Starfield Hostile Intelligence Bug Xbox:[ Best Solution]

Starfield Hostile Intelligence Bug Xbox:  Xbox gamers struggle with the Hostile Intelligence bug in Starfield’s Cosmic Enigma. Players are stuck by the hostile intelligence microbe, eliciting responses from the whole galaxy’s inhabitants.

“Are you ready to explore the cosmic wonders of Starfield on Xbox and to know about and to fix the Hostile intelligence bug?” Here’s a quick guide to make sure that your journey goes smoothly.

Do you have any difficulties comprehending the game “Hostile Intelligence” in Starfield, especially regarding the Hostile intelligence bug? Are you having a bug or glitch problem? Are you having problems getting Kaiser through that massive entryway to a disused factory? You don’t have to be concerned since “Hostile Intelligence Tell the Truth” delivers an intriguing game environment amid the vast Starfield galaxy.

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Hostile Intelligence and How to Unlock It

We have noticed that some players have encountered difficulties when completing the objective, most notably when attempting to transport Kaiser through the massive door. If you find yourself in a similar scenario, this article may help you understand what’s causing it and point you in the right direction.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence Bug Xbox
Starfield Hostile Intelligence Bug Xbox

Starting the Hostile Intelligence quest is a fun way to explore the enormous Starfield environment. To access this mission, you must first head to The Red Devils HQ on the planet Niira in the Narion System. You must complete the War Relics quest before beginning this assignment, which is tied to the UC Vanguard faction. Hadrian will be your guide through all of the twists and turns of the quest. You’ll get 350 experience points and 12,000 credits for completing it, which will help you with your interplanetary expeditions.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence Bug Xbox: The main objective of Hostile Intelligence

The Hostile Intelligence quest in Starfield contains several critical objectives. You begin by speaking with and following Hadrian, who provides instruction on how to deal with Aceles and Terrormorphs. Then, you go to Londinion Command Outpost to hear Commander Hatoum’s briefings. Before joining Hadrian’s group at the airlock, you go through the exploration approach. Find Aceles Gene Samples while evading adversaries inside the city.

Defeat your opponents to clear the Processing Plant. While collecting Aceles Gene Samples, eliminate foes. A Special Weapon, the Shattered Shock, might be discovered. Give the samples to Kaiser. Kill the Terrormorph, see the Lazarus Plant transform in the Steam Tunnels, and then give Kaiser the fresh sample. Follow Kaiser, turn on the power, begin a system reset, obtain a recording, converse with Hadrian, return to Kaiser, obtain the last Terrormorph sample, and finally deliver your findings to Forward Base 441.

What is the Starfield Hostile Intelligence bug?

A weird Bug has occurred in the Starfield world, putting gamers in an awkward situation. An unnerving Bug has surfaced in the Hostile Intelligence quest, rendering an abandoned factory’s once-open door impassable to all attempts at access.

What is the source of your concern? Players who attempted to join Kaiser via this enigmatic portal became entangled in a web of immobility. Because of this bothersome bug, brave space tourists are trapped near the strange entrance, unable to continue their hunt.

A chorus of voices has formed on various social media platforms as gamers debate their experiences and seek solutions to this troubling phenomenon. Bethesda Game Studio, the game’s makers, had heard about it after it acquired popularity. However, Bethesda has yet to provide an official announcement on this perplexing bug and its resolution.

In the absence of formal guidance, the gaming community has banded together to develop innovative alternatives. These joint efforts have provided a glimmer of hope in the midst of the enormous darkness of this cosmic conundrum.

How to Fix Hostile Intelligence Bug

Starfield’s cosmic adventure has taken an unexpected turn as gamers grapple with the enigmatic Hostile Intelligence microbe. The producers of Starfield, Bethesda Game Studio, have not announced the occurrence of the problem during this celestial task, so players are waiting for an official fix.

Fear not, courageous explorers; the game industry has banded together to break over this technical stumbling block. Here are some unique patches provided by players:

Update your Xbox

Following are the steps to update your Xbox:

  1. Check that your Xbox is turned on. Your console requires internet access in the same way that a spacecraft requires fuel.
  2. Go to your home screen, your cosmic gateway, and look for the game tile “Starfield.”
  3. Grab your controller and press “Menu,” which will offer a plethora of options.
  4. Navigate to ‘Manage game & add-ons,’ which is your gateway to updates.
  5. Check for updates and apply them as needed to keep your cosmic voyage running smoothly. Best wishes on your journey.

Examine previous saves

An age-old method, reloading a previous save, saved the day. Players may back up their data by heading to the Save option in the menu and creating a manual save file. Reloading the auto-save and attempting to enter the door again were both successful. Restarting the mission after loading the save served as a litmus test for persistent difficulties.

Explore Ridge

On a forum, a resourceful gamer disclosed a workaround. They ascended a ridge above the entrance and “discovered” the Processing Plant by wandering along the cliff edge. After descending from the ridge, they find themselves in a location teeming with Terrormorph-controlled beasts. At one end stood the strange Processing Plant. As they got closer, a note emerged, confirming their discovery. When they returned to the mission door, it had been repaired by some miracle.

Forward Base 441

When they arrived at Forward Base 441, another gamer sought consolation in the magic of rapid travel. They solved the situation by returning to Forward Base 441 and then returning to the Processing Plant the way they arrived. The mission aim was simply updated by passing through the connecting door, and it appeared that the missing phrase was the source of the difficulty.

Send a message to Bethesda Support

When everything else fails, the Bethesda support service is a lifeline for cosmic mysteries. Gamers can report the Hostile Intelligence bug, and social media platforms give other outlets for spreading information about faults.


Gamers Face Cosmic Puzzle in Xbox Game “Starfield Hostile Intelligence Bug.” Due to an unknown Hostile Intelligence microbe, players on the “Hostile Intelligence” quest are trapped at an inaccessible entrance to an abandoned facility. Despite a barrage of social media comments, Bethesda has remained silent on a fix. Without formal guidance, gamers have devised imaginative solutions, such as probing ridges or loading previous saves. While the intergalactic adventure continues for the time being, players await an official resolution.


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