Huntress Dream in Remnant 2 – How to Get Special Item

Huntress Dream in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is the most recently released sequel of Remnant from the Ashes. Remnant 2 is a fan-favorite shooting game with adventures and excitement of the exploration of various Worlds. It is from a third-person perspective view for the ease of combat with enemies with long guns, handguns, and melee weapons.

It has diverse but simple mechanics, and the story is also good. Artwork for every item and World is stunningly made by the developers of Gunfire Games.

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What is Huntress Dream in Remnant 2

Huntress Dream is one of the special items in the Remnant 2. And it can be got by fighting and winning from the Sleeping Huntress. A sleeping huntress is present in her Dream World, where we can encounter her and start a battle.

If you successfully defeat the huntress in her Huntress Dream, you will get Sacred Hunt Feather as well as a special item, which relatively increases the damage on the critical hit.

Dream Catcher

You would first need another item to start your journey on this mission to get Huntress Dream, and it is Dream Catcher; how interesting. As we all know, Dream Catcher is a Melee weapon in the Remnant 2 that helps in handling the crowd of enemies with its swings and attacks. It gives a 58 of basic damage, and weak spot hit damage is 95%.

The dream catcher is also useful to get the Huntress dream. There is no other way you can get a huntress dream but with the dream catcher, but the player needs to get the Dream Catcher first. So, to start the journey of obtaining the Huntress Dream, we need to first know how to find the dream catcher.

Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher/ Huntress Dream
Huntress Dream in Remnant 2(Source – Hold to Reset)

How to get the Dream Catcher for Huntress Dream

first, you need to find the asylum’s main scenario in Losomn. Once you land on the Main scenario Asylum, you need to track the Asylum on Morrow Parish on your map. Now, your recent mission is to get the Nightweaver Stone Doll. With the Nightweaver Stone Doll, the player will be able to track the Uppermost floor of the asylum.

With the help of primary objective markers, the player must continue the journey until he reaches Shattered Gallery. Now, upon reaching Shattered Gallary, there will be an exit shown on the map where you can get the Soulkey Tribute Quest Item. In the basement of the asylum, there will be the web in which you have to put this Soulkey tribute item. This key will open a big Portal to the Tormented Asylum.

In this Tormented Asylum, you will notice many Cells. One of the cells has a huge web inside it. If you encounter the web or interact with it, there will be a Quest Menu appearing on your Screen, and this is how you will receive your deadly Melee weapon, which is Dream Catcher.

How to Obtain a Huntress Dream with Dream Catcher

One of the qualities of a dream catcher is that when you swing it on the sleeping victims, it gives the reward. Once you get the Dreamcatcher, you can also use it on a sleeping huntress to go into the Huntress Dream. But first, we have to see where she is.

The most important location to find a sleeping huntress is Brocwithe Quarter. Here, the Sleeping huntress will be sleeping near the Crystals in red.

There are two huntress bosses in the Remnant 2, but you will have to go to the forsaken Quarter of Losomn. You can see her sleeping deep with her giant ride, which is an animal monster ride. Try not to wake the huntress; otherwise, she will kill you.

Now, use that swing the Dreamcatcher while interacting with the Dreamcatcher with the sleeping huntress. This is how you will ultimately get the item called Huntress Dream. The bad news is after you get your precious item of Huntress Dream, you will also find yourself in Briella’s Reverie; it is the place where you will face another Huntress, and this time, you cannot escape.

There is another bloody method to get the Huntress Dream, where you can fight the boss with your deadliest weapons and get the Huntress Dream as a reward.


It is up to the player whether they want a peaceful process of getting the Huntress Dream, as we explained in detail above, or the Bloody method in which the player has to show his greatest combat skills against the huntress on the giant ride of a monster-like horse.

Either way, you will get the Huntress Dream item that will help you in your combat and defensive abilities. If you want to know more about the Items of Remnant 2 and the Solution of the puzzles, you can simply visit our website and get an easy guide.

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