Immortals of Aveum – FSR 3 Patch and Performance

Immortals of Aveumis is a shooting video game that Ascendant Studios developed. It is a Shooting game published by Electronic Arts. This game could have been much better and received 50/50 reviews online on different platforms.

It is a recent game and released for PlayStation 5 , Windows and Xbox Series X/S. Due to the mixed reviews, the game owners resigned half of its staff. It was said to have Poor PC performance as well. This game has a first-person perspective, and developers used Unreal Engine 5 to create this game.

Upscaling Technologies in Games

DLSS is a property of Nvidia used for upscaling the performance by minimizing the resolution quality. DLSS 3 is only supported by the latest Graphics Cards, that is, the RTX4000 series. This might be a drawback of such lowered sales and mixed reviews.

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On the other hand, FSR 3(Fidelity Super Resolution 3) is a property of AMD which supports both old and latest graphics cards. FSR 3 is the most demanding technology, which doesn’t discriminate between AMD and Nvidia and also their old graphics cards, both Nvidia and AMD.

To support this game’s drowning ship, the Ascendant Studios released a new update of Immortals of Aveum with FSR 3 frame generation technology. Now this game has both DLSS 3 and FSR 3 properties.

FSR 3 and DLSS 3 in Immortals of Aveum

AMD FSR 3 has better Screen resolution with game running faster on screen However DLSS 3 runs faster but the resolution it gives is compromised. After enabling FSR 3, we observed a minimum of 110 fps and a maximum of 128 FPS; if we disable FSR 3, we only get 34 to 42 FPS, which is barely enough and has no comparison with this technology.

If we talk about Static Image quality and motion quality, we can tell that it’s way better with FSR 3, and it was need of the time to save the game from Drowning into the dark.

Before FSR 3, this game suffered a lot when it comes to frame pacing and the camera issue of stuttering and lagging during this game. This new patch release solves all of the problems lagging in the game play and mechanics.

FSR 3 technology is way faster and more advanced than DLSS 3, and we can observe it using both. Still, we will not forget the price difference as AMD’s FSR 3   doesn’t have specific requirements for its use when it comes to graphics cards, and Nvidia’s DLSS 3 and other latest technologies require specific Expensive Graphics cards.

They also are not as good as the latest and must have FSR 3 technology by AMD.

Tomorrow's Immortals of Aveum Update 3 Fixes DLSS 3 Issues, Improves PS5/Xbox Series Upscaling and More
Immortals of Aveum (Source – Wccftech)

Requirements for FSR 3 in Immortals of Aveum

Although FSR 3 technology can be used in AMD’s graphics card RX 5000, the recommended graphics card is RX 6000 and the latest for the best results and smooth working.

If we talk about FSR 3 technology for people with Nvidia graphics cards, we recommend using the Nvidia Geforce RTX 30 series and the latest for the best game experience. However, the Nvidia 20 series of Geforce RTX can be used to run FSR 3.


Immortals of Aveum had the same issue as Forspoken Game, and both had released their new update and tried to put the bandage on the burn. But Forspoken released the update with this new technology before Immortals of Aveum.

After taking everything into account, we would say FSR 3 can handle the load and optical flow of game so easily that is why this technology must be used before experimenting with other games as well. Now the game looks and feels much better, and all thanks to the development team for this thoughtfulness regarding the gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download FSR 3 for other games?

No, The FSR 3 only includes an official update of specific games. You can not copy paste patch files for any other game.

What are the list of supported graphics cards for FSR 3 Technology?

You can use any good-to-go graphics cards for FSR 3 technology, but it works best with Radeon RX 5000 and newer cards and graphics cards of Nvidia like GeForce RTX 2000 and the latest.

Can I run Immortals of Aveum on Nvidia Graphics Card?

Yes, but the minimum graphics card requirement is Geforce 2000 and above.

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