Gilded Chambers Remnant 2: How To Unlock Locked Doors

It takes some effort to access the Gilded Chambers Remnant 2’s intriguing environment. You may follow this guide to learn how to unlock the Gilded Chambers’s Locked Door and take advantage of the hidden prizes. A difficult dungeon, The Gilded Chamber, is home to the terrifying Red Prince as a monster.

You must first find your way to the Gilded Chamber, however, before you can face off against this powerful adversary. We’ll look at the Gilded Chambers’ location, how to solve the puzzles there, and the unique things you may find there in the following guide.

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The Gilded Chamber In Remnant 2

Gilded Chambers Remnant 2
The Gilded Chamber In Remnant 2

Within Remnant 2, The Gilded Chamber is a notable dungeon noted for its challenging riddles and ferocious enemies. The Red Prince, one of the game’s most difficult bosses, sits in its center.

Players must first open the Losmon location in order to access the Gilded Chambers Remnant 2, which is a dangerous region. It contains the key to this difficult dungeon, and Losmon is one of four endpoints in the world with the same name. The Great Hall‘s concealed puzzle must be solved by players in order to reveal the entrance.

How To Open The Gilded Chambers Locked Door

Gilded Chamber Remnant 2
How To Open The Gilded Chambers Locked Door

You’ll come across a lengthy corridor with a row of seats facing a platform after you’ve reached The Great Corridor or the Gilded Chambers itself. The only method to access the Gilded Chambers Remnant 2 is via a locked door on this platform, and doing so will require you to solve a puzzle.

The key to solving the puzzle is to alter the color of the flames on the torches on each side of the room. You may change the color of the flames by firing the braziers that hold the torches. Despite seeming time-consuming, the answer is very simple:

  • Shooting 1 will change the flames of torches 1 and 2.
  • Shooting 2 will change the flames of torches 1, 2, and 3.
  • Shooting 3 will change the flames of torches 2, 3, and 4.
  • Shooting 4 will change the flames of torches 3, 4, and 5.
  • Shooting 5 will change the flames of torches 4 and 5.

Here is a detailed explanation of how to finish the torch puzzle and open the locked door:

  1. Head to the Gilded Chamber Location: The first thing you should do is travel to the Gilded Chamber location in Losomn and enter the checkpoint.
  2. Shoot the Right Torch: There are five torches on your right as you enter a big hall. Shoot these torches till they are completely purple, going purple-white-purple-purple-purple.
  3. Unlock the Door: A door will open if the torches become purple. Go through the door that is open and seize the Black Pawn Stamp.
  4. Shoot the Left Torch: On the other side, there are more torches. To convert all of the torches white, fire them one at a time in the following order: white, white, white, purple, white.
  5. Proceed to the Door Next to You: The next unlocked door in the Gilded Chamber is down the route.
  6. Remove Obstacles and Acquire the White Pawn Stamp: Take out any adversaries you come across and get the White Pawn Stamp.

You can go inside the Gilded Chambers Remnant 2 and receive your prizes by figuring out this tricky puzzle and doing these actions. As soon as you solve the puzzle, pay attention to the door indication to appear.

Crafting Unique Items

Gilded Chambers Remnant 2
Crafting Unique Items (Source – TheNatureHero)

It is possible to create unique things with the goodies found in the Gilded Chamber, especially the Black and White Pawn Stamps. These things will greatly help you in battle against powerful opponents and provide you with a major edge in upcoming situations.

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When you have solved this problem, the entrance to the Gilded Chamber will open, giving you access to one of the hardest parts of the game.

Accessing Gilded Chambers In Remnant 2

Gilded Chambers Remnant 2
Accessing Gilded Chambers In Remnant 2

Let’s look at why exploring this dangerous dungeon is worthwhile now that you know how to get to the Gilded Chambers.

  1. Increased Rewards: Comparatively speaking, the Gilded Chambers Remnant 2 gives better rewards than standard dungeons. You’ll find one-of-a-kind weapons, armor, and upgrades inside its depths that are inaccessible elsewhere. In Remnant 2, these artifacts may greatly increase your character’s potential and turn you into a dangerous opponent.

Beyond the material benefits, certain Gilded Chambers also provide fresh narrative material that explores the extensive mythology of the Remnant universe. Players may further immerse themselves in the engaging plot by exploring these rooms, which can add complexity to the game’s narrative.

  1. More Difficult Gameplay: The Gilded Chambers are the ideal location for gamers desiring a higher degree of difficulty. The adversaries you face within these rooms are substantially more difficult to defeat and need advanced planning and expertise.

This is the place to go if you want to put your skills to the test. A Gilded Chamber is difficult to conquer. Your talent and persistence as a player are evident when you successfully navigate its difficulties and come out on top. It serves as a badge of pride for your in-game accomplishments and a tribute to your capacity to conquer difficulty.


In Remnant 2, the Gilded Chambers are more than simply dungeons; they open up a world of higher difficulties, uncommon prizes, and an in-depth narrative. You may discover the Gilded Chambers’ mysteries and get the coveted Crown of the Red Prince if you have the necessary abilities and tenacity. Prepare yourself, work on the puzzles, and accept the challenges that this incredible world has for you.

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Although the Gilded Chambers Remnant 2 is difficult for the faint of heart, the payoff makes the trek worthwhile. It takes some work to open the Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Locked Door, but the prizes within are well worth the effort. So good luck as you go off on this difficult road, and may your torches become white and the light of triumph shine upon your way.

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