Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight Explained

In Lies of P, you will encounter the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, which comprises four rogue individuals notorious for instilling fear among the inhabitants of Krat. You will cross paths with the formidable quartet of siblings shortly after encountering the Red Fox and Black Cat in Malum District.

In your first encounter with the Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood, you will face off against the eldest brother of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. At first, the boss battle seems simple enough.

However, when the enemy’s HP falls below a certain level, the rest of the siblings join in. Luckily, they will have low HP and deal minimal damage. You can use any Boss Weapon to dispatch them.

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Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight

Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight Explained
Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight

Once you have dealt with the quartet of siblings, you will proceed to the Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight, which is pretty much as complicated as the first one.

In contrast to the first encounter, this time around, you will have to face all three siblings simultaneously. Furthermore, each of the siblings packs the ability to afflict you with a specific status ailment.

The Youngest can induce Decay, the Eccentric Brother can trigger Electric Shock buildup, and the third brother enchants his weapon with fire, causing Overheat.

Loadout – Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight

Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight Loadout
Loadout for Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight

Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight requires a strategic approach, a trusty blade, and a bag of tricks. Here is everything you need in the Loadout to defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

1. Equip Dragon Swords

In order to face the formidable Black Rabbit Brotherhood, it’s crucial to arm yourself with potent weapons. You should equip two Dragon Swords, each upgraded to level 4.

This upgrade significantly amplifies your damage-dealing abilities, a vital factor in taking on these formidable foes. Furthermore, the extra blade proves valuable when contending with multiple opponents in the Brotherhood battle.

2. Equip the Aegis Legion Arm

The Aegis Legion Arm is your top pick for both defense and delivering explosive damage. It excels at blocking incoming strikes and empowers you to launch potent counter-attacks.

This defensive technique is pivotal, particularly when defending against the relentless assaults of the Brotherhood.

3. Power of Amulets

Additionally, you will need powerful amulets. The Murderer Amulet, in particular, shines by enhancing your combat abilities and serving as a Carrier’s Amulet. This dual functionality significantly increases your chances of both survival and victory.

Furthermore, it would be best to opt for a slightly heavier loadout, but be cautious not to go overboard to ensure you have enough stamina for the battle.

4. Throwable Items

It’s crucial to have throwable items for the second battle against the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. Go to the Black Market Trader in Chapter 5 of the Malum District and stock up on these items.

These throwable items allow you to initiate ranged attacks, giving you control over the battle’s pace and keeping your enemies at a distance.

5. Summon Spectre

It is recommended to summon your trusted Spectre before entering the battlefield. This spectral companion will be crucial in your Fight against the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, providing critical support and drawing attention away.

This additional help can significantly sway the battle in your favor, possibly even against the formidable Eldest Brother.

6. Acquire Friendship Wishstones

Since the Spectre is a valuable ally, it’s crucial to ensure its longevity and survival throughout the battle to improve your chances of victory. Collect Friendship Wishstones to heal your Spectre and prolong its lifespan.

Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight – Combat Tips

Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight Combat Tips
Combat Tips – Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight

Here are some tips and tricks to guarantee your victory against this quartet of siblings in the second battle.

1. Primary Target – Spectre

In Lies of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight, the Spectre will be the primary target for the brothers. Therefore, strengthen Spectre’s defenses to ensure his longevity in the Fight. Additionally, preserve your stamina, as you may become vulnerable, and create an opening for counterattacks.

2. Prioritizing the Youngest Sibling

It is recommended to prioritize the youngest member of the Brotherhood. A simple strategy is enough to beat the youngest sibling. At the start of the battle, two elder brothers will focus on attacking the Spectre.

Draw the attention of the youngest sibling using the puppet string and then attack when he is passive. Next up, use the Puppet String again when he retreats and continue delivering fatal strikes from behind to eliminate him.

3. Confronting the Middle and Elder Brothers

Once you have dealt with the youngest brother, follow the strategy to secure victory against the remaining two brothers. When the two brothers are preoccupied with attacking the Spectre, they attack them from behind.

This is your chance to deliver decisive blows from behind while ensuring your Spectre’s safety. Additionally, make sure the two brothers have similar levels of health. So, you dispatch both brothers in close proximity.

Once you defeat one of the two brothers, the eldest brother will respawn with full health and power. Since your Spectre might not be present in the battle at this point, it’s crucial to eliminate the remaining two brothers swiftly. This sets the stage for a one-on-one confrontation with the eldest.

Lies Of P Black Rabbit Brotherhood 2nd Fight – Final Battle

The eldest Black Rabbit brother is a formidable foe, but a strategic approach should help you topple this boss in no time. To begin, you need to prioritize ranged attacks to gain the upper hand.

Therefore, you should use the surroundings of the battle arena to your advantage and take cover behind the pile of trash. Next up, you should consistently charge him with plenty of throwables.

When it comes to his attacks, keep a safe distance to avoid damage. For some of his attacks, all you need is to move out of the path of the attack, and you should do just fine.

It is all about maintaining a balance between defense, and offense is the key. By the end of the battle, you’ll secure victory.

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