Endairas End Remnant 2: Wrapping Up the Journey

endairas end remnant 2

It’s finally over for Endairas End Remnant 2, the follow-up to the well-liked Souls-like game Remnant: From the Ashes. The journey of the Dreamers and their friends came to an end with the release of the game’s final DLC, Endairas End, on September 20, 2023.

The Dreamer and their allies visit the planet of Endairas End Remnant 2, the Root’s last known stronghold, in Endairas End. A hostile extraterrestrial race called The Root invaded Remnant and tainted the entire planet with its essence. The Dreamer wants to defeat the Root and save Remnant finally.

Three new areas, two new bosses, a selection of new weapons, and new armour are all included in the DLC. Each of the beautiful maps presents a different challenge to gamers. The bosses are also challenging, but they are fair and rewarding to defeat.

The Endairas End Remnant 2 narrative is likewise excellently crafted. It ties up the main game’s unresolved issues and offers a satisfactory resolution to the Dreamer’s arc. The conclusion is especially pleasant since it gives players a sense of closure and offers hope for Remnant’s future.


Remnant’s planet is a grim and dangerous place. Endairas End Remnant 2 must save it from the monsters and other odd creatures that have taken it. He has been charged with gathering a number of potent artefacts that can be utilized to put the planet back in balance. He will encounter formidable foes and learn mysteries about the present and past of the world as he travels.

Endairas will discover more about himself and his place in the greater scheme of things as the plot develops. He will make strong allies and learn the truth about the enigmatic powers that have been influencing the game’s plot.

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Here is a more detailed look at the Endairas End Remnant 2 content:

New Maps:

The Rift: The Rift is a treacherous area that is constantly shifting and changing. It is home to a variety of dangerous enemies and traps.

The Hive: The Hive is a massive structure that is home to the Root’s queen. It is a dark and claustrophobic place that is filled with deadly enemies.

The Citadel: The Citadel is the Root’s final stronghold. It is a towering fortress that the Root’s most elite warriors guard.

New Bosses:

The Weaver: The Weaver is a giant spider-like creature that is the guardian of the Rift. It is a very agile and powerful boss that can easily overwhelm players who need more preparation.

The Queen: The Queen is the leader of the Root and the final boss of the DLC. She is a massive and powerful creature that can unleash devastating attacks.

The Narrative of Endairas End Remnant 2

The narrative of Endairas End Remnant 2 is a powerful one that touches on themes of identity, destiny, and self-discovery. Endairas is a character who is struggling to understand himself and his place in the world. He is constantly questioning his own identity and motivations, and the game does a great job of exploring these themes in a meaningful way.

Endairas End Remnant 2 (Source – Youtube)

The game also features a strong sense of morality and choice. Endairas will be faced with difficult decisions throughout his journey, and the choices he makes will have consequences. These choices will shape the story and the world around him, and they will ultimately determine how the game concludes.

New Weapons and Armor

New armour and weaponry are also included in the DLC. A potent laser rifle, an assault rifle with rapid fire, and a destructive rocket launcher are a few of the new weaponry. A light armour set that allows for quick movement, a stealth armour set that makes it simpler to approach foes covertly, and a heavy armour set that offers outstanding protection are some of the new armour sets.

Storyline in Endairas End Remnant 2

Endairas End Remnant 2’s narrative continues where the main game did. The Dreamer and their allies have defeated the Undying King, and the gates to the Abyss have been closed. The Root, however, is still very much in existence and is now more determined than ever to wipe out Remnant.

The planet of Endairas, the last known bastion of the Root, is visited by The Dreamers and their travelling companions. Their objective is to eliminate the Root’s queen and permanently save Remnant.

The Dreamers and their travelling companions will encounter numerous obstacles along the route. They will have to fight their way through legions of foes, work out dangerous puzzles, and take on formidable monsters. But if they are successful, they will save Remnant and bring about peace in the world.


Endairas End Remnant 2 has a very nice conclusion. It ties up the main game’s unfinished business and offers comfort and optimism for Remnant’s future.

In the end, the Dreamer vanquishes the queen of the Root and ends the Root forever. The Root has been vanquished, and Remnant is now secure.

The Dreamer is aware that there are still other dangers out there, though. The Dreamer promises to keep guarding Remnant and to make sure that it is never in danger again.


Endairas’ adventure comes to a satisfying and unexpected conclusion in the end. His journey has been long and difficult, and the game offers a satisfying and impactful ending. He has encountered numerous threats, revealed numerous secrets, and ultimately succeeded in his goal. He has prevented the destruction of the world and has come to terms with his own identity and purpose.

The video game Endairas End Remnant 2 is fantastic, with a gripping story and fun gameplay. Anyone looking for a distinctive and interesting experience should play it, not only fans of the action-adventure genre. Endairas’ adventure is well worth going on since it will stick with you long after you’ve finished the game.

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