed in the Ravager Storyline: With the puzzle solved, advance through the Forbidden Grove and continue the Ravager storyline.

By following these steps, you can successfully solve the Water Harp Puzzle. As you complete it, a bridge will activate that will give you access to the dwelling of the Corrupted Ravager.

How to Beat Ravager in Remnant 2

Use Pillars To Hide From Ravager Attacks
Remnant 2: Use Pillars to Hide from Ravager Attacks

Ravager in Remnant 2 is one of the strongest bosses that can perform various attacks. Defeating Ravager requires you to first learn its attack patterns and master dodging for effective counters. Here is how you can encounter each of Ravager’s attacks in both phases of this battle:

Phase 1 Attacks

Ravager Phase 1 Attacks
Remnant 2: Ravager Attacks Phase 1

In the initial phase of the Corrupted Ravager encounter in Remnant 2, the focus lies on evading its powerful physical attacks, occasionally interspersed with the summoning of challenging minions. The Phase 1 attacks include:


The Ravager executes a straightforward lunging attack, momentarily retracting before swiftly swiping at you with its claws after a rapid rush. Timing is critical for evasion, requiring a well-timed dodge in the brief window before or after the attack.


The charge attack of the Ravager involves it rearing on its back legs, wiggling its front claws briefly, and then sprinting forward in a straight line. Evading this powerful move requires a quick sidestep, as getting hit by it inflicts substantial damage.

Double Swipe

Nearby, the Ravager employs a two-part claw swipe. Dodge when the left arm pulls back for the fast first swipe. For the second, with a longer windup, wait a beat before rolling to avoid getting caught in the attack.

Human Springboard

The Ravager executes a leaping kick, aiming to strike you with its hind legs. Successful hits result in a hard knockdown and significant damage. Fortunately, the dodge timing is forgiving. If avoided, use this opportunity to reset and catch your breath.

Ground Energy Wave

The Ravager drives its front claws into the ground, unleashing an energy wave after a brief delay. While it inflicts moderate damage and causes staggering rather than knocking down, be cautious if other enemies are present. To evade, dodge toward the boss a half-second before the wave strikes, as rolling away may still result in getting clipped by its hitbox.

Summon Minion

The Corrupted Ravager shakes its body, shedding four large pustules that morph into spiky, rolling mobs resembling overworld enemies. While you can pop these pustules, they have substantial health. Deal with them swiftly as the boss continues its attacks without pause.

Phase 2 Attacks

Ravager attack
Remnant 2: Ravager Attack Phase 2

In the second phase, the Ravager builds upon the first, introducing only two additional attacks. Despite their limited number, these new hits significantly heighten the complexity of the battle in Remnant 2.

Big Spin

In a howling frenzy, the Ravager spins like a dog chasing its tail. Within the ring of dust and red energy, a suction effect draws you in, causing 15-25% health damage per tick every half second for about six seconds. Seek refuge behind an intact pillar or stay out of range to capitalize on moments of vulnerability and inflict free damage.

Howl Of Death

The Ravager pauses, gathers energy, and unleashes a massive howl, filling the room with reddish light. Energy shockwaves radiate from the boss, dealing damage over time akin to the big spin. The shockwaves travel extensively, posing a lethal threat to those standing nearby. Surviving in the immediate AoE requires swift evasion, as prolonged exposure is perilous.

Alternate Kills In Ravager Boss Fight In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2’s Ravager encounter, players confront a critical choice featuring two primary options and an unconventional third choice, leading to a unique narrative path with rewards depending on their decision.

Kill The Doe In Ravager Remnant 2

Remnant 2: Kill The Doe
Remnant 2: Kill The Doe

Opting for the easiest choice in Remnant 2’s Ravager encounter results in a swift conclusion to the quest, leading to the Doe’s demise by just shooting it. Upon the Doe’s death, players receive the Ravager’s Mark, an amulet amplifying damage to bleeding targets, and a Strange Object, unlocking a new world door in Labyrinth.

Save The Doe In Ravager Remnant 2

Save The Doe
Remnant 2: Save The Doe

In Ravager Remnant 2, Choosing to rescue the Doe initiates a challenging battle, with the Doe’s successful escape resulting in the reward of the powerful Doe’s Antler. Craftable into the Red Doe Staff at Ward 13, this staff boasts a co-op-friendly mod, dealing damage to foes while simultaneously healing allies in Remnant 2.

Attack The Ravager In Remnant 2

Remnant 2: Attack The Ravager
Remnant 2: Attack The Ravager

In Remnant 2’s Ravager Choice, opting to attack the Ravager directly, bypassing the Doe, yields the dangerous but rewarding Ravager’s Maw. Craftable into the formidable Feral Judgment, a top-tier weapon, and the Crimson Membrane, enabling the crafting of the potent long gun, Merciless

Rewards You Get From Ravager In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, players face a choice between the Ravager and the Red Doe in Yaesha’s world boss stage. This decision not only influences the immediate battle dynamics but also shapes the balance in Yaesha, determining the rewards players can earn. Here is the list of rewards you can earn defeating Ravager in Remnant 2:

  • Red Doe Staff
  • Ravager Mark
  • Feral Judgement
  • Crimson Membrance
  • Fruit of Death
  • Rebellion Spear

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