Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe location

Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe Cover
Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe Cover

This Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe guide will help you crack the mysterious Safe that is placed inside the Harvester’s dungeon. The safe has a reward for the players which is definitely worth collecting. The guide is structured in a way that it begins with details of the location of the Harvesters Reach. Then it goes through details on how to open the Safe. Lastly, there’s a section dedicated to the reward of opening the Safe.

Remnant 2 is a game designed with multiple similar side quests such as The Quest Of Eternal Empress which offer rewards for completing tasks or defeating enemy bosses. You can use these opportunities to collect Items, Rings, or even defeat Bosses to get the Best Boss Weapons In Remnant 2.

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Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe Location

As previously mentioned, the Safe is located in the Harvesters Reach area. You will mostly encounter the area in the dirty and unhygienic sewers filled with vermin.

Although the Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe is located in a dirty, creepy, and haunting place, one can get their hands on several items such as Lithely, Ring of Grace, Booster Ring, and much more by completing quests here. Hence, don’t let the sewers discourage you, you’re in the right place. You can read the Harvesters Reach Secrets to get a complete idea of all the rewards this location has for you.

Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe
Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe located in the Sewers

Crouch through the wet sewers to enter a small room with the Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe placed on the right side. A lamp that oozes warm light will help with visibility in the dark room. There will be a lot of woodwork done near the walls and stone bricks laid throughout the area. Look towards the walls with a flashlight to see chalked numbers on it in the combination of four digits. If you can observe these characteristics, you’ve reached your destination.

How To Open Harvesters Reach Safe In Remnant 2

Now that we have reached our destination, it is time to open the Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe. We need to find a four-digit key that helps open the safe. To do so, we turn towards the chalked numbers on the wall written as a combination of four digits. Upon flashing the walls with light, the safe code number will brighten up.

Harvesters Reach Safe Codes In Remnant 2
Harvesters Reach Safe Codes In Remnant 2

The first key code is placed right next to the Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe itself. The numbers on the combination are written as 3234 with the third number “3” illuminated brighter than the rest. This indicates that our third number for the key is 3. We’re left with three more digits to find their exact position on the Safe code. Go to the safe and add it to the lock.

Turn around and use the flashlight on the tall wall. Another code with a bright number will be visible to you. This time it’s 9503 with the second digit “5” illuminated. Thus, 5 is the number of the key in the second place. Two more codes left. They are typically hidden behind the furniture or on the wall and can be approached by a nearby stair.

Climb up the staircase and look for an illuminated 8 with 8375 code. That’s our first digit to the Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe key. The last digit will be an illuminated 1 in 2651 code. Thus, we get the safe key to be 8531. Keep in mind that it could be another combination of the same numbers, depending on your game.

Similar to The Great Sewers Safe Code, plug the key on the safe and it opens. A bright purple light oozes out with your reward.

Harvesters Reach Safe Reward

Opening the Harvesters Reach Safe will reward you with a Rusted Heirloom Ring. The exquisite ring belonging to the Renthir family in Remnant 2 is encrusted with green stones laid in a line around the outer core. The Ring endows its wearers with 2 stacks of Bulwark if your Max HP falls below 50%.

Harvesters Reach Safe Reward
A player is rewarded with a Rusted Heirloom Ring after opening Harvesters Reach Safe

This sweet deal makes the Rusted Heirloom Ring a great equipable item for defensive purposes. For those unaware, Bulwark is associated with the Challenger Archetype in the game. The buff reduces the intensity of enemy attacks and thus protects the players from suffering high damage.

That’s all to our Remnant 2 Harvesters Reach Safe guide. Make sure to properly use the flashlight and keep a keen eye on your surroundings and the walls. Players often find it frustrating if they can’t instantly find the codes, but don’t be disappointed so quickly. It’s not difficult to crack the Safe.

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