Remnant 2: Solving the Forbidden Grove’s Harp Puzzle to Unlock Ravager’s Lair

A common thread of mysteries runs across Remnant 2’s expansive globe, which is home to elite foes, fearsome bosses, and difficult puzzles. This mystery thread spans several biomes and narratives. To enter Ravager’s Lair, one must solve a Harp Puzzle that is presented in the Forbidden Grove.

What is the Forbidden Grove

The Forbidden Grove, one of the earliest sites in Yaesha, calls courageous adventurers to unravel its mysteries. This mystery location in Remnant 2 follows Remnant: From the Ashes and has a diverse mix of scenery, events, dungeons, hard bosses, hidden opponents, and rare things just waiting to be discovered.

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Where to Find the Giant Harp

When you first encounter the Harp issue, you will have the opportunity to interact with it, but even after entering the correct combination of notes, nothing happens. This is required in order to operate a Giant Harp mechanism located at a high altitude in The Forbidden Grove. An NPC will offer you the quest to discover the Harp and will serenade you with a song near the Harp Puzzle.

Return to The Forbidden Grove, begin the quest, traverse two zones, and defeat two formidable monsters. This time, you’ll be on a higher level, where the Giant Harp may be found in one of the chambers above. Set in action the lever adjacent to the harp.

Once it’s turned on, travel down the stairs and turn left to follow a little path that leads to a door.

By opening the door, you can return to the Checkpoint room in The Forbidden Grove.

How to Solve the Harp Puzzle

At the checkpoint, a diary with symbols on the left side of the first page is left. You don’t need the diary’s text to answer the challenge; just these symbols are required. The rotating mechanism adjacent has the same symbols as those in the book.

Forbidden Grove Puzzle Book
Forbidden Grove Puzzle Book (Source – Gamespot)

It is up to you to raise the cylinder from beneath the appropriate symbols in the appropriate rows. The unfilled slots in the diary indicate that a row should be left empty and without any raised cylinders.

  • Raise the first-row cylinder from the far right side.
  • Maintain an empty second row and raise the third row’s second-to-last cylinder from the right side.
  • Raise the fifth row’s central cylinder while leaving the fourth row empty.
  • For the sixth row, lift the same cylinder as the third.
  • The eighth row should be empty, and the first cylinder on the seventh row’s left side should be lifted.

Once all of the needed cylinders have been correctly lifted, press the “Raise Peg” button to hear the machine play a well-known melody. By doing so, you will unlock the entrance to Ravager’s Lair and gain access to this intriguing destination.


A strange riddle dubbed the Harp puzzle serves as a portal to the secretive Ravager’s Lair in Remnant 2’s Forbidden Grove. Adventurers can go on a journey through Yaesha’s mystery, which covers many biomes and is filled with unique challenges, intimidating opponents, and unusual scenery.

To solve the Harp Puzzle, you must complete a quest that includes defeating difficult animals, reading symbols in a logbook, and controlling the cylinder mechanism. The correct setup generates a melodious harmony, clearing the path to Ravager’s Lair and launching you into an exciting new stage of your Remnant 2 journey.


What is the Harp Puzzle in Remnant 2’s Forbidden Grove?

The Harp riddle is a mysterious riddle that leads to Ravager’s Lair. To explore this hidden region, explorers must solve a puzzle.

Where is the Forbidden Grove in Yaesha?

The Forbidden Grove is one of the early destinations in Yaesha, a diversified setting in Remnant 2 that contains distinct difficulties, dungeons, challenging creatures, and hidden wealth.

What is the location of the Giant Harp, which is required to solve the puzzle?

The Giant Harp is located at a great height in The Forbidden Grove. To activate the harp, you must perform an assignment given to you by an NPC and serenade it after defeating two difficult adversaries.

How can I go inside Ravager’s Lair and solve the Harp Puzzle?

A diary with symbols can be found at the checkpoint. Raise the relevant cylinders beneath the symbols in the adjacent spinning mechanism as directed by the diary. To enter Ravager’s Lair, press the “Raise Peg” button after ensuring that all of the cylinders are properly elevated.

When I complete the Harp Puzzle and enter Yaesha and Ravager’s Lair, what may I expect?

Yaesha is a diverse land filled with strange challenges, scary opponents, and unknown riches. You may explore Ravager’s Lair after finishing the Harp Puzzle, which promises to be an exciting new chapter in your Remnant 2 journey.

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