How to Find and Use Best Starfield XP Farm Planet

In Starfield, players have a myriad of activities to engage in, ranging from crafting a Starship to progressing through the main storyline to undertaking side missions for companions and organizations. These endeavors yield XP that would help you progress further in the game.

However, engaging in missions and employing particular methods in Starfield tends to yield significantly more XP rewards compared to other approaches. Therefore escalating your progress in the game. The Starfield XP Farm Planet is your best bet for XP farming.

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How to Farm XP In Starfield

Starfield offers an expansive gaming experience, taking your character through a whopping 100+ levels of progression. However, navigating these levels becomes a breeze if you’ve got the lowdown on prime XP farming spots.

Moreover, with no level cap, you’re at liberty to dive into numerous questlines to accumulate the maximum XP. When it comes to gaining an XP boost in Starfield, you’ve got a variety of options to choose from.

These are the top dogs for XP-boosting action:

  • Completing main quests and side quests
  • Raiding Spacer bases
  • Obliterating Crimson Fleet ships
  • Bounty missions
  • Surveying planets
  • Crafting components, gear, mods, and meals
  • Wiping out the local fauna

However, if quests aren’t your jam or you’re on a time crunch for a specific mission, you will need the Best Starfield Xp Farm Planet and go for taking out local fauna. In some cases, fauna are hostile; in others, they are not; therefore, they are your best bet for gaining XP.

Best Starfield XP Farm Planet

And in this very star system, our journey begins as we touch down on planet Strix I, set to kickstart our XP farming escapade.

The perfect place for encountering fauna is tucked away in the level 70 star system Strix, at the far eastern frontier of the galaxy. You can start off your journey for the best Xp Farm Planet from planet Strix I.

XP Farm Planet – Strix I

Best Starfield XP Farm Planet
Bethesda Starfield – Strix System Location

To begin the Xp farming on the Strix I, it’s advised to adjust your difficulty setting to Very Easy. While this may result in lower XP gains, it significantly expedites enemy eliminations due to their reduced health pools, ultimately making the process more efficient. Before heading out, take a moment to make the necessary preparations.

Firstly, ensure you get some rest. This will grant you the Well-Rested buff, temporarily boosting your XP gains. If you have a romantic partner, consider spending the night with them to enhance this XP buff further.

It might be worthwhile to prioritize completing a companion romance quest beforehand. Next, consider sipping on Boba Alien Tea. This specific brew provides an additional XP gain, which stacks with the Well-Rested buff, significantly amplifying your overall gains.

Alternatively, you can opt for Tranquilitea Dynastic for supplementary benefits. Lastly, for PC players, there’s the option of utilizing console commands. However, it’s important to note that this approach is not recommended.

While it allows for an even greater increase in XP gain, it bypasses the need for farming and voids any achievements you may earn moving forward. Now that you’re all set explore the planet and keep an eye out for a specific airborne alien creature known as the Flocking Nautiloos Filterer.

These creatures travel in packs across Strix I and won’t pose a threat unless provoked. When you do engage them, be prepared for a swarm of these creatures to retaliate. Dispatching them isn’t particularly challenging, making this an ideal farming location.

You may encounter Flocking Nautiloos Filterers that surpass level 70, greatly boosting the potential XP gains. Simply rest and repeat to respawn the creatures, and repeat this process as many times as needed.

If you are lucky, it might only take a few hours here to max out your character’s build. There you have it! This stands as the most effective Starfield XP Farm Planet in the game thus far.

Alternative Starfield XP Farm Planet

In Starfield, there is an alternative approach that offers more interaction but demands additional setup time for XP farming. This method, known as Outpost Farming, involves strategically situating outposts on designated planets to optimize resource generation.

These resources are then utilized for crafting specific items. It’s worth noting that this method relies on the aforementioned crafting technique and necessitates specific resources and optimal locations to initiate the process.

1. Collect Resources For Outpost Farming

First off, you need to set a fully operational outposts on diverse planets, and moons are the initial step in acquiring the necessary resources. You will require Cobalt, Aluminum, Nickel, and Iron to kickstart the process.

Here are the details of all the resources you will require for the Outpost Farming in Starfield.

  • Aluminum
  • Adaptive Frames
  • Cobalt
  • Beryllium
  • Lubricant
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Tungsten
  • Iron
  • Zero Wire

Fortunately, half of these resources are accessible on Andraphon, a moon situated in the Narion system. Simply locate resource-rich spots by conducting scans of the moon and deploying outpost beacons.

The following are the ideal locations for Outpost Farming in Starfield.

2. XP Farm Planet – Andraphon

XP Farm Planet Andraphon-1
Starfield Andraphon-1 Location

Head over to Andraphon and position extractors and solar panels near the required resources, then initiate the mining process. Next up, set up a storage box to collect the extracted resources.

Once you’ve accumulated a sufficient amount, establish an Industrial Workbench and commence the production of Adaptive Frames. You can create up to 99 frames at a time and witness a surge in your XP. However, this depends on your available resources.

Additionally, we highly recommend utilizing a ship with a substantial cargo hold. This allows you to sell any surplus Adaptive Frames for additional XP.

3. XP Farm Planet – Raselhague II

Raselhague-II XP Farm Location
Starfield-Raselhague-II Location

In Raselhague II, begin by establishing your second outpost. There, you will find the crucial resources of Cobalt and Nickel. Replicate the process by setting up extractors for both resources.

Once your Industrial Workbench is operational, you can begin crafting various components. This time, employ the Cobalt and Nickel to manufacture Isocentered Magnets. These yield more XP as they are considered rarer components compared to Adaptive Frames.

Once you’ve mastered this method, you may find it more advantageous to stick with. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to reach the desired levels for your preferred build.


These methods, including both the Strix I and Outpost Farming, are the best ways to gather a large amount of XP quickly in Starfield. You can use these techniques to level up faster and unlock new adventures in the game.

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