Diving Into The World Of Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2

gunslinger engram remnant 2

Remnant 2, the sequel to the action-packed RPG, offers players an enthralling experience with its intense combat and captivating narrative. Set out on an exhilarating journey and delve into the world of the Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2 to enhance your gameplay.

Into The World of Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2

Unlocking the Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2 may seem perplexing, but fear not, for we provide you with a step-by-step guide to navigate this intricate process.

  1. Discover Mudtooth in Ward 13: Your journey begins by locating Mudtooth, an elderly character known for his distinctive white hair and beard. You’ll find him seated at a table, often in the company of his friend Reggie, within Ward 13.
  2. Engage with Mudtooth: Strike up a conversation with Mudtooth and express your eagerness to hear his tales.
  3. Immerse Yourself in Mudtooth’s Narratives: To unlock the Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2, you must exhibit patience and listen attentively to Mudtooth’s stories. Continue to inquire about more stories until he has nothing left to recount.
  4. Progress Through the Main Campaign: It’s essential to note that Mudtooth’s storytelling aligns with the progression of Remnant 2’s primary campaign. As you complete critical story missions, Mudtooth will unveil additional tales. Brace yourself for an expedition through the game until Mudtooth shares all his anecdotes.
  5. Obtain the Worn Cylinder: Your dedication to listening will be rewarded. After absorbing all of Mudtooth’s stories, he will grant you the Worn Cylinder. This item serves as a pivotal component in unlocking the Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2.
  6. Seek Out Wallace in Ward 13: Next on your agenda is to locate Wallace, another resident of Ward 13. Wallace possesses the expertise to craft the Iron Cylinder from the Worn Cylinder.
  7. Craft the Iron Cylinder: Approach Wallace and furnish him with the Worn Cylinder and the necessary crafting materials. To complete this intricate crafting process, you’ll need 1,000 scraps and 10 Lumenite Crystals.
  8. Gather Lumenite Crystals: If you need more Lumenite Crystals, explore Ward 13 and other game areas to acquire this invaluable resource.
  9. Claim the Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2: Wallace’s skilled hands will transform the Worn Cylinder into the Iron Cylinder. As a result, you’ll receive the coveted Gunslinger Engram, granting you access to the Gunslinger Archetype.
  10. Embrace the Gunslinger Archetype: With the Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2 in your possession, you can fully embrace the persona of a cowboy-like character in Remnant 2. Utilize the Archetype’s unique skills, including the Quickdraw ability, to conserve ammo and become a formidable DPS option within the game.

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Building a Gunslinger in Remnant 2

Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2 Archetype offers a dynamic and adaptable build, catering to players seeking an efficient combat experience with a touch of flair.

gunslinger engram remnant 2
Gunslinger (Source – PrimaGames)

This build focuses on mid-range engagements, combining sustained damage output, strategic ammo management, and utility skills.

Weapon Selection:

The Gunslinger’s forte lies in their mastery of firearms. Consider equipping weapons optimized for mid-range combat, such as rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Opt for weapons boasting high accuracy, a respectable rate of fire, and the capacity to deliver substantial damage per shot. With their rapid-fire capability and ammo conservation, dual-wielding firearms stand out as an excellent choice.

Mod Selection:

Select mods that complement your mid-range combat style. Prioritize mods enhancing weapon damage, amplifying critical hit probabilities, or providing utility benefits like healing and crowd control. “Fan the Hammer” and “Hotshot” are prime examples of mods aligning with the Gunslinger’s playstyle, empowering your attacks and augmenting overall combat prowess.


Outfit yourself in armour sets that balance defensive advantages and offensive perks. Seek gear amplifying ranged weapon damage, bolstering critical hit damage, and reducing ammo consumption. To enhance the Gunslinger’s survivability, prioritize armour that bestows increased mobility or health regeneration.


Channel your efforts into traits fortifying your firearms’ performance and overall combat effectiveness. Characteristics such as “Mind’s Eye,” “Executioner,” and “Quick Hands” yield significant improvements in DPS and ammunition management. Invest in traits heightening your survivability, such as “Triage” or “Mother’s Blessing.”

Tactics and Strategy:

During combat, maintain a mid-range distance from adversaries to capitalize on the Gunslinger’s strengths. Employ cover strategically, remain agile to evade incoming assaults, and continuously unleash precise shots upon your targets.

Develop swift and accurate shooting proficiency to maximize damage output and economize ammunition. Exercise discernment in target prioritization, focusing on eliminating high-threat foes first to assert control over the battlefield.

Archetype Flexibility:

A distinguishing feature of Remnant 2 lies in its capacity for Archetype flexibility. Should you yearn for a change of pace or seek to explore alternative playstyles, acquire the Engram associated with your desired Archetype. As a Gunslinger, you can experiment with the abilities of other classes and adapt your strategies to diverse combat scenarios.

Upgrade and Enhance:

As your journey unfolds, allocate resources towards upgrading your weaponry, mods, and armour to elevate their effectiveness. Lumenite Crystals serve as valuable assets in enhancing your gear. Unlock additional traits to tailor your Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2 further build, aligning it with your preferred style of play.

By thoughtfully selecting your weapons, mods, armour, and traits and employing astute tactics, the Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2 bestows an engaging and gratifying experience.

Embrace the persona of a cowboy, unleash precise shots, and master the art of ammunition conservation to emerge as a potent force in the game’s demanding encounters. Whether you favour a sustained damage approach or aspire to explore other Archetypes, Remnant 2’s versatile gameplay mechanics guarantee a captivating and ever-evolving odyssey.

About Remnant 2

Remnant 2 represents a masterful creation in action-packed role-playing video games. Crafted with finesse by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, this title debuted in July 2023, gracing the PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

This latest instalment builds upon its predecessor’s success. It follows Remnant: From the Ashes, which captured the hearts of players in 2019, this newest instalment builds upon its predecessor’s success. It promises an immersive gaming experience with intense combat, captivating storytelling, and an expansive world awaiting exploration.

gunslinger engram remnant 2
Remnant (Source – Youtube)

The game has received widespread acclaim from critics and players alike, solidifying its status as a standout addition to the action RPG genre.

Remnant 2 stands out for its breathtaking visuals, engaging mechanics, and compelling multiplayer features, leaving an indelible mark on the gaming community. It offers endless hours of entertainment and enjoyment to all who venture forth.

Remnant 2 Gameplay

Remnant 2 draws inspiration from the Soulslike genre, delivering players a thrilling third-person shooter experience. Players wield two guns alongside their trusty melee weapon throughout this action-packed adventure. From the outset, they can select from various character archetypes endowed with unique abilities and playstyles.

The Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2, proficient in firearm combat; the Challenger, capable of unleashing powerful shockwaves; and the Handler, accompanied by a faithful canine companion for assistance in battle, are just a few examples.

As players progress, they unlock dual-class abilities and gain access to many perks and skills tailored to their chosen Archetype. For instance, the Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2 can activate the “Loaded” command, ensuring rapid firearm reloading. At the same time, the Handler benefits from the “Bonded” skill, allowing the dog companion to revive the character following intense encounters.

Gunslinger Engram Remnant 2’s dynamic and ever-evolving world results from a procedural generation system, which randomizes enemy types, region aesthetics, boss characters, non-playable characters, and quests. This ensures that each playthrough offers a fresh and unpredictable experience.

Players can embark on their journey solo or work together in cooperative multiplayer modes with up to three players. This communal aspect adds an exciting dimension of teamwork and camaraderie to the adventure.

With its blend of intense combat, diverse character options, and the thrill of exploration, Remnant 2 guarantees an enthralling and endlessly replayable experience for adventurers seeking a challenging and immersive gaming world.

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