How To Disable The Warlock Starfield: The Devils You Know

How To Disable The Warlock Starfield

The much-awaited space exploration role-playing game Starfield from Bethesda immerses players in a world where moral ambiguity often reigns supreme. One major aspect of the game is the Vanguard questline, which puts players in circumstances where they have to make morally dubious decisions in order to save mankind like how to disable the Warlock Starfield. This morally dubious territory is best shown with a mission like “The Devils You Know,” in which players must locate and destroy a war criminal on a strange ship known as “The Warlock.”

But the mission’s complexity doesn’t end there. The expedition started with another war criminal who was initially going to be executed but was later decided to be too valuable to kill. Now incarcerated in a secret maximum-security facility, players must carry out immoral deeds in order for this criminal to get the knowledge that is necessary to save mankind.

How To Locate The Warlock In Starfield

How To Disable The Warlock Starfield
How To Locate The Warlock In Starfield (Source – IGN)

Somewhere in the Wolf System is a mysterious, dark, and one of the best ships known only as the Warlock. Supposedly on board is Dr. Reginald Orlase, the infamous pilot of the ship. Players will be able to discover Dr. Orlase if they can locate The Warlock. It’s easier said than done, however.

Located deep inside an asteroid belt, the spacecraft is difficult to locate. A blue mission mark and a red marker should show up on the players’ radar to help them on their journey. Players must choose whether to destroy the spacecraft or disable its engines and board it when they locate The Warlock.

  • Destroying The Warlock: Choosing to Take Out The Warlock requires using ship combat to destroy the ship. Under this scenario, the spacecraft and Dr. Orlase will both perish. However, before finishing the “The Devils You Know” quest, players may take advantage of the chance to plunder the wreckage of the ship.

How To Disable The Warlock Starfield

How To Disable The Warlock Starfield
How To Disable The Warlock Starfield

If players choose not to destroy The Warlock, they may opt to deactivate it instead. You can do this by using an electromagnetic (EM) ship weapon, which can disable the spacecraft without killing it, or by devoting at least one skill point to Targeting Control Systems, which lets players target and turn off the ship’s engines. Players may approach and dock the ship just as they would with any other vessel after successfully deactivating The Warlock.

Whether to disable or destroy The Warlock could seem like a pointless decision since neither has a big impact on how the operation turns out. Using whatever approach, Dr. Orlase’s destiny stays the same. However, the process of making decisions has its own set of moral and practical issues to take into account.

  • Choosing to board The Warlock: There are a few benefits to choosing to board The Warlock as opposed to destroying it. Dr. Orlase will commit suicide in The Warlock’s cockpit if players decide to arrest him, and before they can stop him, the door leading to him will close. Although it may not change the mission’s final result, this gives players access to priceless riches within the ship.
  • Stealing Dr. Orlase’s Lab Coat: Entering The Warlock and taking Dr. Orlase into custody also gives you a chance to steal his lab coat. This unique item enhances the likelihood that resources will not be used while making weapon modifications, offering a vital edge inside the crafting system of Starfield.
  • Extra Treasure: The Warlock’s lower floors also include several safes and containers containing money, ammo, and medical supplies. These hidden treasures may not be revolutionary, but they provide a strong reason to join the ship rather than choose to destroy it.

It’s crucial to remember that players cannot pilot The Warlock or claim it as their own inside the expansive Starfield cosmos. When players finish their mission, the spacecraft must remain in orbit, unattended.


“The Devils You Know” is a perfect example of the complex moral terrain that Starfield players regularly encounter. It forces players to make tough decisions, each of which has its own set of repercussions. A couple of the choices that highlight the game’s thematic examination of moral ambiguity include whether to deactivate or destroy The Warlock and whether to apprehend or destroy a war criminal.

Ultimately, the choice to disable the ship and board it as boarding Starborn ships, may result in priceless treasure and provide a feeling of moral closure, but it does not alter Dr. Orlase’s destiny, which is unavoidable. Starfield’s examination of these ethical conundrums gives the game more nuance and complexity, turning it from a simple space adventure into an enlightening voyage through the universe’s many shades of gray. Like our own world, the Starfield universe is riddled with moral dilemmas and obstacles, and the road to redemption is often paved with doubt and tough decisions.

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