Lies Of P Sophia Choice: Give Her Peace Or Let Her Live

In Lies of P, you encounter several kinds of NPCs, each of whom plays a significant part in shaping the narrative of the game. You will be given different choices for these NPCs, and your decisions will influence how the story unfolds.

In Chapter 11 of the Lies of P, you will be presented with Sophia’s Choice. This guide will go over the Lies Of P Sophia Choice and explain the various outcomes and options available to you.

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Who Is Sophia In Lies of P

Lies Of P Sophia Choice Explained
Lies Of P Sophia Choice – Source Lies of P Fandom

Sophia is a pivotal NPC in Lies of P, as she guides Pinnochio throughout his adventure. She is notable for her angelic nature and extraordinary abilities. She stays by P’s side and helps him grow stronger throughout the game.

You will first encounter Sophia when you arrive at Hotel Krat for the very first time. When you reach the end of Lies of P, you will have to make a choice for Sophia to proceed further. Read on to learn all the Sophia Choices in Lies of P.

Lies Of P Sophia Choice

Sophia Choice in Lies of P
Lies Of P Sophia Choice

When you reach the Isle of Alchemists, the final dungeon featured in Lies of P, you’ll find a mutated Sophia alone in a secluded room beneath a framed blue butterfly. She is going to disclose that this is her true self.

Sophia, whom you met elsewhere in the game, was a projection of her disintegrating soul. In reality, she is a test subject for the cruel Alchemists, and their work has severely injured her.

She has had enough of this miserable life, and therefore, she will request you to give her peace in death. However, it is up to you to decide whether to kill her or let her live at that point.

Lies Of P Sophia Choice #1: Give Her Peace

Lies Of P Sophia Choice #1
Choice#1: Lies Of P Sophia Choice

If you decide to give Sophia peace and end her life to put an end to her suffering, she will die peacefully and completely offscreen. When she’s dead, a cutscene follows that depicts Sophia handing Pinocchio her Ergo to P.

The Ergo will be incorporated into P with a blue glow, and a pop-up text will appear saying You feel warmth. This phrase appears when you gain Humanity. Therefore, killing Sophia will result in an increase in your humanity level.

Your humanity gauge primarily increases with the choices you make during the numerous truth or lie dialogues. However, these NPC choices have a more significant effect on the humanity gauge.

Now, as the humanity level increases, you will notice a shift in P. After killing Sophia, he will become more expressive, delivering voice lines more frequently.

In addition, killing Sophia does not deprive you of any of the perks she provided in the past. You will still have the option to level up the Stargazers, and furthermore, you will respawn there when you die. Nothing changes!

This is due to the fact that Sophia is technically still alive. Her soul, in fact, resides in P through Ergo, and she is still conscious and actively helpful. Moreover, Sophia will provide you with the following gifts before her demise.

  • Shadow Flower Record
  • The Entreat Emote

Lies Of P Sophia Choice #2: Let Her Live

Lies Of P Sophia Choice #2
Choice#2: Lies Of P Sophia Choice

Alternatively, you can choose to let Sophia live in her current miserable state. Your choice will make her disappointed, and she will remain on the Isle of Alchemists.

However, it remains unclear what happened to her after that, and it is impossible to tell whether she lived or died. You can revisit her room later on, but she won’t be around.

There will be no answers given in the finale of the game, as well. It appears that Sophia did not meet a good end. The good thing is that although she disappears, her help still remains.

She will remain a continuous support for P, helping him level up and also revive him as usual, as if she’s still alive and there by his side. However, she will not acknowledge the difficult choice you made by letting her live.

If you made the choice to let Sophia live, you would get the Entreat emote, but on the downside, you would not get the Shadow Flower record.

What Choice Should You Make – Lies Of P Sophia Choice

The Lies of P Sophia Choice is a tough decision to make; however, given the outcomes of both decisions, the choice Give Her Peace is the better option to go for. This way, you will have honored Sophia’s wish while also preventing her from assisting your enemy Alchemist.

Your decision will not affect the course of the game; the story will unfold based entirely on a series of choices that you will make in the coming situations. You will have to defeat Simon Manus and afterward confront the creator, Gepetto.

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