Sniper War Medal in Remnant 2 – Guide to Unlock

To unlock the Hunter Archetype in Remnant 2, utilize the Sniper War Medal. Make it at Wallace in Ward 13 with a Rusty Medal, Lumenite Crystals, and 1000 scrap.

Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of Remnant’s famous Sniper War Medal? Join us as we explore the enthralling world of Remnant 2!

The highly anticipated sequel, Remnant 2: From the Ashes, will immerse you in nightmarish worlds populated by formidable opponents and godlike villains. Whether you choose to go on this deathly journey alone or with two trustworthy partners, your aim is to explore the depths of the abyss and oppose the evil powers bent on deleting reality itself.

What is The Sniper War Medal

The Sniper War Medal, a rare Engram in Remnant 2, has a unique feature that grants access to the elusive Hunter Archetype. Wearing this Medal allows players to assume the role of a Hunter and have access to a range of special Skills, Perks, and Traits that distinguish this class on epic tasks. Wallace, in Ward 13, creates this distinguished prize with his talented hands.

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The Remnant 2 Sniper War Medal, which is more than just a beautiful item—it’s your entrance to a whole new world of adventure—allows you to access the legendary Hunter Archetype.

When creating a new character in the game, you may select the Hunter Class by generating the Sniper War Medal, which also offers you the opportunity to unlock the Hunter Class.

The interesting twist is that you don’t have to abandon your existing Archetype to benefit from the Hunter’s powers. While wearing the Sniper War Medal, you may readily utilize the Hunter’s talents, bonuses, and qualities while preserving the core of your original Archetype. It’s a game-changer that adds depth and diversity to Remnant 2 and allows you to develop and grow as you explore this incredible cosmos. What are you still waiting for? Create that Medal, then embark on an incredible trip!

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How to Craft Sniper War Medal

Wallace, the skilled crafter, can be found in Ward 13. Proceed there. He knows the key to realizing your dreams of becoming a Hunter. To make this emblem of grandeur, you’ll need a few key components, including:

The Rusty Medal, a relic from another era, is first on the list. Don’t worry; you won’t have to wander the wasteland for it. Brabus, a shrewd merchant in Ward 13, keeps these unknown gems in a stash. For only 1,500 scraps, you may obtain your own Rusty Medal and begin your journey to prosperity.

Lumenite Crystals, the gleaming embodiment of Remnant’s enigma, are the next item you’ll require. To give your Medal its full power, ten of these magnificent jewels are necessary.

Finally, all artists demand money in order to pay for their wares. It’s a thousand shreds of good old-fashioned garbage in this case—1000 scraps.

So get out there, gather your materials, and get to work. Once you’ve obtained the Sniper War Medal, you’ll be ready to harness your inner Hunter and take on Remnant 2’s challenges. It’s more than just an object; it’s a symbol of your bravery and the key to embarking on a new journey.


In Remnant 2, the Sniper War Medal opens the door to a whole new realm of adventure. It was invented by Wallace in Ward 13 and improves your gaming by granting you access to the Hunter Archetype’s particular skills, bonuses, and traits. The beauty of this Medal is that it allows you to delve further into your character by combining Hunter’s traits into your current Archetype.

So gather your resources and use your increased power to embark on an amazing adventure. The Sniper War Medal honors your bravery and marks the beginning of an exciting adventure. Good luck with your hunt!


What is the Sniper War Medal in Remnant 2?

The Sniper War Medal is a rare Engram in Remnant 2 that unlocks the Hunter Archetype.

How can I utilize the Sniper War Medal to gain access to the Hunter Archetype?

To achieve the Hunter Archetype, you must build the Sniper War Medal at Wallace in Ward 13. A Rusty Medal, 10 Lumenite crystals, and 1,000 scraps are required.

Can I use the Hunter Archetype while still using my old one?

You may maintain your original Archetype and use the Hunter’s talents while wearing the Sniper War Medal to add intricacy to your character.

Where can I obtain the rusted medal I want for crafting?

Pay 1500 scraps to Brabus to purchase the Rusty Medal in Ward 13.

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