Easy Methods for Scrap Farming in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is a newly released shooting video game with a soulslike effect and 3rd person perspective. Scrap is one of the resources or currency in Remnant 2, and the players in this game are given special abilities or skills to collect or farm it.

In Remnant 2, the players depend upon Scrap for many reasons; that’s why we said that Scrap is like a currency in Remnant 2. Many players get used to Scrap Farming, but many search the internet for faster methods to collect more Scrap.

What is Scrap Farming in Remnant 2

Scrap Farming is a method of collecting Scrap from various locations of Remnant 2 with various abilities. The Scrap helps the player purchase anything from the game’s vendors and craftsmen.

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Scrap helps the player to buy weapons, upgrade weapons, Purchase Gears, trait upgrades, and other Useful items that help the player level up the game.

Labyrinth Pit
Labyrinth Pit

How to Farm Scrap in Remnant 2

It is not like Scrap can be found anywhere in Remnant 2. There are places with mysteries and quests to accomplish by which you get many rare items and Scrap. Let us discuss the methods by which anyone can farm the Scrap.

Scrap Farming in Remnant 2
Scrap Farming in Remnant 2 (Source – VideoGamer)

Kill the Foes and Get Scrap

The player will encounter many enemies in the game. All you have to do is kill them and use different spells or techniques to unlock Scrap and items from them. There will be a huge variation of enemies in Losomn, Yaesha, and N’Erud.

It depends upon the type of foe you have to fight against to defeat it, which determines how many scraps you are getting in return. There are around 43 enemies that have the ability to give you Scrap. In return, you have to kill them.

Kill the Boss and Get the Scrap

This is one of the toughest ways to get your hands on some Scrap. Although you need good weapons and skill sets to defeat the boss, once you win, there will be special crafts, better weapons, and Scrap in return as a reward. Following is the list of bosses and rewards the player receives.

Legion Boss

defeating it provides 3 Lumenite Crystals aTome of Knowledge, and 500 Scrap as a reward.

Root Nexus

Defeating this boss provides Blood Bond regular trait and 100 Scrap in return.

Mother Mind

Defeating Mother Mind provides 3 Lumenite Crystals, 1 Tome of Knowledge, Cordyceps Gland, and 500 Scrap as a gift.

Corrupted Ravager

After defeating Corrupted Ravager, you will be given one Segment, one Tome of Knowledge, five Lumenite Crystals, and 750 of Scrap.


If you defeat Nightcrawler, you will get 1 Segment, 1 Cursed Dream Skills, 1 Tome of Knowledge, 5 Lumenite Crystals, and 750 of Scrap.

Magister Dullain

One Tainted Ichor, One Tome of Knowledge, Three Lumenite Crystals, and 500 Scrap will be provided to the player who will defeat Magister Dullain.

Bloat King

You will get 3 Lumenite Crystals, 1 Tome of Knowledge, 1 Bone Sap, and 500 Scrap after winning from Bloat King boss.


You will be given 1 Tome of Knowledge, 1 Cracked Shell, 3 Lumenite Crystals, and 500 of Scrap in return after defeating Primogenitor boss.

Tal’ratha boss

1 Shining Essence Echo, 1 Spiced Bile, 750 Scrap, and lots of other items to win in a boss battle with Tal’ratha.

Fetid Corpse

The battle with Fetid Corpse will give you 2 Lumenite Crystals, 1 Transference, and 330 of Scrap.

Labyrinth Sentinel

Defeating this Box-like boss will have you 1 Tome of Knowledge, 1 Conflux Prism, 5 Lumenite Crystals and 750 of Scrap.


One Tome of Knowledge, 3 Lumenite Crystals, 1 Dread Core, and 500 Scrap will be given to the player who will defeat Venom.


One Tome of Knowledge, 1 Necrocyte Strand, 3 Lumenite Crystals, and 500 Scrap will be given to the player as a reward for defeating Cancer.

Labyrinth Boss
Labyrinth Boss

Selling unwanted things to get Scrap

If you happen to visit Ward 13, you will encounter many vendors there. The vendors there actually take your useless things or extra items in exchange for Scrap; like if you have excess Lumenite Crystals, then you can trade them with Scrap for your use for anything.


With the help of Scrap, you can buy almost anything that is needed the most to ace your game in Remnant 2. We would suggest you visit Ward 13 and specifically Reggie, who is a merchant in Ward 13 for best offers against your hard-earned Scrap in Remnant 2

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