The Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator: Power Surge

The Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator

The Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator is the most potent and adaptable mutator. You can overclock your weapons to increase their damage and fire rate significantly. It does have one crucial drawback, though, in that it makes your weapons overheat considerably more quickly.

This mutator has the potential to influence the game, but it must be used carefully. If you don’t take precautions to prevent your weapons from overheating, it’s simple to become powerless.

How to get the Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator

The Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator provides players various tools to meet the severe obstacles that Remnant 2 brings. Weapons, rings, amulets, and the unique addition known as Mutators are just a few examples of the various items included. These Mutators are exceptional equipment that gives melee and ranged weapons special effects. They allow players to switch or connect a single Mutator to each weapon as they see fit.

Dwell, a resource that is easily accessible in Ward 13, makes it easier to find Mutators. However, purchasing particular minerals and scrap is required to make Mutators. Fortunately, another option exists because these Mutators can be gained through drops from battles with Aberration monsters. The Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator stands out among these.

remnant 2 supercharger mutator
How to get remnant 2 supercharger mutator (Source – Twinfinite)

There are several prerequisite activities needed to secure the Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator. The Dreamcatcher must first be taken from the Nightweaver’s Web by offering the Nightweaver Stone Doll.

Play the game until you reach Root Earth while holding the Dreamcatcher. Find the Corrupted Harbor and navigate there to find a prominent shipwreck that needs exploring. Explore this basement level to find a hidden open space shrouded in an enigmatic blue mist.

After equipping the Dreamcatcher, use it to attack this area’s mysterious pod. You will receive the Walker’s Dream as a result of this action; add it immediately to your fast bar so you can use it directly. This will take you to Twilight Vale, where you must defeat the Aberration boss, Bane.

Your efforts will be rewarded with the Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator and the Wooden Shiv when you successfully defeat Bane.

The Wooden Shiv’s function is to reveal the Invader Archetype.

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The Supercharger Mutator is a Ranged Mutator that was developed primarily to speed up the charging of Bows and Fusion Rifles. The Supercharger Mutator might not be advantageous unless you pursue a build centered around bows or using a rifle.

Due to the quicker charge speed, bows and fusion rifles can fully charge or be drawn back more quickly. Thanks to this advancement, these weapons can now deal all of their potential damage with a single well-placed shot.

How to Use the Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator

Attach the Supercharger Mutator to your weapon and press the appropriate button to use it faster. With each level of overclocking, which you can apply to your weapon up to three times, the damage and fire rate improves significantly.

It’s essential to remember that every level of overclocking also raises the heat your weapon generates. If you overheat your gun, it will no longer function, and you will need to wait for it to cool down before you can use it again.

Tips for using the Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator effectively

remnant 2 supercharger mutator
Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator (Source – Itemlevel)

Here are a few tips for using the Supercharger mutator effectively:

  • Only overclock weapons that have a good heat capacity. Assault rifles and sniper rifles have incredibly high heat capacities, so they can be overclocked repeatedly without overheating. You’ll need to use other weapons with greater caution because they have considerably smaller heat capacities, such as the SMG and the shotgun.
  • Use the Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator sparingly. Avoid attempting to overheat all of your weapons simultaneously. Instead, concentrate on over.
  • Make sure you have a backup plan. You’ll need a backup strategy in case your weapon overheats. This could entail employing your melee attack or picking up a secondary weapon.
  • Use it in conjunction with other mutators. Other damage-increasing mutators, such as the Glass Cannon mutator, can be combined multiplicatively with the Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator. This means that by combining the Supercharger mutator with other mutators, you can obtain a potentially ridiculous damage boost.
  • Use it to take down formidable enemies. The Supercharger mutator is excellent for defeating tough enemies like bosses and mini-bosses. Its massive damage boost can make these enemies much easier to deal with.
  • Use it to clear rooms quickly. The Supercharger mutator is also great for removing spaces rapidly. The increased fire rate that it provides can allow you to take down multiple enemies in seconds.

Strategies for using the Supercharger mutator

Here are a few plans for using the Supercharger mutator:

  • Use it to burst down priority targets. The Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator is excellent for bursting down priority targets, such as snipers and other ranged enemies. Overclock your weapon and take out the target before they have a chance to react.
  • Use it to escape from dangerous situations. If enemies surround you, you can use the Supercharger mutator to overclock your weapon and blast your way out. Be careful not to overheat your gun, or you’ll be vulnerable.
  • Use it to conserve ammo. If you’re running low on ammo, use the Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator to make your shots count more. Just overclock your weapon and focus on taking out enemies with headshots.
  • Use it to create openings. If you’re fighting a formidable enemy, you can use the Supercharger mutator to create spaces for yourself. Overclock your weapon and unload on the enemy until they stagger. Then, you can follow up with a melee attack or a more powerful weapon.

The Supercharger mutator is powerful and versatile and can be used significantly in various situations. However, it’s essential to use it wisely, as it can also be a liability if you’re not careful.

Here are some additional tips for using the Supercharger mutator:

  • Use it to take advantage of enemy weaknesses. For example, if you’re fighting a fire-resistant enemy, you can use the Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator to overclock your fire weapon and deal massive damage.
  • Use it to counter enemy attacks. For example, if you’re fighting an enemy that likes to charge at you, you can use the Supercharger mutator to overclock your shotgun and blast it away before it can reach you.
  • Use it to create synergies with your teammates. For example, if your teammate uses a crowd control ability, you can use the Supercharger mutator to capitalize on the chaos and take down multiple enemies simultaneously.


Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator is a powerful and versatile gadget that can significantly improve your gameplay. It allows you to overclock your weapons, increasing their damage and rate of fire to astounding heights. The possibility of your weapons overheating is raised, which is a severe caution.

Players must be cautious and use innovative tactics to get the most out of the Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator. Ensuring your weapons can handle the heat; due to their large heat capacities, assault and sniper rifles are excellent choices for overclocking. To avoid overheating, use the mutator sparingly, concentrating on one weapon at a time. Always have a fallback option.

For the best results, combine the Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator with other damage-increasing mutators, especially when facing challenging foes or clearing floors quickly. When using this powerful weapon, effective strategies include:

  • Taking out priority targets.
  • Making gaps in the opposing line of defense.
  • Addressing particular enemy weaknesses.

The Remnant 2 Supercharger Mutator offers enormous power and variety, but its efficient application necessitates considerable thought and strategic planning. When used wisely, it can change the course of battles and give your experience with Remnant 2 a thrilling edge. Therefore, remember to use it precisely and watch as your increased might overpowers your adversaries.

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