Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Safe Code (Location and Rewards)

Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Safe Code
Remnant 2: The Great Sewers Safe Code Guide

The ever-expanding world of Remnant 2 is full of secrets to uncover and various puzzles to solve that make the game intriguing and add to the fun. However, at times, it is difficult to figure things out. The  Yaesha Secrets, Harvester’s Reach Secrets, and the Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Safe Code can be difficult to get your head around.

This guide will explain all about the Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Safe Code, including its location, how to get there, and what rewards await you. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Where to Find the Great Sewers Safe

Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Safe Code
Remnant 2 Sewer Safe Location Credit – SegmentNext

The safe is hidden in The Great Sewers, as the name suggests. Simply follow these instructions to find this hidden safe, and you’ll be at the Great Sewers Safe in no time. You will have to follow the main path through the sewer and head right.

Next up, follow the pathway down, and you’ll notice a small opening at the end. The opening will be hidden away behind debris. Simply break the debris with any melee attack to clear the path and continue ahead.

Now that the path is cleared, crawl inside the opening, and on the other side, you will find a small room containing the Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Safe.

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What Is The Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Safe Code

Now that you have located the safe, you will have to figure out the code to unlock it. If you look around in the safe room, you will notice numbers written all over the walls. You will require a number sequence (code) to unlock the safe.

If you pay attention to the right side of the safe, you’ll find a stone slab. The slab will have four numbers engraved on it and a lamp that illuminates the dark room. Now, if you look closely, one of the numbers on the slab will glow a golden-yellow color due to the lamp light.

Sewer Safe Code
Sewer Safe Code in Remnant 2

The number and its location on the slab are part of the code to open the safe, and the numbers on the walls conceal the remaining numbers you need to open the safe. For instance, if the third number is glowing, that particular number will be third in your required code to open the Great Sewers Safe.

To find the remaining numbers, look around the room for other numbers that emit the same glow when illuminated. Additionally, you should use your torch on your armor, which you can activate by pressing the L key on your keyboard.

Once you’ve determined all four numbers and their positions, proceed to the Safe and press E to open the safe code. Now, enter the code you obtained. Place them in the correct positions as written on the walls, and this should do the trick and open the Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Safe.

Remnant 2 Great Sewers Safe Code Dial
Remnant 2 Great Sewers Safe Code

The most prevalent safe combos in Remnant 2 sewers are 8-5-3-1 and 5-8-1-3. Unfortunately, it was none of them in my instance, so don’t be alarmed if it’s the same in yours.

Once you have the Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Safe Code, put it in the safe code and press the interact button again; the safe will be opened.

The Great Sewers Safe Rewards

Remnant 2 Great Sewers Safe Rewards
Great Sewers Safe Rewards Remnant 2

You will obtain the Rusted Heirloom ring after unlocking the Great Sewer Safe. When a player’s health dips below 50%, the ring grants them two stacks of the Bulwark status effect, reducing any additional damage endured and providing them time to heal or flee to safety.

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