FF16 The Tricephalic Terror Location (How To Beat Gorgimera)

In Final Fantasy, the Hunt Board offers you the chance to track down various mini-bosses and reward you with rare crafting resources. This feature has returned in FF16, enabling players to acquire these rare resources for crafting and enhancing their gear, which can exclusively be obtained from Hunt Marks.

This Final Fantasy 16 guide will unveil FF16, the Tricephalic Terror location, and provide a strategic approach to defeating the Tricephalic Terror boss, Gorgimera.

FF16 The Tricephalic Terror Overview

In FF16, The Tricephalic Terror is a Level 45 S-Rank Hunt that will put you up front against the mini-boss Gorgimera. The S-Rank Hunt Marks in Final Fantasy 16 are notorious for being more challenging than main quest bosses.

In fact, the S-Rank Hunt presents an additional challenge in locating. While there are some clues available to aid in the search, they tend to be rather ambiguous and can potentially steer you off course.

FF16 The Tricephalic Terror Hunt Board
FF16 The Tricephalic Terror – Hunt Description

In particular, the Hunt description of the Tricephalic Terror, aka Gorgimera, is overly vague and provides little information. Therefore, tracking down this particular hunt mark will undoubtedly give you a tough time.

You can access the Tricephalic Terror hunt on the Hunt Board as part of the ‘Across the Narrow’ main quest. Read on to learn about the hunt location.

FF16 The Tricephalic Terror Location

FF16 The Tricephalic Terror Location
The Dhalmekian Republic – FF16 The Tricephalic Terror Location

If you look at the Hunt description carefully, the words Velkroy and Desert Heat should ring some bells. FF16 The Tricephalic Terror location is the in The Dhalmekian Republic.

To be more specific, FF16 The Tricephalic Terror location is found in the western expanse of The Velkroy Desert, north of The Dalimil Inn in the Dhalmekian Republic.

FF16 The Tricephalic Terror Location, The Velkroy Desert
The Velkroy Desert – FF16 The Tricephalic Terror Location

In order to get to the location, you can use either The Velkroy Desert or The Dalimil Inn obelisks as fast travel options. The map below pinpoints the exact location for The Tricephalic Terror in Final Fantasy 16.

The Tricephalic Terror Location in FF16
FF16 The Tricephalic Terror Location

Simply head over to the marked location, and you will encounter the mini-boss Gorgimera. He won’t go easy on you, so make sure that you’re ready for a rough fight.

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How To Defeat The Tricephalic Terror

FF16 - Gorgimera Hunt
The Tricephalic Terror – Gorgimera

The Tricephalic Terror – Gorgimera relies on lunges and AOE Lightning and Ice attacks to wreak havoc on his enemies. These attacks are unforgiving and can prove to be fatal.

It is therefore recommended to keep consumables such as Strength or Stoneskin Tonic to give yourself a better chance of survival. Ideally, if Clive is also leveled up to the mid-40s, this fight will be that tough.

Simply follow this strategy, and by the end of the battle, you will have the better of The Tricephalic Terror, Gorgimera.

First Phase – The Tricephalic Terror Battle

When the fight against the Tricephalic Terror – Gorgimera begins, he will rely on two attacks during the fight phase of the battle. These attacks include The Dragon’s Voice and the The Ram’s Voice.

‘The Ram’s Voice’ is a wide-ranging AoE attack that emanates from the Gorgimera’s body. In contrast, the Dragon’s Voice attack summons lightning from the sky, which manifests as a sequence of purple circles on the ground just moments before inflicting damage.

Gorgimera will rely on the Ram’s Voice in the start; however, as you deplete his health to half, it will switch to the Dragon’s Voice. These attacks, though potent, can be avoided with little care.

Simply Stay close to Gorgimera when he is about the unleash the Dragon’s Voice attack, and you should do just fine. However, for the Ram’s Voice attack, it is recommended to fall back as it will get the job done and keep away from harm.

Second Phase – The Tricephalic Terror Battle

The second phase of the battle initiates when Gorgimera’s health bar reaches one-fourth of its total. In this phase, Gorgimera will unleash the devastating Delta Force attack.

This formidable assault amalgamates all three of Gorgimera’s damage types – fire, lightning, and ice – into one powerful onslaught. Simply move out of the circles marked on the ground to avoid being blown up by the attacks.

It is recommended to use the fiery ability of Will-o’-the-Wykes for an added layer of defense. This ability not only shields damage but also inflicts harm on enemies. This can be your go-to against the Delta Attack since it is challenging to evade.

Now that you are aware of the Gorgimera’s attacks and know how to counter them, here are a few tips that will help you further in the battle.

Offensive – The Tricephalic Terror Battle

FF16 The Tricephalic Terror Location: How To Beat Gorgimera
The Tricephalic Terror Battle – Offense

When it comes to the offensive, you can rely on the Garuda and Shiva Abilities for Stagger Damage on Gorgimera. It is recommended to use the Diamond Dust in conjunction with the Gouge for optimum damage.

These skills are best for offense and will deplete the Gorgimera’s health bar in quick succession. However, after achieving a full stagger, you should unleash Clive’s Limit Break and Abilities to amplify the damage output significantly.

It’s crucial to prioritize the strongest abilities, as the Limit Break gauge continues to deplete even during ability animations, granting a limited window of opportunity. The ideal abilities are the Bahamut’s Gigaflare and Phoenix’s Rising Flames.

Since respecing is cost-free, it provides you the liberty to refund any of your Ability Points without incurring any cost. You can invest these points into mastering other abilities.

Additionally, if you prefer more than two abilities from a particular Eikon, master the ability so you can equip yourself with another Eikon. This grants you the flexibility to craft a personalized strategy, making the most of each Eikon’s unique strengths in battle.

Simply use these tips and strike a balance between defense and offense, and by the end of the battle, you will be on top of the Gorgimera.

The Tricephalic Terror Rewards

Rewards - The Tricephalic Terror
The Tricephalic Terror – Rewards

Final Fantasy 16 will reward you with the following rewards for defeating The Tricephalic Terror, Gorgimera.

  • Orichalcum x1
  • EXP x15,000
  • Ability Points x120
  • Renown x50
  • Gil x20,000

The Orichalcum holds significant value, enabling the crafting of the powerful Gotterdammerung Sword, the sturdy Ouroboros Belt, and the formidable The Sons of Ouroboros Vambraces.

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