Starfield Animal Husbandry: How To Build And Farm Facility

Animal husbandry is a feature that requires careful planning and strategy to build and run effectively in the vast Starfield world. With the help of this innovative gameplay feature, players may tame exotic animals from other worlds and use their biological resources to make necessary goods.

Establishing an animal husbandry facility may seem like a difficult task at first, but the benefits it provides in terms of improved gameplay and resource output make the work worthwhile. This in-depth guide will take you step-by-step through the requirements, configuration, and improvement of an animal husbandry facility in Starfield.

Starfield Animal Husbandry Prerequisites

Starfield Animal Husbandry
Starfield Animal Husbandry Prerequisites (Source – TheGamer)

Understanding the conditions and needs needed for the effective execution of animal husbandry is crucial before delving into its complexities. These are the essential preconditions:

1. Fauna Scanning

The first desire is to search the earth for every kind of wildlife, including aquatic ones. Players must fly their spacecraft, land close to the seas, and scan the planet’s wildlife to complete this procedure. It’s important to keep in mind that certain animals could be challenging to scan while they’re deep below.

  • Players may use long-range weaponry to kill them in certain situations, which also counts as a successful scan.
  • The planet is separated into many biomes. When every species in a biome has been scanned, the scanner’s head-up display will read “Biome Complete,” signifying that no more organisms exist in that particular biome.
  • Now is the time for players to explore different biomes in quest of any surviving animals.

2. Outpost Production Allowance

The second need is to confirm that the fauna at your outpost is suitable for production. Players should inspect the animals with their scanners to ascertain this. These species are suitable for use in a Starfield animal husbandry farm if the scanner shows “Outpost Production Allowed” at the bottom of the creature’s information.

On the other hand, even if the planet has a diverse range of wildlife, it is not feasible to establish an animal husbandry farm if this text is not shown in the information provided by the scanner.

3. Availability of Fiber

  1. Verifying if the planet’s vegetation provides fiber for manufacture is the third requirement.
  2. Not only must one search the planet for life, but one must also examine its flora to see whether it yields fiber useful for animal husbandry.

4. Research Lab And Projects

If players want to advance in animal husbandry, they must locate or build a research lab at their outpost. Horticulture I and Domestication I are two important tasks that need investigation in the lab.

Adaptive frames, fertilizers, and pressure tanks are just a few of the materials needed for these projects. You may make these things yourself or buy them from in-game merchants.

5. Required Skills

Skill development is the last missing component. To properly run an animal husbandry facility, players need to invest in the following Science skill tree abilities:

  • Outpost Engineering
  • Botany
  • Zoology

Building And Operating An Animal Husbandry Facility

Starfield Animal Husbandry Facility
Building And Operating An Animal Husbandry Facility

When all the requirements are satisfied, you may start building your farm for animal husbandry. Here’s how to set up a simple animal husbandry facility step-by-step:

1. Build Storage And Extractors

  • To construct a storage-solid container, open the Outpost Build menu and choose the Storages option.
  • Create two water extractors by going to the extractors tab.

2. Research Projects

  • The outpost menu will display a new tab named Builders if you have completed the research on horticulture and domestication in your lab.
  • Go to the Builders tab and construct a Starfield animal husbandry facility and a greenhouse.

3. Power Supply

  • To ensure that these buildings are functioning, make sure they all have a power source. Installing solar panels or a wind turbine can help you do this.

4. Fiber Cultivation

Go to the greenhouse you built after leaving the outpost construction menu.

  • To access the build list, find the control console near the greenhouse entrance on the left and interact with it.
  • Select a fiber type from the list to grow a plant that can generate fiber such as the Lazarus plant in Starfield.

5. Structure Connection

To ensure effective resource flow, establish logical linkages between the structures. To link them, do these actions:

  • Establish an output connection between the greenhouse and the water extractor to start the manufacturing of fiber.
  • Attach the animal husbandry facility to the second water extractor.
  • Attach the storage container to the greenhouse.
  • Attach the storage container to the animal husbandry facility in the last step.

6. Resource Selection

  • Go out of the build menu and use the Starfield Animal Husbandry Facility’s control console.
  • Select the resource from the animals that you want to cultivate.

7. Resource Collection

  • Soon after the establishment of the facility, you’ll see animals gathering around the animal husbandry area.
  • A container adjacent to the control console will house the cultivated resources.

Best wishes! Although you’ve been able to set up a working Starfield animal husbandry facility in Starfield, there is still room for improvement.

Enhancing The Animal Husbandry Facility

Starfield Animal Husbandry Facility
Enhancing The Animal Husbandry Facility – Zoology Skill

Although players may domesticate animals and farm resources using the basic animal husbandry setup, there are ways to increase its production and efficiency. Here are some ideas for improving your facilities for Starfield animal husbandry:

1. Research Domestication II

You may greatly expand the number of resources you can cultivate from the animals by studying Domestication II in the research lab. Acquiring uncommon resources like lubricants, hallucinogenics, and medicinal extracts becomes possible at this high stage of domestication.

2. Advance Zoology Skill

To get access to higher levels, level up and invest in the Zoology skill. You will be able to take more resources out of the animals in your animal husbandry facility if you have a higher level of Zoology skills.

3. Passive Creatures

The animals that surround the Starfield animal husbandry facility become docile after Domestication II. You may now kill them to get experience points (XP) and more resources. Crucially, the facility’s ability to produce resources is unaffected by the death of these animals.

4. Inter-System Cargo Links

As your facility for animal husbandry develops, you may even create inter-system freight ties. With the help of this function, you may operate an animal husbandry operation in worlds where fiber is not naturally occurring.

You may import fiber from other planets in the same system and place it in storage boxes by using inter-system transport connections. This makes it unnecessary to look for worlds that have both fiber and fauna, which increases your operating range.


In Starfield, animal husbandry offers players a unique and satisfying gaming experience by enabling them to tame exotic animals and use priceless biological resources. Players may optimize their resource output and gaming potential by fulfilling the conditions, establishing a basic animal husbandry facility, and improving its efficiency via research and skill development in the Starfield walkthrough.

Animal husbandry is a useful addition to your interplanetary journey in Starfield, even if the initial setup may need work and careful planning due to the long-term advantages. Now go forth, set up your facility for raising animals, and utilize this fascinating feature of the game to the fullest in your best farm in Starfield.

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