Barkskin Or Bloodstream Remnant 2: How To Answer Meidra’s Questions

Barkskin Or Bloodstream Remnant 2
Barkskin Or Bloodstream Remnant 2 How To And Answers Meidra's Questions

Players are always looking for advantages that will help them prevail in battles against persistent enemies in the ever-difficult Remnant 2 environment, where danger lurks around every corner. Two exceptional characteristics, Barkskin or Bloodstream Remnant 2, stand out among their array of tools as key advantages. We will go even further into these two attributes in this extensive guide, outlining their special qualities, how to get them, and the significant effects they may have on your gaming.

Barkskin Or Bloodstream Remnant 2

Barkskin Or Bloodstream Remnant 2
Barkskin Or Bloodstream Remnant 2 (Source – SirusGaming)

Barkskin or Bloodstream Remnant 2, features as two of the most powerful qualities, giving players the necessary weapons to take on difficult foes. The option to level up these attributes from 1 to 10 adds complexity to character development by letting players fine-tune their skills to fit their playstyle and tactical needs.

Let’s go into further depth as we examine the unique qualities of Barkskin and Bloodstream and how they might alter your gaming.

What Is Barksin In Remnant 2?

Barkskin Or Bloodstream Remnant 2
What Is Barksin In Remnant 2

After receiving “Doe’s Eye” from the mysterious NPC Meidra, the imposing trait “Barkskin” instantly becomes available. Take these important actions in order to locate Meidra and get this trait:

  1. Find Meidra in Yaesha: Meidra is located in the far reaches of The Far Woods dungeon in Yaesha, next to a tree with unusual purple leaves. As you get near the tree, you can feel her presence as she materializes as a brilliant, fairy-like form.
  2. Prepare for a Challenge: Traveling to The Far Woods is dangerous since there are dangerous animals and foes hiding in the thick forest. Make sure you are ready to deal with these dangers.
  3. Look for the Dappled Glade: The Dappled Glade checkpoint, which is located close to the dungeon’s conclusion, is where you want to end up. Remember that even for the same player, the placement of this checkpoint might change from run to run. Reloading the game from the most recent checkpoint is a realistic alternative if you make a mistake or need to try again.
  4. Respond to Meidra’s questions: You will run across Meidra when you get to the Dappled Glade checkpoint. Due to the randomness of dungeons, she will ask you a succession of questions that are each suited to a distinct player. Consistently make decisions that demonstrate integrity, justice, and morality to unlock “Doe’s Eye” and then activate the Barkskin Trait.
  5. Gain Doe’s Eye: Meidra will provide you “Doe’s Eye,” a key to unlocking the Barkskin Trait for your character if you respond to all of her inquiries in a way that exemplifies these values.

Barkskin Trait

In Remnant 2, the Barkskin Trait is a game-changer that significantly reduces all incoming damage by a predetermined percentage. This characteristic offers an extra 1% decrease in damage from opposing attacks with each upgrade. Barkskin may reduce incoming damage by an amazing 10% by completely developing it to level 10.

Level Bonus
Level 1 Reduces ALL incoming Damage by 1%
Level 2 Reduces ALL incoming Damage by 2%
Level 3 Reduces ALL incoming Damage by 3%
Level 4 Reduces ALL incoming Damage by 4%
Level 5 Reduces ALL incoming Damage by 5%
Level 6 Reduces ALL incoming Damage by 6%
Level 7 Reduces ALL incoming Damage by 7%
Level 8 Reduces ALL incoming Damage by 8%
Level 9 Reduces ALL incoming Damage by 9%
Level 10 Reduces ALL incoming Damage by 10%

Barkskin’s defense-enhancing properties are evident, making it a useful tool for characters that value defense and toughness. It significantly increases your likelihood of surviving strong opponent strikes. Aim for damage mitigation of this magnitude as early in your Remnant 2 adventure as you can since it may certainly shift the scales in your favor.

  • It’s crucial to differentiate between the Bloodstream attribute and Barkskin.
  • Although some players could mistake the two, they each cater to various playstyles and circumstances.
  • While Bloodstream focuses on accelerating the gray health restoration during combat, Barkskin specializes in bolstering defense.
  • Your decision between the two should be based on how you like to fight.

What Is Bloodstream In Remnant 2

Barkskin Or Bloodstream Remnant 2
What Is Bloodstream In Remnant 2

Another powerful ability in Remnant 2 is Bloodstream, which is ideal for players who prefer a defensive playstyle. You will recover from wounds and adverse effects more quickly since it accelerates your health restoration. There is a certain route to unlocking the Bloodstream Trait:

  1. Travel to the Dappled Glade area: There, you’ll meet Meidra, a mischievous deity who finds your presence in her territory intriguing.
  2. Respond to Meidra’s Questions: Meidra will ask you a series of questions and pose different situations; your responses must be firm. Your responses could demonstrate altruism or selfishness. Make self-centered choices that highlight your ownership of the Ravager’s Eyes if you want to get the Bloodstream Trait.
  3. Get the Bloodstream Trait: Meidra will award you with the Bloodstream Trait, which corresponds to your character’s personality after she determines that your self-centered reactions show that you possess the Ravager’s Eyes.

Bloodstream Trait

As you level up your archetype or spend more Trait Points in it, Bloodstream’s influence becomes stronger. Players may unlock any Archetype Trait that has reached max level (Level 10) from the archetype page without having to wear the corresponding Engram, therefore take note of this.

Level Bonus
Level 1 Increases Grey Health regen by 0.3/s
Level 2 Increases Grey Health regen by 0.6/s
Level 3 Increases Grey Health regen by 0.9/s
Level 4 Increases Grey Health regen by 1.2/s
Level 5 Increases Grey Health regen by 1.5/s
Level 6 Increases Grey Health regen by 1.8/s
Level 7 Increases Grey Health regen by 2.1/s
Level 8 Increases Grey Health regen by 2.4/s
Level 9 Increases Grey Health regen by 2.7/s
Level 10 Increases Grey Health regen by 3.0/s

For players that place a high priority on endurance in battle, the Bloodstream Trait is a useful tool since it places a focus on healing and defense. It speeds up the recovery of your Grey Health, enabling you to recover from injuries more rapidly.

How To Answer Meidra’s Questions Correctly

Barkskin Or Bloodstream Remnant 2
How To Answer Meidra’s Questions Correctly

There are 25 questions in all, but you’ll only get a couple of them. Each question has two potential responses, and each one fits with either the “Doe’s Eye” or the “Ravager’s Eye.”

You will get the Barkskin Trait if you choose the options that match Doe’s Eye. Alternatively, you will be given the Bloodstream Trait if your responses line up with the Ravager’s Eye. Knowing the rewards now gives you the freedom to choose the one that best suits your build or archetype.

You may see a table with all of Meidra’s questions and replies below:

Questions Doe’s Eye Ravager’s Eye
1.Do you convict the innocent or risk your daughter’s life? Free the innocent individual Convict the innocent and save my daughter
2. Do you stop them or let them learn from their own mistakes? Stop them for their own safety Let them continue and learn what they will
3. Do you take your vengeance or turn the scum over to the authorities from whom he already escaped? Turn him in to the authorities Strike my siblings’ killer down
4. Do you report the thief or allow the poor orphans to keep the coin? Report the thief and let the law decide The orphans should have the money
5. Do you treat with the rebels, or do you preserve the peace? Speak with them. Hear them out Preserve the peace by any means necessary
6. Do you give up one of your children, or face the threat of enemy soldiers? Risk death for us all Give up the weaker child
7. Do you push the stranger or risk the death of the five miners? Risk the death of the five miners Push the stranger
8. Do you give him what he asks? Refuse the god’s boon Sacrifice the young Pan
9. Do you poison him, or do you turn a blind eye to his plots of revenge? Poison him Turn a blind eye
10. Do you forgive them? Yes, I forgive them No, they deserve it
11. Do you spare the scion of your family foe or kill him to end the war? Spare them Kill them
12. Do you abandon your mortal family or live out your days without your one true love? Remain mortal without my love Leave my mortal family for the one I love
13. Do you risk smothering the child to save yourself and the others? Risk being found Risk smothering the child
14. Do you give immortality to all or only a chosen few? All should share in the gift Controlling the gift is better for everyone
15. Do you slay the warrior or leave him to whatever fate may hold? Leave him Slay him
16. Do you kill your patients to find the cure, or is it better to let the illness decide? I will not kill knowingly Kill the patients
17. Do you save your son or your granddaughter? Save my granddaughter Save my son
18. Do you leave your eldest to the unknown or risk death in battle? Leave your eldest Fight back against the clan
19. Do you give the king the means to kill his enemies, or do you send them away and risk war? Let him kill his enemies on his own Give him the fruit and end the war
20. Do you save the family, or do you let the family suffer by sparing the unwilling donor? Spare the healthy donor Take the kidney
21. Do you aid the victims or attempt to destroy the goon? Help the victims Stop the goon, whatever it takes
22. Do you abandon your fellow hostages, or face death together? Face death together Abandon fellow hostage
23. Do you torture your hostage or let the crowd fend for itself in the fire? Trust the crowd can fend for itself Break the son’s arm
24. Do you keep the money or call out and return it to its owner? Return the money Keep the money
25. Do you leave the elder to his fate, or do you attempt to halt the tide at the risk of his life? Leave him to his fate Use the crystal


Character qualities like Barkskin or Bloodstream Remnant 2 in the dynamic universe of Remnant 2 provide players the ability to customize their characters to fit their tastes and playstyles. The decision you make between these attributes may have a big influence on how well you do in the game.

  • Barkskin: With its exceptional damage mitigation, Barkskin can protect you from strong opponent strikes. Your resistance increases to an astounding 10% when you get to level 10. Characters that prioritize defense and durability benefit from this feature.
  • Bloodstream: The Bloodstream Trait is perfect for players who prefer a defensive playstyle since it focuses on health restoration and resistance to harmful effects. It guarantees a quicker recovery from wounds, making it a crucial tool for fighting during protracted combat.

The attributes you decide to adopt will be crucial in deciding your success as you set out on your adventures in the realm of Remnant 2. Whether you choose Bloodstream’s recuperative powers or Barkskin’s resilience, your choice will influence your trip and, with skill and planning, bring you to triumph. These qualities turn into your friends in this difficult cosmos, giving you special benefits to negotiate the perilous terrain that lies ahead.

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