Remnant 2 The Cathedral of Omens

Remnant 2 is a souls-like shooting game with adventures and dark fantasy themes. It is a diverse game by Gunfire Games, which was released for Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows in July 2023. There are many dungeons and Cathedrals in this game, which are filled with exciting ventures and unique experiences.

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What is the Cathedral of Omens

Cathedral of Omens is a place in Remnant 2 in Yaesha; this temple stands out as a temple for the Pan Gods. Cathedral of Omens has lots of mysteries to unlock.

It has secret puzzles to solve and has lots of dungeons, foes, and unique items that you can get in return for difficult situations you have been through. There are no NPCs and Merchants in the Cathedral of Omens.

Following are the special items in the Cathedral of Omens:

  • Faith Seed
  • Three Essence of Blood Moon in Blood Moon Puzzle.
  • Ring of Omen in Blood Moon Puzzle
  • Sagittarius

Location of Cathedral of Omens

After the spread of The Root, the worshippers in the Cathedral of Omens separated themselves from that area, and from that time, the temple was abandoned in the Yaesha.

If you struggle to locate this place, then know that this temple is somewhere near the Forbidden Grove. In case you are moving by the Faithless Thicket, you can get to the Cathedral of Omens from the way of the Labyrinth as well.

Puzzles in the Cathedral of Omens

Cathedral of Omens has three puzzles, each connected to the other in some way. The system of three lever mechanisms connects giant circles or mechanical circles. They have a shadow that can be clearly seen on the ground when you enter the Cathedral of Omens hallway.

Remnant 2 Cathedral of Omens
Remnant 2 The Cathedral of Omens (Source – thenerdstash)

The shadow makes some symbolic representation of something that we will discuss later in this blog. When the player moves the lever, the circles start moving and make some pattern. The player must have to find the clues to make some images with these circles to help him solve it. Three Essence of Blood Moon in Blood Moon Puzzle.

The Book of Symbols

First thing First, you don’t have to be some advanced Archetype to visit the Cathedral of Omens. When you visit the temple, there will be a room by the right staircase. You will see the book on the table with icons and explanations.

  1. The Sun: Sister first of the four.
  2. The Moon: The warrior of the light.
  3. Life: The ether and the matter of the four.
  4. Death: The great transformer of the four.
  5. The Doe: The fleet-footed incarnation of Life.
  6. The Ravager: The fanged incarnation of Death.

The Calamity Puzzle

The puzzle is divided into three parts, one of which is a Calamity puzzle. To solve this, you have to move the lever such that the triangle in the center moves to the right door from the main entrance place.   You have to focus on the Death, the Doe, and the Ravager to solve it quickly.

Use the Symbol lever to rotate or put the Ravager on top, the Doe beneath it, and the Death at the bottom left. Now go to the lever at the main entrance and try to put the shadow of circles on the Doe and the Ravager marks. Use the left entrance lever to rotate and put the two circles around the Death and the Doe.

The door to which the triangle is pointed will be open for rewards.

The Blood Moon Puzzle

Now, all you have to do is wait until the Blood Moon appears when the sky is red. Keep the triangle in its place. Move the Moon symbol to the top and the Sun to the bottom.

Move the Ravager symbol where the Death symbol was before. Move the circles to cover the three marks on the floor. The door on the right side will open up with rewards like Ring of Omens, a useful gear piece.

The Hope Puzzle

To solve this puzzle, move the triangle facing to the middle door. Put the symbol of the Doe at the main entrance’s front. Align the Sun, Life, and the Ravager on the left side of where the Doe symbol is, and they must be aligned from the first markings.

Now arrange two circles around the Ravager and the Doe from the main entrance lever. Use the left lever to arrange the circles around the Sun and the Life. The final door will open with rewards like Sagittarius Bow.


After solving the first puzzle, it becomes easier to solve the other two. With this guide, you can access the unique rewards and upgrades easily.

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