World Boss Alternate Reward Remnant 2 [How To Get]

World Boss Alternate Reward Remnant 2
World Boss Alternate Reward Remnant 2

Boss fights are frequent occurrences in the constantly changing environment of Remnant 2, where danger lurks around every turn. However, some of these powerful enemies have hidden loot that can only be found by using other tactics to destroy them. In this guide, we will examine the World Boss alternate rewards Remnant 2 and some of the top bosses to hunt for these special prizes.

The World Boss Alternate Reward Remnant 2

Alternative boss kills in Remnant 2 bring an interesting level of gameplay intricacy. Alternative kills, in contrast to typical boss battles, call for players to make precise decisions or fulfill specified requirements throughout the combat. Since these alternate kills result in unique awards, devoted Remnant 2 players greatly value them.

  • Alternative boss kills, often known as alt-kills, provide players the chance to get uncommon goods and crafting supplies that are normally inaccessible.
  • Making tactical choices or fulfilling certain requirements during the boss encounter are required for these alt-kills.
  • The primary takeaway is that in order to overcome the boss and get a satisfying result, you must use a different strategy.

Alternative boss kills are an intriguing gameplay element, but not every monster in Remnant 2 is amenable to them. The alt-kill technique is only effective against a select group of world bosses, those who drop hidden items. These monsters are the top objectives for players looking to upgrade their armament and crafting capabilities since they have the potential to drop great treasures.

Let’s now examine the world boss alternate reward Remnant 2 which provides several ways to defeat them as well as the alluring prizes they give.

Tal’Ratha Altnerate Kill

World Boss Alternate Reward Remnant 2
Tal’Ratha Altnerate Kill

Location: Forgotten Prison in N’erud

Within the foreboding walls of the Forgotten Prison in N’erud, there resides Tal’Ratha, an Astropath boss. You must make a crucial decision that will influence your course while battling this powerful adversary.

The Choice:

  • You have the choice to either let Tal’Ratha eat you, which would take you to the metaphysical world, or you may choose to fight him there.
  • You must defeat him in the metaphysical world to get the alternate kill.
  • With Tal’Ratha introducing a new arsenal of strikes, this duel adds a whole new level to the conflict.


  • By utilizing the alt-kill method to defeat Tal’Ratha, you may get the coveted Acidic Jawbone crafting material.
  • You may upgrade your gear and weapons by using this important resource.

Ravager Alternate Kill

World Boss Alternate Reward Remnant 2
Ravager Alternate Kill

Location: Ravager’s Lair

  • At the Ravager’s Lair, a Root race member named The Ravager is waiting, offering a fascinating chance for an alt-kill.
  • There are many options available during this boss battle, and each one has a distinct conclusion.

The Choices: During the confrontation with the Ravager, you have two choices to consider. The Ravager may be the first target, but you can save the life of the accompanying doe.

Alternate Kill 1:

  • First, take out the doe, then shoot the Ravager. By using this technique, you may get the deadly melee weapon known as Feral Judgement.

Alternate Kill 2:

  • Attack the Ravager while defending the doe. Allowing the Ravager to eat the doe will give it an increase in strength once its health reaches half. You have the opportunity to strike the decisive blow and take the merciless long gun.

Night Weaver Alternate Kill

World Boss Alternate Reward Remnant 2
Night Weaver Alternate Kill (Source – GameRant)

Location: The Tormented Asylum

  • In The Tormented Asylum, a powerful Fae named Night Weaver lives. This boss encounter is more difficult because of the area’s constrained size, but it also presents a fascinating potential for an alt-kill.

The Approach: During the combat, you must use a Pulse Rifle in order to get the alt kill for Night Weaver. Focus on exposing Night Weaver’s heart, which is her weak area, as soon as she summons her arachnids and begins the second phase of the battle.


  • The Night Weaver’s Finger, a special award that expands your collection of sought goods in Remnant 2, is yours if you defeat Night Weaver in the second stage of the battle.


Remnant 2’s alternative boss kills provide an exciting variation to the standard boss fights by challenging players to use original tactics and make crucial choices. Many players who want to improve their armament and crafting possibilities make these alt kills their top priority since the spoils are often uncommon and very valuable.

Alternative boss kills provide a thrilling new depth to Remnant 2’s environment, whether you decide to interact with Tal’Ratha in the metaphysical realm, use cunning tactics to defeat Ravager, or use certain best weapons to defeat Night Weaver. So start your trip, make the proper decisions, and collect those special gifts that will distinguish you as a talented Remnant 2 player.

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