Unraveling The Weakness Of The Door Guardian In Lies Of P

In Lies of P, you’ll encounter numerous formidable bosses while navigating the besieged city of Krat. However, the game will present even more formidable boss fights in the final stage, and you will need the best Boss Weapons to succeed.

This guide will give you a concise overview of the Door Guardian in Lies Of P. It will cover the weakness of The Door Guardian in Lies Of P and provide a detailed strategy for defeating it.

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The Door Guardian In Lies Of P

Weakness Of The Door Guardian In Lies Of P
Lies Of P – The Door Guardian Boss

The concluding stage in Lies of P, the Arche Abbey presents players with the most formidable challenges. As you step foot in the area, you will confront the Door Guardian.

The Door Guardian stands as an imposing obstacle, blocking the path to the next area. Therefore, you will have to defeat the Door Guardian to proceed further. This brutal boss can finish off the fights in the blink of an eye.

The Door Guardian is equally formidable as the Champion Victor and will provide you with a reality check before the final showdown with Simon Manus. This formidable foe relies on powerful but sluggish fist strikes, owing to its size.

Where To Find The Door Guardian

The Door Guardian is positioned at the entrance of the Arche Abbey, and it is also known as the Alchemist’s Isle. This area spans from the Black Seaside to the Ascension Bridge.

Lies of P: Arche Abbey Entrance
Arche Abbey Entrance – The Weakness Of The Door Guardian In Lies Of P

To reach the Abbey, you must traverse through the Black Seaside and face several enemies along the way. Once you are at the Arche Abbey, ascend the stairs along the outer walls. This path will lead you to the chamber where the Door Guardian awaits.

However, before you proceed to the Door Guardian itself, it’s crucial to eliminate the nearby enemies, including a large Scorpion-like creature and smaller pests around the towers.

You’ll encounter a few scorpion enemies and six towers, along with smaller creatures in the vicinity. Simply get rid of them beforehand to prevent them from causing disruptions during the battle with the Door Guardian.

Moreover, by dealing with these smaller enemies in advance, they won’t reappear should you require another attempt to defeat the Door Guardian.

How To Defeat The Door Guardian In Lies Of P

Door Guardian Weakness
Weakness Of The Door Guardian In Lies Of P – How To Defeat

The Door Guardian is no doubt a formidable foe, but if you exploit the weakness of The Door Guardian in Lies Of P, your chances of success will skyrocket. All you need is the right approach to topple this behemoth with much effort.

This section of the guide will lay down a straightforward strategy to defeat the Door Guardian In Lies Of P.

Weakness Of The Door Guardian In Lies Of P

The Door Guardian, because of its gigantic size, is quite slow in speed. However, the heavy armor it is equipped with still makes it difficult to land a scratch. However, there is a potential advantage to consider.

While leveraging its slow speed for offensive strikes might not be effective due to the sturdy armor, you can use it to your advantage in evading the potentially deadly blows that the Door Guardian will aim at you.

The boss takes more damage from fire attacks. Therefore, it is recommended to rely on the fire attacks for the most part of the battle to deal optimal damage. In addition, the Door Guardian possesses a vulnerability in his right leg.

Since its right leg is exposed and susceptible to damage, you should go for its leg to reduce the HP significantly. However, the Door Guardian is cognizant of this weakness and will attempt to thwart you from stomping with his right leg.

The Door Guardian Attacks

The Door Guardian attacks are heavy-hard-hitting attacks that should be avoided to survive. The diverse moveset of Door Guardian includes the following attacks to obliterate the enemies.

1. Stomp

In this attack, the Door Guardian unleashes a ground-shaking stomp by lifting his massive foot. This attack covers a wide area, so roll or move away from the raised leg to dodge it.

2. Roll

The boss goes Hedgehog, curling up and rolling around to reposition. Anything in the way takes a hit. Simply keep out of its path and seize the moment to strike after it finishes its roll.

3. Double Fist Slam

In this attack, the Door Guardian clenches both fists and brings them down hard towards Pinocchio. Dodge behind the boss to avoid getting hit, as this move packs a punch in a narrow zone in front of the boss.

4. Right Hook

The Door Guardian throws a punch, usually from its right side. You can simply block it, but dodge if Pinocchio’s health bar is starting to look a bit too red.

5. Uppercut

In this attack, The boss winds up from down low and snaps an uppercut upwards to inflict damage. Simply dodge back once you see that arm pull back to avoid a lethal blow.

6. Jumping Smash

The Door Guardian leaps into the air and slams a fist down in front of this attack. It is recommended to sidestep if you can, but be mindful of the slight delay due to the jump. Alternatively, you can go for a risky run forward to sneak in some quick hits.

7. Body Slam

For this attack, the boss turns red-hot for a Fury Attack, flinging its whole body onto the ground. If you’re too close, prepare for a hard knockdown.

This move sets you up for a combo, so either roll out of range or nail a Perfect Guard for a sweet counter.

8. Sweeping Strikes

The boss will drag both fists in a sweeping motion across the ground to deal damage. Simply move out of its way to avoid the damage. However, if you choose to block, be prepared for a series of attacks.

How To Beat The Door Guardian

In order to defeat the Door Guardian, you need to exercise patience and composure. Recklessness is entirely unnecessary and won’t do any good. All you need is to strike a balance between offense and defense.

First off, you need to dodge the incoming attacks from the Door Guardian and strike when there’s an opportunity, and eventually, the boss will lose its HP over time and topple to the ground.

It’s that simple! Additionally, you should have a fully upgraded weapon equipped along with the following items on hand to have a better chance of success

  • Flame Grindstone
  • Special Purification Ampoule
  • Leaping Amulet +1
  • Blue Guardianship Amulet

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