Remnant 2 Get Eaten Or Not: How to Find Tal Ratha & Choices (Full Guide)

Players often find themselves presented with fascinating options in the engaging universe of Remnant 2 that influence their gameplay experience. The N’Erud(‘s) Soul Sparks plot culminates in a confrontation with Tal Ratha, a powerful world boss. Players must choose between two odd alternatives before the big fight starts: slay Tal Ratha or let it eat them. Although the second option can seem careless at first, it comes with special benefits and special difficulty. In this guide, we look at these decisions’ results and provide you advice on whether Remnant 2 get eaten or not by Tal Ratha.

Tal Ratha In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Get Eaten Or Not
Tal Ratha Location In Remnant 2

Tal Ratha’s presence in Remnant 2 gives the gameplay a layer of mystery and freedom. Players who have gathered Soul Sparks and entered the Forgotten Prison, a crucial location in the game, are able to reach this World Boss, who lives inside the mysterious walls of N’Erud.

Players must choose between fighting Tal Ratha and trying to defeat him or giving in to his unquenchable thirst when they first see him. Each option has a different effect.

How to Find Tal Ratha In Remnant 2

Finding Tal Ratha is an important stage in each Remnant 2 player’s adventure. The steps to starting this quest are as follows:

  1. Getting the Quest: As soon as you arrive in N’Erud, you’ll come across someone imprisoned behind the Forgotten Prison’s intimidating glass walls. Before meeting the World Boss and making the important decisions that lie ahead, this figure tells you that you must acquire the Soul Sparks of Tal Ratha.
  2. Navigating the Forgotten Prison: Leave the Forgotten Prison and get outside. From there, open the Hatchery Locked Door to enter the Eon Vault area. Keep an eye out for a structure with an obvious yellow light above it as you explore the vault.
  3. Submerging in Mysteries: Use the elevator in this structure to descend to N’Erud’s lowest floors. You get closer to the mysterious Soul Spark cylinder with each door you unlock and the corridor you investigate.

Your encounter with Tal Ratha and the ensuing choice of whether to take him on head-on or let him swallow you at the end of your adventure set the scene for special gaming possibilities and rewards.

Acknowledging the Consequences

It’s crucial to realize that the outcome in Remnant 2 is not much different whether the player chooses to face Tal Ratha or let him eat them. The boss type you encounter and the benefits you get after you fight it make up the majority of the differences between the options. Let’s examine the results of each decision.

What Happens if You Kill Tal Ratha

Remnant 2 Get Eaten Or Not
What Happens if You Kill Tal Ratha (Source – TheGamer)

If you choose not to accept Tal Ratha’s invitation to eat you, you fight the ordinary version of this dangerous beast. Even if the battle is difficult, it is still far more doable than the alternative. However, the battleground is slightly smaller, which can limit your mobility. You will get the following rewards if you succeed and kill Tal Ratha:

  • 5x Lumenite Crystals: A valuable crafting material used for enhancing weapons and armor.
  • Tome of Knowledge: A tool that enables you to level up or acquire experience.
  • Spiced Bile: This special gift is only available by choosing to murder Tal Ratha, and it’s required for McCabe to make the Nebula Handgun.

In particular, the Spiced Bile is a fascinating reward since it is essential to the development of a potent weapon in Remnant 2.

What Happens if You Let Tal Ratha Eat You

Remnant 2 Get Eaten Or Not
Remnant 2 Get Eaten Or Not: What Happens if You Let Tal Ratha Eat You

You are about to experience a novel twist if you choose to let Tal Ratha eat you. Within the monstrous being itself, a whole new world is opened up for you. In this instance, you fight a boss encounter with the powerful Tal Ratha (Metaphysical) variation, which poses a more difficult test.

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However, the benefit is that you have a bigger space to work with. The rewards for defeating Tal Ratha (Metaphysical) will be comparable to those of the other option with the following exceptions:

  • Acidic Jawbone: Give this necessary item to McCabe so he may use it to make the Gas Giant melee weapon.
  • Shining Essence Echo: This flexible resource may be employed in the Drzyr Replicator to make the Void Idol or given to the Custodian to make the Siphon Heart.

The Shining Essence Echo gives players the option between two priceless relics, both of which will improve their talents in different ways, while the Acidic Jawbone reveals a powerful hammer-like weapon. Watch out for additional hidden information as you go, including the Gilded Chambers Locked Doors, which is at the conclusion of challenging riddles.

Determining the Best Choice for Tal Ratha

Remnant 2 Get Eaten Or Not
Determining the Best Choice for Tal Ratha: Nebula Handgun

In Remnant 2, your preference for a certain playstyle and the rewards that you desire will have a big impact on whether you choose to challenge or submit to Tal Ratha. Each player must think carefully about their game strategy before choosing the weapon that best fits it.

However, when analyzing the total effectiveness of the weapons, choosing to kill Tal Ratha in this boss encounter often turns out to be the better option. The Nebula Handgun, created from Spiced Bile, outperforms the Gas Giant, which is created from Acidic Jawbone, in terms of versatility and power.

The Nebula Handgun has the following benefits:

  • Corrosion: The weapon has a greater chance to provide foes with the Corrosion status effect for a longer period of time.
  • Extended Range: Compared to the Gas Giant, it has a larger range, giving it a more adaptable option for different in-game scenarios.

Due to these benefits, the Nebula Handgun is a better choice that blends in with many Remnant 2 builds and gives players a strong and versatile weapon for their journeys.

Nebula Handgun Overview

In Remnant 2, the Nebula is a unique weapon that serves as a portable flamethrower that unleashes a blazing fury on your enemies. This weapon performs well in close-quarters combat and is very useful for defeating foes and gaining control of the battlefield.

You must interact with McCabe, one of the helpful NPC characters in Remnant 2 who specializes in enhancing and making equipment, in order to get the Nebula. The following elements are required to create this special weapon:

  • 1x Spiced Bile: When opting to kill Tal Ratha, you may get one spiced bile as a prize for beating him.
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal: A priceless crafting component for improving gear.
  • 650x Scrap: The primary unit of exchange in the game is the 650x Scrap.

Once you have acquired these components, you may go to McCabe to have the Nebula created, giving your arsenal access to its flaming power.

Here is the following list of Nebula Handgun Stats:

  • Damage: 12
  • RPS (Rounds Per Second): 8
  • Magazine: 55
  • Ideal Range: 8m
  • Falloff Range: 8m
  • Max Ammo: 220
  • Stagger Modifier: -15%

The Nebula’s potent Nano Swarm Weapon Mod is one of its most notable characteristics. This patch automatically includes the Nebula, giving it a more alluring option for players. The Nano Swarm, when triggered, sends forth a swarm of nanomachines that actively seek out and fight foes within a 20-meter range. These ruthless nanomachines assault continuously, doing 6 ACID damage with each strike for an astonishing 15 seconds.


The option of whether to kill Tal Ratha or let him eat you in Remnant 2’s dramatic battle with the monster affects your in-game prizes and difficulties. Both options ultimately result in boss fights, but the particular variations you face and the rewards that you earn differ.

You may create the powerful Nebula Handgun, which has a wider range and longer-lasting Corrosion effects, by choosing to murder Tal Ratha, which gives you access to the rare Spiced Bile. Contrarily, allowing Tal Ratha to consume you results in a more difficult fight and grants you the Acidic Jawbone and Shining Essence Echo, which may be combined to produce the Gas Giant or other priceless best weapons.

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