Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder: How to Get [Complete Guide]

How to Get Worn Cylinder

What appears to be a simple crafting material, the Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder is a pivotal item to equip players to enhance their gaming experience and storyline. This Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder guide tells you how to acquire the crafting material and what it is best used for.

To begin with, crafting materials are like fairy godmothers of Remnant 2: they possess remarkable power over the players. Many crafting items are used to unlock Archetypes. One example is The Rusty Medal used to unlock the Hunter Archetypes. The process works when a crafting item is used to cast an Engram and given to Wallace in Ward 13. Players can even use them to Unlock Secret Archetypes in Remnant 2.

What Is The Worn Cylinder?

Bearing the relentless march of time, the Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder is a material that can shower enemies with devastation. The cylinder has perfectly carved chambers still intact but are a little rough around the edges due to years of use. The worn cylinder might look a bit battered and bruised, but that’s what makes it so endearing. It has been through some adventures, just like you.

Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder
Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder

This seemingly unremarkable object is your ticket to upgrading and enhancing your player and we will find out why.  Similar to other crafting items, The Worn Cylinder is used as a crafting item to craft the Iron Cylinder Engram. Give The Worn Cylinder, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and 1000 Scraps to Wallace to craft the Iron Cylinder Engram. Once you have the Engram, you can equip it for a surprise.

Equipping the Iron Cylinder Engram that is crafted using The Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder Item unlocks the Gunslinger Archetype for your player. This is the primary function of The Worn Cylinder and the reason why it is so fundamentally significant to the game. Players can use Gunslinger as their Primary Archetype or even as their Secondary Archetype.

Remnant 2 Gunslinger Archetype
Remnant 2 Gunslinger Archetype Overview

Favorite to many Remnant 2 players, The Gunslinger reward for collecting the Worn Cylinder is worth equipping yourself with. It is a superb Archetype for mid-range attacks and is primarily focused on superior fire damage to the enemies, combined with a high fire rate and Ammo conservation. Pair it with the Hunter Archetype and reward yourself with the best Archetype Combo that makes your player a DPS Powerhouse.

Gunslinger comes equipped with a Wrangler 1860 Long gun, Scrap Hatchet Melee weapon, and Western Classic Handgun. The powerful weapons will make it easy for you to kill enemies. Its Armor includes High Noon Hats, Duds, Soles, and Armguards. The Perks further compliment the nature of the Archetype.

Thus, collecting the Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder has a huge reward for the players as it offers a chance to unlock one of the best Archetypes in the game, namely the Gunslinger Archetype. Are the rewards exciting enough? Let us dive into how to get the special crafting material.

How To Get The Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder

To get your hands on the Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder, players need to unlock any of the two of the World maps in the game. You have a choice from 5 different Worlds: Losomn, Yaesha, N’Erud, Labyrinth, and Root Earth. With every World comes a new set of environments, enemies, Bosses, Enemies and Items.

Once done, head to the Ward 13 Area to interact with Mudtooth. Ward 13 is considered to be the main area in the game. Explore around this area and look for two old men sitting outside a porch over a table. They’ll be playing chess and talking to each other. One of the two bearded old men will be Mudtooth sitting next to Reggie.

The Mudtooth character is famous for telling stories to whoever comes to him. Not only does he offer you the Worn Cylinder, but you can also attain The Old Whistle from him to unlock the Hunter Archetype.

Mudtooth with Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder
Mudtooth rewarding player with Worn Cylinder in Remnant 2

Interact with Mudtooth and listen to his stories as he tells you several tales. This part requires patience as Mudtooth is a fan of his own tales. Once Mudtooth tells you a complete story, press the “Can you tell me another story?” button.

After around ten or so stories, Mudtooth will appreciate your patience and reward you with three items: A Gunslinger Ring, A Gunslinger Charm which is an Amulet, and finally the Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder. You can keep coming back to Mudtooth for more stories and subsequent rewards.

The Gunslinger Ring is helpful when attacking enemies as it can increase the speed by which players can swap their weapons by 30%. It can also help increase the Reload speed by 10%. Thus that’s a pretty neat bonus especially useful when attacking the enemies. The Gunslinger Charm further complements it by a 15% increase in Fire Rate and further incrementing the Reload Speed by 20%.

Take these items and go over to a steel structure outside Ward 13 and meet Wallace. He’ll forge the items and craft the Iron Cylinder Engram and voila, you have unlocked the Gunslinger Archetype.

That’s all there is to our Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder guide. It’s not a hard job to complete and the reward-to-effort ratio is definitely very high for this. Enjoy your new Gunslinger Archetype, destroy your enemies with superior firepower and make sure to have fun!

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