Starfield Celebrai II: A Guide to XP Farming and Hidden Resources

Starfield Celebrai II: A Guide to XP Farming and Hidden Resources

Similar to Schrodinger III, Celebrai II in Starfield stands as one of the rarest planets, providing optimal XP opportunities with numerous explorable regions. Tailored for those at lower levels seeking rapid progression, Celebrai II boasts unparalleled potential. Upon landing, resource abundance facilitates skill point farming. Need help locating Starfield Celebrai II? Dive into our comprehensive guide, steering your cosmic journey toward Celebrai II and ensuring you extract maximum benefits from this stellar destination.

Starfield Celebrai II: Complete Walkthrough

Starfield Celebrai II
Starfield Celebrai II

Celebrai II stands out among the celestial tapestry of Starfield, proving to be an unparalleled destination for those seeking both XP and intriguing extraterrestrial encounters. While other planets may pale in comparison, Celebrai II beckons intrepid explorers to unlock its secrets and bask in the cosmic riches it has to offer.

Where To Find Celebrai II In Starfield?

Starfield Celebrai II
Starfield Celebrai II: Location

Celebrai II in Starfield is located in the Celebrai System. Heading forward from Schrodinger III, in the northeast direction of Kryx, you will find Celebrai II as the second planet of the Celebrai System. Landing on the planet, you may first assume it is a foul place with a lot of dust, but that dust is there just to trick players. The planet is full of different Starfield Faunas that you can kill to farm XP, moreover, you can also find a lot of useful resources here.

What Are The Stats Of Starfield Celebrai II?

Starfield Celebrai II: Stats
Starfield Celebrai II: Stats

Starfield Celebrai II, just like many other planets found in the Starfield universe, is a rocky planet. Apart from its 0.86 gravity strength, which is extremely low, the planet has a moderate temperature that makes it a haven for Starfield Faunas therefore you can find a lot here. Also, there are no spider-like creatures that you need to be afraid of, thus you can explore it freely without any danger.

What Are The Resources You Can Find In Starfield Celebrai II?

Starfield Celebrai II: Resources

In Starfield, Celebrai II stands out not only as an ideal location for XP farming, where you can eliminate numerous mobs across the planet’s surface but also as a resource-rich environment akin to the hidden chests found on other celestial bodies. Here is a list of 7 resources you can find while exploring Starfield Celebrai II:

  • Water
  • Chlorosilanes
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Alkanes
  • Chlorine

Starfield Celebrai II: Tips And Tricks

Starfield Celebrai II
Starfield Celebrai II: Tips And Tricks

Venturing into the cosmic wonders of Starfield, Celebrai II emerges as a rare gem, distinct from its celestial counterparts. Unlike its seemingly barren counterparts, Celebrai II holds the allure of an abandoned pharmaceuticals lab, offering a dynamic and RNG-based encounter with diverse adversaries.

As you land on Celebrai II, you will find a lot of different creatures including round-shelled aliens, eerie horse-mander scurriers, and some leaf-like aliens. Also, it’s not certain which type of enemies you’re going to encounter the most when you visit the planet, as it just depends on Starfield what it wants to offer you, but it will be any of these.

The ever-respawning enemies create a fertile ground for XP farming, providing an abundance of daily opportunities for skill point accumulation. The enigmatic pharmaceuticals lab adds an extra layer, enticing explorers with potential gear and weapons.

Other than Starfield fauna mentioned, you may also encounter Terramorphs as you explore the land. The planet is at low level; therefore, all these creatures will also be of low level, however, you can get a lot of XP even by killing these low-level creatures. If you’re killing a level 35 Fauna you will farm almost 350 XP, however, on killing a Level 75 Starfield Fauna, you can farm huge amount of 1500 XP.

Heading toward Celebrai II, you should always take with your tons of ammo, and a good range weapon. This way, you will be easily able to clear our Celebrai II, and farm a lot of XP, quickly leveling your character up. Also, don’t forget to keep some med packs too, as Starfield is always ready to surprise you with weird aliens, so if you get in contact with one. Also, do spend the perk points you obtain on skills that boosts your character’s stamina as this will help you in your later exploration.


Celebrai II in Starfield emerges as a cosmic jewel, offering unparalleled XP opportunities and rich resources. Positioned as a haven for lower-level players seeking swift progression, this rocky planet boasts a dynamic landscape filled with diverse Starfield Faunas. Compared to other planets, it has much lesser traps set for you; thus, you can easily kill the creatures roaming around and level up your character.

Also, as you farm XP, and level up your character, don’t forget to check for Starfield Upgrades, as it will surely add to your cosmic adventure. For those, who are eager to land on Celebrai II, but can’t because of some error, you can consult our Starfield Steam Cloud Error guide.

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