Starfield Lazarus Plant Decision: Legacy Forged Mission – A Complete Guide

“A Legacy Forged,” the final chapter of Starfield’s UC Vanguard questline, is a mission full of crucial choices and their far-reaching effects. After finishing “Hostile Intelligence,” it starts on Londinion, where you go out on a quest to take on the mysterious Vae Victis and tackle the Terrormorph danger. We’ll go further into the major choices, moments, and results of the Starfield Lazarus Plant decision in this extensive guide, and we’ll also look at the fallout from your choices.

Starfield Lazarus Plant Decision

Starfield Lazarus Plant Decision
Starfield Lazarus Plant Decision (Source – IGN)

The breathtaking “A Legacy Forged” epilogue marks the pinnacle of the United Colonies mission line in Starfield. The story becomes more complex as you get closer to learning the truth about the Terrormorph threat after the exciting adventures on Londinion. It’s time to face the mystery of Vae Victis in this quest as the moment of disclosure approaches.

Speak to Vae Victis

In Subsection Seven of the MAST Building in New Atlantis, a face-to-face encounter with Vae Victis initiates the mission. This is a critical time when you will learn the truth about Vae Victis’s evil intentions and his role in the continuous Terrormorph assaults.

  • Vae Victis’s dark secret: During your discussion, Vae Victis divulges his evil scheme, which he planned with the late Doctor Reginald Orlase’s assistance. He finally engineered the assaults to make Hadrian seem good and maintain his status as a reliable UC adviser while blaming Orlase, using Orlase to produce the pollen of the Lazarus Plant.
  • A moral crossroads: Vae Victis gives you the option to reveal his betrayal or to preserve his secrets and go on working with him. This choice you make now determines how the quest will go.

Speak To Hadrian And Percival

Starfield Lazarus Plant Decision
Speak To Hadrian And Percival

You will meet Hadrian and Percival in the Interstellar Affairs conference room after your meeting with Vae Victis. They discuss their studies on the Aceles and the Microbe as two possible remedies for the Terrormorph issue.

  • A tough decision: On paper, the Aceles and Microbe solutions seem to be equally successful. The Microbe poses the possibility of causing hazardous anomalies, while the Aceles entail bringing armored dinosaurs to planets that are livable. This decision you make will have a big effect on how things turn out and what happens to Terrormorphs.
  • The weight of the truth: At this point, you have the option of telling your friends what you know about Vae Victis or keeping it a secret.

Speak With The Cabinet

The Cabinet will hear your speech next, with President Abello facilitating the conversation. This is the time to reiterate your earlier ruling on Vae Victis and talk about how to handle the Starfield Lazarus plant decision.

  • Promoting unity: To promote collaboration and heal political divisions, you can propose including other factions in running the Lazarus Plant. This might help to shape interplanetary politics in the future.
  • The truth or deception: Once again, you must decide whether to expose Vae Victis’s participation or retain his secrets. Your decision will have an impact on how the UC Vanguard operates in the future.

Should You Tell the Truth About Vae Victis?

Vae Victis’s execution marks the end of the repeating “Preventive Action” quest, which begins when Hadrian or anyone else in the UC Vanguard questline learns the truth about him.

  • Weighing the rewards: Preventive Action has limited benefits, mainly providing XP and Credits. Although keeping Vae Victis’s identity a secret expands the material, the benefits aren’t much greater. This decision represents the moral conundrum that lies at the core of the endeavor.

Aceles Or Microbe?

The topic of the President’s conversation is how to deal with the Terrormorphs and Heatleeches. Kulkarni backs the Microbe, whereas Yasin favors the Aceles. Your choice becomes the decisive vote; the results and rewards stay the same, but it can have an impact on how affectionate you are with your existing partner.

  • Companions’ preferences: Some companions would rather use the Microbe solution or Aceles solution. When making your decision, bear this in mind and, if needed, think of firing your buddy to support your position. This decision makes the mission more intricate and intimate.

Mission Rewards

Starfield Lazarus Plant Decision
Mission Rewards: Your New Penthouse

After finishing “A Legacy Forged,” you get these rewards:

  • 350 XP: This experience points reward contributes to your character’s progression.
  • 12,600 Credits: Credits are crucial for purchasing equipment, ships, and other items.
  • 12,000 Credits: Additional credits provide financial stability and flexibility.
  • Class One UC Citizenship: The highest UC citizenship class signifies your elevated status.
  • New Atlantis Penthouse: This luxurious penthouse serves as a symbol of your achievements and a personal space to enjoy.

Speak to Zora at Aphelion Realty

There are several extra steps involved in earning your Class One UC Citizenship privileges, even when the mission is theoretically accomplished. You may talk to Zora Sangweni at Aphelion Realty, which is just outside the MAST Building.

Visit Your New Penthouse

Once you’ve obtained the advantages of Class One UC Citizenship, stop by your newly acquired penthouse. Use the transportation located under the MAST Building to go to the Residential District to access it. Located in Mercury Tower, your apartment has stunning views along with a customizable option.

Current Possibilities

Even though the UC Vanguard questline is now complete, your time in Starfield is far from ended. You have the option to carry out several tasks and stay in contact with the UC whether you decide to reveal Vae Victis’s identity or not.

  • Preventive Action: You may prolong your engagement in the UC Vanguard by going on missions such as the Sabotage Mission to track down criminals if you are able to keep Vae Victis alive.
  • Additional UC Missions: Commander Tuala will keep you busy with a ton of missions. You may battle Terrormorphs head-on, take part in dogfights for the Vanguard, or work with Percival to look into new extraterrestrial dangers. Your post-questline experience will be richer and more varied due to these missions, which guarantee there will always be something intriguing to discover.


To sum up, “A Legacy Forged” is a crucial assignment in Starfield’s UC Vanguard questline, requiring you to make choices that will affect both the United Colonies’ future and the destiny of the Terrormorph menace. Your decisions about Vae Victis and the Terrormorph solution have wide-ranging effects, and the benefits you get are a direct result of your choices.

The objective not only opens the door to new walkthroughs and hidden treasures in the Starfield world, but it also provides an exciting conclusion to the current quest line. This gripping science fiction role-playing game is made even more interesting by the dynamic choices and their outcomes, which keep players interested long after the last mission is finished.

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