Lies Of P White Hair: How To Get Golden Lie

In the world of Lies of P, destiny is shaped by every Lie, etching an indelible mark on the appearance of the protagonist, P. Amidst these mystic changes, possessing Lies of P White Hair serves as a unique emblem of the deceptive tale woven by the protagonist.

This comprehensive guide, much like our Lies of P Quartz Build guide, will offer an extensive overview of Lies Of P White Hair and its significance and provide various methods to unlock it.

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Lies Of P White Hair – Significance

Lies Of P White Hair
White Hair in Lies Of P

As the Gepetto’s puppet, you are bound to deceive in the pursuit of your lost son. The lies you tell increase your humanity level, shaping not only your narrative but also your physical appearance, even changing your hair color.

The white hair stands as a testament to the web of deception woven by P throughout his journey. When P exceeds a certain threshold of deceit, it triggers a change in his hair color, unlocking the transformative mode that allows him to switch from black to white hair.

Additionally, acquiring Lies of P White Hair will grant access to a secret weapon known as the Golden Lie, exclusively available to those with White Hair. This powerful glowing rod serves as a symbolic representation of P’s earnest desire to become human.

How To Obtain Lies Of P White Hair

In Lies of P, you can acquire white hair through two methods: the standard approach or by using a cheat code. Read on to learn about both methods.

How To Obtain Lies Of P White Hair
White Hair – How To Obtain

Standard Approach

The standard approach requires you to visit the barber shop located in Krat City. Once you get there, talk to the barber; he will offer a number of services, including styling, cutting, and coloring the hair.

You need to select the Color Your Hair option from the menu and select the White Shade from the color palette. However, the barber will caution you that this is a significant transformation and comes with a hefty price tag.

When you choose the color and pay the barber the required amount, he will proceed to transform your hair. Simply wait for him to dye your hair by applying the bleach and toner.

The process will take a few minutes, and you will have to bear some discomfort and pain. It is therefore recommended to display patience. When the hair is done, the barber will provide you with a mirror to see the result for yourself.

If you’re satisfied with the results, choose the accept option. Once you accept, you will have the White Hair for the rest of the game; however, if you’re not satisfied with the result, you can choose the reject option.

The reject option will result in the white color not being applied. Alternatively, you will be provided with two options: either to select another color or stick to the original black color.

Lies Of P White Hair Cheat Code

Alternatively, you can use a cheat code to obtain the Lies of P White Hair. This method will get you the White Hair without paying or suffering consequences. Simply follow these steps to obtain the White Hair.

  • Open the settings menu.
  • Select enter a Cheat Code option.
  • Type in the cheat code SNOWWHITE.
  • Resume the game, and inspect your character’s appearance.

After completing these steps, you’ll successfully attain White Hair. Keep in mind, though, that using cheat codes can carry risks, potentially disabling specific achievements or trophies in the game.

How To Change White Hair

Although Lies Of P White Hair doesn’t affect gameplay, it does sway specific dialogue choices and cutscenes based on your humanity level and hair color. Here’s a quick rundown on changing white hair in Lies of P.

  • Visit Geppetto’s Office in Hotel Krat.
  • Sit on the Geppetto’s Tools chair.
  • Select the Change Shape option from the pop-up menu.
  • Toggle between black and White Hair, whatever you prefer.

How To Unlock Golden Lie

Lies Of P White Hair: How To Get Golden Lie
Golden Lie Weapon Stats

In order to obtain the Golden Lie, players need to choose to lie in their dialogue options consistently. Additionally, during Chapter V, you must retrieve a portrait of a boy from the Brotherhood’s HQ.

This particular portrait belongs to Geppetto and is found in a room with a locked door, necessitating a key for access. Here’s how to get the portrait:

1. Discover the key concealed in a bookshelf within the same room.
2. Once you have the key, use it to unlock the door and retrieve the portrait.
3. Return the portrait to Geppetto at Hotel Krat.

As a token of appreciation, Geppetto will reward you with a record titled Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 2. To proceed, you must complete the game by defeating the final boss in Chapter VII.

Afterward, listen to all the collected records; they will increase your humanity level and unlock specific achievements. Subsequently, you need to head back to Geppetto’s office and interact with the portrait of his son.

In the proceeding cutscene, Geppetto will reveal that he has hidden the Golden Lie inside the portrait and present it to you as a gift. The Golden Lie is a replica of Geppetto’s son’s sword, with a unique ability that mirrors your lies.

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