How to Solve Remnant 2 Water Harp Puzzle

Remnant 2 Water Harp Puzzle

Remnant 2 is 2nd part of its sequel named Remnant from the Ashes, developed by Gunfire Games. It is one of the most successful shooting role-playing games of 2023 and has one of the best puzzles, artwork, and events. Overall, the souls-like excitement with mysterious creatures to fight makes it the talk of the town.

The theme of this game is dark and fancy. Although it can be played by a single player solely, it is worth playing with companion gamers. With a third-person perspective, the player can observe the graphics of the game, solve puzzles, and win rewards and unique items.

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Water Harp Puzzle in Remnant 2

Water Harp Puzzle is probably among the first Puzzles you will encounter in Remnant 2. You will find this puzzle in a version of Yaesha. This music box happens to be in the area of Forbidden Grove. You will encounter this puzzle if you have gone far in the major story of this game.

Otherwise, you cannot just go to the place and find it over there. Never, Yaesha underestimates the Yaesha since it’s deadly and beautiful at the same time. The mystery is not as complicated as it seems to be.

Solving the Water Harp Puzzle needs nothing but a bit of smartness. As you know, it is a Water Harp Puzzle, which means you might have guessed it right about it being related to Music and Music notes.

How to Solve the Water Harp Puzzle

There is a place in Yaesha called Forgotten Grove with a Water Harp puzzle. The player needs to open the map and check out for the Forgotten Grove checkpoints. Once the player gets to the Forgotten Grove Checkpoint, he needs to find a book there.

Without a book, there is no way anyone could have figured out what to do with what that Mechanical sphere was buried inside. Once the player finds the book, all he needs to see is the first page of that book because it has all the solutions written. The left side has the same pictures that are on Water Harp.

There will be vertical columns with pegs that can be moved up and down or can be rotated to make a proper pattern in a row of the cylinder. There is a total of five pegs in one row, and we have a total of eight rows with five symbols on the top of the cylinder to create a  pattern for music.

Remnant 2 Water Harp Puzzle
Remnant 2 Water Harp Puzzle (Source – Sportskeeda)

The pegs on the cylinder can be pulled up outside or pulled down. The player should keep in mind that the order of right-to-left notes present in the book must be matched with top to bottom in the harp. This is how the player can make the proper music notes and tune.

The lines in the book are so difficult to apply on the pegs of the cylinder. To hold on, the player must pick the corresponding peg and pull it down while the other is up; for example, the second row has three pegs pulled up and one peg down.

Step by Step, assembling the Pegs

Now that the player has the basic knowledge about how the water harp works let us jot down the notes and make it easier.

Row 1:

The fifth peg is raised in row 1.

Row 2:

No peg is pulled up.

Row 3:

The fourth peg is pulled up.

Row 4:

No peg to be pulled up.

Row 5:

The third peg is to be pulled up.

Row 6:

The fourth peg is to be raised in the sixth row.

Row 7:

The first peg must be pulled up or raised in row seven.

Row 8:

No peg to be raised.

After correctly applying the sequence of pegs in that cylinder Water harp, you will listen to a melody it plays. The cylinder raises, and the pegs pull out to strike the long strips of metal to play a tune. The playing of music is also an indication of whether you assembled the pegs in the proper way or not.

Remember, even if you make a single mistake in assembling pegs, the cylinder won’t raise, and you will not listen to any music. Once the player successfully plays the tune, he must wait until a massive bridge made up of stones rises for the player to cross it and get ready to fight with the Ravager boss.

There is also a reward of Bolt Driver to the player in front of the harp after music plays. It is a strong Handgun used in mid to close combat ranges.


The puzzle itself is confusing to do alone, but with the detailed help of this guide, it seems like everyone must do this puzzle and level up their game without much hassle.

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