Ultimate Guide to Remnant 2 Yaesha Secrets

Remnant 2 Yaesha Secrets

One of the Remnant 2 Worlds, Yaesha, is a lush green jungle with beautiful landscapes and a lot of creatures. This Jungle Kingdom, which was once peaceful is now under the Root Invasion, and as you step into it, you will be tasked with saving the Yaesha from destruction.

Progressing through the World, you will encounter many unpleasant surprises including the haunting enemies. Here’s a comprehensive guide that will take you through all of Remnant 2 Yaesha Secrets making your journey easier.

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Remnant 2: Yaesha World Storylines

Remnant 2 Yaesha Secrets
Remnant 2 Yaesha Secrets

In Remnant 2, Yaesha unlike other Worlds offers two different storylines with the same major bosses. However, you cannot decide the storyline you want to be a part of, and it will be random. Once, in the storyline, you can guess which one is this from the location you have spawned as you decide to enter the Yaesha World.

As you complete Yaesha World, in both storylines you” ll be rewarded with an “Index Segment Key”. This Key establishes your link with the other Remnant 2 Worlds. The next location you will be teleported to will be Labyrinth if you are using The Index Segment Key from Yaesha. Otherwise, you will start from any of the remaining Worlds.

The Corruption of the Thaen Storyline

Remnant 2 Red Empress
Remnant 2: Red Empress

The Corruption of the Thaen storyline begins with the Red Throne. Entering from the World in this storyline, you”‘ll be given the option between fighting or helping. In case you choose to help, the ending of this storyline will be your battle with the Corruptor Boss defeating which you can get a Stone Breaker.

From the Red Throne, go straight into the infested hall and find The Flautist. As you interact with The Flautist, it will inform you about the haunting Courrpted Thaen and you’ll be teleported to some other dungeon. Overcoming the challenges in that dungeon you will find yourself in The Far Woods.

As you step into The Far Woods in Remnant 2, you will get a task to find a Widow’s Court.  Reaching there, find the Ornate Key, open up the Ornate box, and there’ll be different rewards inside it. After this pass through the veil, and you will reach The Great Bole where the final boss battle with Corruptor will take place.

The Doe and The Ravager Storyline

Remnant 2: The Doe and The Ravager
Remnant 2: The Doe and The Ravager

The Doe and The Ravager Storyline of the Remnant 2 Yaesha World from the Forbidden Grove ends with the Ravager Boss Battle. As you step into this storyline, Bedel of the Vaunnt will give you insight into the Yaesha World. Throughout this storyline, you will encounter many Elite enemies, defeating which you can obtain items including Lumenite Crystals that can be used for Trading Scrap.

After a little progression through the storyline, you will interact with the Spirit of the Wood, which will ask you a question and based on your answer she’ll align you with either Doe or the Ravager. Moving on, you will find yourself in different dungeons, until Flautist appears and informs you about the Water Harp quest and also the Ravager Boss.

Moving forward, you will find a Broken Music Box, repairing which you can get access to Ravager’s Lair. Inside the Ravager’s Lair, your task is to defeat the boss, and as you do it you will save the Yaesha World.

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Remnant 2: Everything Inside Yaesha World [Archetypes, Armors, Weapons]

Exploring through the Worlds, there are a lot of Remnant 2 Yaesha Secrets that need to be revealed. Apart from the two unique storylines and haunting boss fights in the end that the Yaesha World holds for you, there are plenty of valuable items you can obtain inside the World making the journey worth it.

In Remnant 2, progressing through the World requires you to upgrade your character with weapons and also requires you to unlock the secret archetypes with a lot more abilities than those available to choose at the start. Among the secret archetypes, some can only be unlocked in the Yaesha World. Similarly, there are a lot of crucial weapons found in this World.

Yaesha World Archetypes

Remnant 2 Secret Archetypes: Summoner
Remnant 2 Secret Archetypes: Summoner

In Remnant 2, Summoner Archetype is one of the Yaesha World’s Secrets as it can be only unlocked inside this World. Exploring the Remnant 2 Yaesha Secrets, you will see purple orbs flying around. Shoot these orbs, to get the Blood Moon Essence. Collecting 15 of these Blood Moon Essence, you can unlock the Summoner Archetype.

Yaesha World Weapons

Remnant 2: Yaesha World Weapons
Remnant 2: Yaesha World Weapons

Among the Remnant 2 Yaesha Secrets, powerful weapons are the most significant mentioned. The World holds tons of incredible melee weapons you need to knock down a group of haunting enemies. Here are some of the weapons you can find inside the Yaesha World:

Ford Scatter Gun

You can get this Gun as you give Thaen Seed found in the “Temple of the Crimson Crown” to the Eternal Empress in the “Corruption of Thaen” storyline.


Nightfall in Remnant 2 is one of the highest damage-giving weapons you can find inside the Yaesha world. However, to get this you first need to defeat the guards surrounding the weapon.


Aphelion is a great long-range weapon with high precision that you can find as one of the Remnant 2 Yaesha Secrets.

Sagittarius Bow

Sagittarius Bow, similar to Aphelion is also a long-range weapon with high accuracy. You will get this weapon as you defeat all the adversaries inside the Yaesha World.

Chicago Typewriter

Chicago Typewriter in Remnant 2 has a great damage rate and also a high rate of fire. This weapon can be obtained as a drop from a boss, or randomly placed somewhere inside the Yaesha.

Yaesha World Armors

Remnant 2 Yaesha Secrets: Armor Sets
Remnant 2 Yaesha Secrets: Armor Sets

Apart from Secret Archetypes, and powerful weapons, Remnant 2 Yaesha Secrets also hold for your multiple armor sets suitable for different combat strategies. Here are the Armor sets you can find in Remnant 2 Yaesha’s World:

Radiant Set

Radiant Set in Remnant 2 can be found inside the Radiant Tomb dungeon located in the Yaesha World. This Armor set increases the chances for you to hit the critical damage and also enhances the ranged damage with great precision.

Dendroid Set

Dendroid Set can also be found in the Yaesha World by defeating enemies or can also be crafted from different resources. This Armor set is a great choice for mod ability users as it enhances the duration and generation of mod power.

Leto Mark II Set

Leto Mark II Set can be obtained from the Leto’s Lab Dungeon inside the Yaesha. This is a heavy armor set, that with great defense provides exceptional stamina regeneration.

Bruiser Set

Similar to the Dendroid Set, you can find this heavy armor set inside the Yaesha by defeating enemies or crafting using resources gathered. This armor set in Remnant 2 provides excellent endurance highly suitable for close-range combats.

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