The Red Prince Remnant 2 – How to Beat (Boss Guide Solved)

The Red Prince Remnant 2

If you’re having difficulties defeating The Red Prince in Remnant 2 or need more information on his weaknesses and techniques, you’ve come to the right place.

The Red Prince Remnant 2

In Remnant 2’s huge areas, players regularly encounter optional boss fights, which may be extremely challenging, especially for those inexperienced with Souls-like games. It may appear scary to face The Red Prince, a strong Fae who wants tribute, but victory is attainable with the right plan and a killer weapon.

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Who is the Red Prince?

In Remnant 2, the Red Prince, a strong boss, dwells in Losomn. When players visit him, he requests Crimson King Coins, which opens up many discussion options. He will accept money in return for a unique Mod. Bosses in the game deliver challenging fights and frequently guard significant lore and story aspects.

The Red Prince adds a new level of complexity to the game and is known for his aggressive combat style. Unlike previous opponents, the Red Prince expects tribute when you first meet him. This sets the tone for a unique and interesting battle experience.

The rewards for beating The Red Prince can significantly progress your character, making the battle worthwhile.

The Red Prince Remnant 2
The Red Prince Remnant 2 (Source – Youtube)

Weakness and location

Understanding The Red Prince’s flaws is critical to defeating him. Because his head is where he is most vulnerable throughout the fight, success is dependent on concentrating on this region.

The Red Prince may be seen seated on a throne in the Gilded Chambers. This setting improves the tone of the combat and makes it a memorable experience within the context of the game.

With this new information, you may approach The Red Prince’s fight in Remnant 2, knowing what to expect and how to win.

How to Defeat The Red Prince

Note: If you deliver The Red Prince, the three Crimson King Coins he asks for, you’ll escape the boss battle and gain the Bloody Steel Splinter, which you can exchange for the Blood Draw weapon upgrade with McCabe in Ward 13. Teleporting Fae opponents may be vanquished in Losomn to gain Crimson King Coins.

Method of defeating the Red Prince

  • The Red Prince wields lethal spells and excels in fire-based combat. Players should avoid his fire blows with an area of effect.
  • Avoid impending hits by moving about the arena, especially when he performs long-range spells.
  • Concentrate your damage on his head because it is the weakest portion of his body.
  • Position yourself in respect to where The Red Prince is standing in the arena. When he reaches the highest level, he should stay there, and vice versa.
  • Prepare for his devastating whirlwind onslaught about halfway. Make your way up to the upper level’s central stage for safety. To win, score the last headshots after the flames have died down.


The Crown of the Red Prince helmet may be obtained by murdering The Red Prince with the Assassin’s Dagger during the Fae Council quest. If you beat him, McCabe in Ward 13 will exchange the Forlorn Fragment for the Firestorm weapon mod.

Additional prizes for defeating The Red Prince include the Scrap, Tome of Knowledge, x3 Lumenite Crystals, and the Forlorn Fragment.


Taking on The Red Prince in Remnant 2 may appear challenging, but victory is feasible with the right approach and attention to his flaws. His violent combat style and odd tribute demand add spice to the conflict.

Focusing on his head, avoiding fire-based assaults, and carefully picking your placement are all important methods. The rewards for defeating him, such as precious items and better weaponry, make the battle worthwhile.

Prepare for a difficult struggle, and Remnant 2 will reward you for your efforts.


Who is the Red Prince from Remnant 2?

The Red Prince is a strong Fae ruler who ruled over Losomn and is known for demanding tribute.

What are The Red Prince’s flaws?

The Red Prince’s main vulnerability is his head, so focus your attacks there for maximum damage.

What happens if I give The Red Prince Crimson King Coins?

Giving him the money ends the boss battle, but you receive the Bloody Steel Splinter as a reward for improving your weapons.

How can I repel The Red Prince’s fire-based assaults?

You may evade his fire attacks by moving about the arena and being watchful during long-range spells.

What advantages may I expect from defeating The Red Prince?

Among the prizes are the Crown of the Red Prince, the Firestorm weapon upgrade, Scrap, the Tome of Knowledge, Lumenite Crystals, and Forlorn Fragment.

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