Starfield: Where to Get Polymer

Starfield: Where to Get Polymer : In this blog, we explained all the aspects of Polymer found in the Starfield Game, from its basic introduction to all the places you can easily get Polymer.

Starfield is a journey to Space filled with adventures and action. Bethesda Game Studios came up with something so big that it started catching the eye of Everyone in the Gaming Industry. This game was released in 2023, and it has just been a few months, but the news of its legacy is spreading everywhere like a bushfire.

Everything human-made can not be 100% perfect, and yes, this game also has some bugs in it. Still, compared to its complexity and humongous nature, with features for everything and countless choices, this Role-playing game is worthy of appreciation. You can also find the guide for almost everything Starfield-related on our website.

Starfield: Where to Get Polymer
Where to Get Polymer Starfield

The game is based on an intergalactic journey to Space and completes the 19 main missions. Starfield has crossed every limitation of a game, from character customization, custom Backgrounds, and skill sets to build your very own custom ship.

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They included many galaxies to explore, with almost 1,000 planets to get useful resources from. It is easy to write that the player has  1000 planets to explore and 19 missions to complete, but it is difficult to make and fun to play. Fans of Space-themed games are getting crazy over this one-of-a-kind five-star game.

Resources in Starfield

Resources are the materials that you will need in the game for almost everything. They will help you make ships, engines, energy-efficient powerhouses, and deadly arms and ammunition. You can get these resources in many ways.

While you are on your journey, you will scan your planet to learn about the best Resources. Once the planet you wanted to make your outpost ( A safe place ) is selected, you can scan for resources that are color-coded to make it easy for the player. Polymer is exotic, with three golden stars, and has the best quality ratings. What are Quality ratings, and what is the meaning of stars?

Quality Rating is a rating of resources according to common to rare quality from left to right. In order to know the quality ratings of resources, you will be given a table. If you see the upright corner of every resource, you will know from common to rare resources in the selected planet.

  • No star means it is very abundant and common
  • One blue Star means it is not as common
  • Two purple Star means it is rare, and quality is good as well
  • Three golden stars indicate it is the rarest, most uncommon, and most helpful resource.

How to get Polymer

It is among the few resources with legendary quality and the rarest. It is a resource used for crafting different types of good-quality armor mods and weapons. Polymer is tough to get with three golden stars, and if you happen to sell it, you will get a good amount in exchange.

There are three ways to get Polymer

  1. Scavenge Polymer as a resource from planets and space bodies in-game.
  2. Buy them from specific Shops
  3. Steal them from others.

Locations to obtain Polymer

when you choose your planet to build your outpost, the first thing to do is you have to scan the planets for better resources. When you make an outpost and start digging or mining for Polymer, just scavenge it from the various Fauna and flora. You can also scan the plants before using your tools. Using the Interact button can get you a Polymer if it has one.

It can be found in these locations:

  • Clawback Herbivore (found in Murphid, which is a biome of a swampy area )
  • Zata Opiuchi I

Buying Polymer

Buying Polymer is the easiest way to get these rare resources. You can not find it from any vendor in the pre-explored planet since it is a rare item. It is an exotic thing and can only be bought from specific shops.

  • In the New Atlantis, there’s the huge shop called Jemison Mercantile Shop. In Jermison Mercantile Shop, you can have Polymer bought only for 19 credits.
  • Shepherd’s shop in Alika City is also a very common place where you can get Polymer for some exchange of credit.
  • Midtown Minerals in Alika in the Cheyenne System has Polymer to sell.
  • Newill’s Goods (Neon) in the Volii system also has places you can probably get Polymer from.
  • UC Surplus in Cydonia of Sol System has shops to buy Polymer as well.

Get Polymer in Loot

If you see a dead body with Polymer, you can loot it easily from it. It is the most difficult method to get Polymer because it only depends upon your luck to find it in a loot. You may find it in your secret chest after the accomplishment of a certain quest.

Polymer is exotic, and there is a very low chance that you can get it easily because firstly, no one will leave such a useful item for anyone to loot, and secondly, it would not be there most of the time to loot that’s why it is called the rare resource. We will never recommend you to try searching for it in a loot.

Uses of Polymer

Once you successfully get Polymer in your collectibles, you can use it in many useful ways. Following are the best ways to use your rare Polymer.

  • Get the better weapons mods with Polymer
  • Extra Space for ammunition
  • Shield Energy
  • Suppressor
  • EM-charged Shot
  • Slug Shots
  • Shock Charge Band
  • Double Barrel Muzzle
  • Stock Stabilizer
  • Focus Nozzle
  • Heavy Shielding
  • Helmet Mods 1 research project uses Polymer
  • Pack Mods 2 research project
  • Grip and Stock Mods 2 research project.

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