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Starfield Sabotage Mission Stealth [Complete Guide]

Starfield Sabotage Mission Stealth [Complete Guide]

As players take on faction tasks for Ryujin Industries, the sci-fi video game phenomenon Starfield provides gamers with a thrilling experience. The Sabotage mission stands out as one of the most thrilling and essential for the game’s plot among these missions. We’ll take you through the crucial choices and actions you must take in order to finish the Starfield Sabotage mission stealth in this walkthrough.

Starfield Sabotage Mission Stealth

Starfield Sabotage Mission Stealth
Starfield Sabotage Mission Stealth (Source – TheNerdStash)

Completing Faction Players must have completed all Ryujin Industries faction missions up to “The Key Ingredient” in order to access the Sabotage mission in Starfield. The story develops as you get closer to this point, preparing those watching for the dramatic ending.

One of the game’s most important achievements is completing the Sabotage mission. It means that the Ryujin Industries tale is about to come to a close, and the future of the corporate behemoth is still up in the air. The result of the Starfield Sabotage mission stealth will be influenced by all of your prior decisions and interactions with other individuals.

1. Undergoing Neuroamp Surgery

The Sabotage mission is a difficult and involved mission that incorporates stealth and fighting. It’s best to make sure you are well-prepared for this mission before starting, with enough stealth supplies and the Disrupter equipped.

Making crucial choices as you go along with thorough preparation and execution are all necessary for the mission. It is tough to complete your goal if you don’t properly prepare. The installation of the Neuroamp is crucial because it gives you the power to influence the thoughts and behaviors of other characters. As you traverse the mission’s complex web of options, this skill becomes crucial.

2. Meeting Dalton Fiennes

The Volii Star System’s Neon City in Alpha Volii is where the Sabotage mission’s first leg of your quest starts. Go to the Executives Floor of Ryujin Tower after landing to see Dalton Fiennes. He will give you a briefing on the goals of the operation as well as details about Ryujin’s Executives’ participation in it.

A crucial turning point in the Starfield Sabotage mission stealth is meeting Dalton Fiennes. You get your mission briefing and learn more about the risks associated right here. Dalton’s temperament and strategy may change according to the decisions you’ve made in prior missions, and this might have a big impact on how the mission plays out.

3. Show up to the meeting

Choosing to support Imogene or Ularu is a crucial choice that affects how the mission will go. The mission goal is to either fool Ularu, the real mole or team up with Imogene to hide the truth once Imogene is implicated as being the mole.

One of the most important decisions in the Sabotage mission is this one. Your decision affects not just the story but also your allies and the difficulties you’ll encounter. Siding with Imogene or Ularu determines how the mission will go and turn out in the end. It’s a decision that will put your allegiances and strategic judgment to the test.

4. Employ a Neuroamp

Starfield Sabotage Mission Stealth
Employ a Neuroamp

Your voyage takes you to Veena on the Research and Development Floor, where you will have the Internal Neuroamp installed after making the crucial choice. Using a scanner, you may use this equipment to influence the feelings and behaviors of other characters.

The Neuroamp is a game-changer in the Starfield Sabotage mission stealth. It gives you a special ability that you may utilize wisely to accomplish your goals. Your first test subject, DeMarcus, offers an example of the Neuroamp’s capabilities. Your success in controlling DeMarcus and completing your objectives opens the door to further difficulties and chances in the operation.

5. Obtain Mission Details From Masako

Your next duty is to speak with Masako on the Executive office floor to get the mission information after getting the Internal Neuroamp. She’ll provide you with alternatives for breaking into Infinity LTD, an essential step in the Sabotage mission.

The Sabotage mission’s meeting with Masako is crucial. She gives you two options for how to get into Infinity LTD in addition to giving you the duty of doing so. Your choice here might have a big influence on the obstacles you encounter and the relationships you build throughout the journey.

6. Find A Way To Infiltrate Infinity LTD

One of two ways for players to get entry to Infinity LTD is by slipping via the roof’s maintenance access or by utilizing their social skills to meet with Lucas while posing as someone else. Here, the decision made affects how the mission will go.

The Sabotage mission is at a crucial point when it comes to infiltrating Infinity LTD. The way you choose to break the corporation’s defenses will have a huge impact on the gameplay. Considering your playstyle and goals is crucial when selecting a strategy since both have benefits and drawbacks.

7. Infiltrating Infinity LTD

Starfield Sabotage Mission Stealth
Infiltrating Infinity LTD

You have three key goals to accomplish after breaking into Infinity LTD. These include gaining access to Fae Sengsavahn’s computer, Lucas’s computer on the executive level, and the Neuroamp prototype on the R&D floor. To protect Project Dominion, Ularu Chen’s supervising software must be running on these machines.

Infiltration of Infinity LTD needs stealth and cautious maneuvering. Your contacts with important figures inside the organization will depend on the decisions you made previously, such as choosing to support Imogene or Ularu. Setting the scene for the mission’s conclusion, and achieving these goals requires a delicate dance of strategy and deception.

8. Elective Steps

By hacking into the computer station at the maintenance entrance and starting gas leaks on every level, players may also cause havoc at Infinity LTD. You may also get an operative outfit, which improves your stealth skills.

Infinity LTD is a place where you may use strategy to your advantage by causing confusion. It is a distinct tactical advantage to be able to enter the maintenance entry terminal and cause gas leaks. Additionally, donning the operative outfit adds another level of covertness to your approach, maybe facilitating a smoother and more covert task.

9. Should You Support Dalton or Ularu?

Completed Your next task is to transmit the information to David Barron at the SSNN field office without disclosing your identity after achieving the mission’s goals.

A crucial turning point in the Starfield Sabotage mission stealth is the decision of whether to support Ularu or Dalton. Your choice will have a significant impact on the mission’s final result. This choice reflects your allegiances and strategic thinking since each side has a distinct set of difficulties and allies.

10. Reporting To Masako

Starfield Sabotage Mission Stealth
Reporting To Masako

A trip to Masako brings the quest to a close. The final result of the Sabotage mission will depend on how you engage with her and the decisions you made before.

The last phase of the mission is reporting to Masako. The results of your decisions throughout the quest come to a head here, and Masako’s response is based on those decisions. Regardless of whether you choose the “good” or “bad” resolution, this point marks the conclusion of your ordeal inside the Ryujin Industries narrative.

Rewards For Sabotage Missions

Starfield Sabotage Mission Stealth
Rewards For Sabotage Missions

Players that complete the Sabotage mission successfully get 350XP, 3 Heart+ items, Med Packs, and a huge 12,000 Credits in Starfield as rewards.

The awards you get after finishing the Starfield Sabotage mission stealth are an indication of your accomplishments and your ability to overcome obstacles. The things and experience points you acquire may be quite helpful for the development of your character, and the credits greatly increase your in-game riches.

Sabotage Mission Tips And Strategies

It takes careful preparation and smart thought to complete the Sabotage mission in Starfield. Here are some more pointers and techniques to help you complete the quest more successfully:

  1. Select Your Strategy: Choose the strategy that best matches your playing style. If you want to use stealth, diplomacy, or conflict, be sure to adjust your strategy to the strengths of your character and your favorite gaming style.
  2. Gather Information: Thoroughly research the mission environment. It’s possible to eavesdrop on conversations, find concealed objects, or find papers that might help you make decisions.
  3. Experiment with the Neuroamp: The Neuroamp is a potent instrument, and exploring its potential may reveal fresh approaches to overcoming hurdles and barriers throughout the mission.
  4. Accept Consequences: The Starfield Sabotage mission stealth is all about making decisions and living with the results. Accept the story’s twists and turns since they add to the gaming experience’s depth.

How To Fix Sabotage Mission Bugs In Starfield

Starfield Sabotage Mission Stealth
How To Fix Sabotage Mission Bugs In Starfield

Players may run across issues in Starfield that prevent them from advancing in the Sabotage quest. Here are some pointers for handling such problems:

  1. Taking Off All Gear: Players who want to play covertly should take off their “Suit, Pack, and Helmet” and don regular clothes. This easy operation may fix the glitch and let you re-equip your equipment.
  2. Getting to the “Research Level”: Some players could have trouble getting to the “Research Level.” To get around this, take the elevator to the bottom floor and then go up to the Marketing level. In order to reach the Elevator Shaft and the Research level, look for the Spiral Stairs.
  3. Using Console Commands: As a last option, gamers may access the Research level by using console commands like “Prid 00014E4F” and “Move to Player.”


While navigating the intricate corporate espionage realm, the Sabotage mission in Starfield presents players with a wealth of options and obstacles. The outcome of this mission is not only determining the future of Ryujin Industries but also the player’s character. With the help of this thorough guide, you are prepared to take on the Sabotage mission and make important choices on unlocking hidden treasures that will affect how the compelling story of Starfield unfolds.

Every choice you make has consequences in the unstable world of Starfield, and the Starfield Sabotage mission stealth is no different. Keep in mind that your decisions as you complete this mission will reverberate through the halls of corporate intrigue and eventually determine Ryujin Industries’ fate as well as your own walkthrough in the Starfield universe. Accept the challenge, make intelligent decisions, and enjoy the exciting ride that this sci-fi epic has in store for you.

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